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FCW Question


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It doesn't do either. FCW, like most respectable feds in the UK, prides itself on top quality singles and tag team wrestling, straight up pin/submission stuff. Every now and then, you may see an all-out brawl, and maybe once or twice we get a hardcore match or a Battle royal.


But for the most part, it's simply nothing but Grade A wrestling.

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Further to what Draven has said, any wrestling Fed worth its salt will put it's wrestlers safety first, extreme matches are not the norm when it comes to British wrestling.


As for cages, wrestlers would have to be specially trained to work within them as throwing your opponent into steel parts can cause lasting and irrepairable damage to them, plus the cost of all that steel and carriage from venue to venue doesn't make it a worthwhile investment.


Like Draven said though, some wrestlers perform the occasional hardcore match, but as families tend to frequent venue, the shows must tenure to young age groups.





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