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Is Superman Gay?


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How many superheros are actually in the closet? I'll list some possible reasons and you tell me what you think.


Superman- He wears tights people! Glasses for a purely cosmetic, not medical, reson.


Wolverine- Likes running around with his bare chest on view a little too much. Plus with his hairy chest its either gay or a BIG Tom Jones fan!


Batman- Sculpted abs on his suit! Oh and Batman- bat- batty boy.


The Punisher- Much too fond of his Leather jacket.


Cyclops- Have you seen the hair? Jean Grey is just a cover story.


Professor X- He just looks like a dirty old man, has a school for children. Not Eton luckly....


Any more?

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Superman is gay, as is Cyclops however Wolverine isn't he's a big hairy candain! He isn't gay!


Batman and Robin also, need I say more?


Magneto and Professor X are brothers in the comics aren't they? There not in the film and there is a real ex boyfriend feel to their conversations...


The Thing as well out of the fantastic 4 as well, he seemed a bit like a butch homosexual, I'm telling you.

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Superman likes Lois too much, plus if we're going by stereotypes then he can't be gay because he can get changed and ready to go somewhere quickly.


Wolverine - I've never thought of that before to be honest, don't think so but then you can't always tell.


Batman - quite possibly. I would consider him most likely of all of them, especially when Joel 'let's make everything gay' Schumacher is directing a Batman film (Tim Burton should have been the only one allowed to do such a thing).


The Punisher - Lemmy is also fond of leather jackets. Would you go up to him and ask if he was gay? It's not likely.


Cyclops - it's very possible. You never see him being that close with Jean Grey, Logan has his eye on her and he doesn't get all that bothered about it, you could have something there.


Professor X - I don't know but maybe, he is very lenient with Magneto and friendly with him.


Gah! You're not supposed to think about these things when considering kids' superheroes!


With villains, what about The Riddler? He must be gay, just like when Liberace was in Batman, although I can't remember what his character was called.

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Jonny Storm takes it up the.... sorry, got caught up in the moment.


I always thought it'd be really cool to have a gay superhero. How major cool would it be to be saved by "The Camp Crusader"?



Baddy: And now I'm going to kill your sister.


Camp: Looking like that? Oh... my... GOD! Those clothes are like SO 1940s, darlin'. We need to get you out of that leather and into some animal fur. And you would look so adorable with a perm. If I were a woman, I'd eat you all up.



Geez, I worry about my childhood.

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