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Tables, Ladders or Chairs

The Assignment

Which would you fear more?  

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  1. 1. Which would you fear more?

    • Tables
    • Ladders
    • Chairs

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Ok we all know about the three main weapons but my question to you is...

If you were in a match which had to feature one of the above gimmicks which would you LEAST LIKE it to be??

In other words which do you fear more??


Personally i'm going with the ladder! I don't fancy taking bumps on that and it can also be used to strike and crack my skull open with!


let me know what you think!

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Ladder, any day of the week. I'm not saying that the chair wouldn't hurt, but it isn't solid metal like the ladder. And as well as that, since the ladder is bigger and more awkward, accidents could happen more easily (especially if you were in the ring with RVD)
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got to be the table! the thing is brutal, i remember once during a saturday nite main event, "the king" harley race, went for a headbut of the ring apron onto a prone hogan lying on a ringside table, hogan moved and the king went straight the table!!!

The next time we seen the king on tv, was when bobby the brain was announcing we were going to have a new king, and it had a picture of poor old harley with his head in the clouds!!! then to add insult to injury when he came back to fight for the crown, he got his ass wipped by haku, then a few weeks ago, orton spat in his face!

its all down to the table i tell ya!

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Ladder is the one i would most fear, there are just too many ways for it to cause damage to your body. You can do the obvious and fall from a great height, you could get thrown into it either on the floor or in the corner, it can be picked up and used to hit you, and the worst option IMO is having one or more of your limbs trapped between rungs and have it being bent the opposite way to what it should. Basically it is a very painful weapon to have inside a wrestling ring.
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In this order...


1) Ladder

2) Chair

3) Table


The ladder can be used in so many different ways. Yeah, you can get hit with it, thrown against it and if your opponent is crazy enough, they're gonna climb to the top of that thing and hit you into next week. I seen incredible things done with a ladder in past matches and I fear the ladder more than anything.


Don't get me wrong, I'm not partial to getting wacked with a chair and run through a table, but fear the ladder my friend.

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Over the years how many people have been split open by a ladder? Not as many as by a chair.


How many people have hit their opponent 13 times with a table like the infamous Foley vs Rock chair-shot **swhoopin'? None.


The chair, a simple folding aluminum friend to all no-goodnicks and scoundrels in the world of the squared circle.

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Without a doubt my vote would be the ladder!

Even a fall from a 6'er can be punishing if you bump wrong!

I have a bulged disk(L5 S1) From such an injury!


I was in a tag-team street-fight type match years ago.

As I asscended the ladder to deliver a brutal elbow drop onto my stunned opponent-courtasy of The Twist Of Cain.

My partner lost track of things and I was dropkicked off the ladder. I didn't see it coming and payed the price!

The injury dosn't cause me two many problems anymore, But that just goes to show how tough it can be to incorporate ladders in your matches!

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I would least enjoy getting slammed onto a lader, because of al the hard edges and angles.

it isnt flat like a table which gives way and the chair is also quite flat so being slammed on that would be as bad as a ladder.

the ladder is also the most enjoyable when mixed into a match aswel.

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Face it without the ladder we wouldn't have had the classic TLC, Hardy/E&C match at No Mercy, Michaels v Ramon series, HHH/Rock or an underatted classic... Jeff Hardy V RVD...


Plus you can bash someones head with a chair but can you do a shooting star press of it...

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