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Trash Talkers In Wrestling


Pick The Wrestler Who You Think Is The Best Trash Talker  

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  1. 1. Pick The Wrestler Who You Think Is The Best Trash Talker

    • Dusty Rhodes
    • Ric Flair
    • The Rock
    • Steve Austin
    • Bret Hart
    • Not Sure/No One In This Poll

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Hello again,


This is Gee2k4 with my first official poll. There have been several trash talkers in pro wrestling, some great and some not so great. I am going to try and run a poll on a few wrestlers, and I would appreciate it if you would take a moment to answer the question. Thanks a million for your time and efforts.


Of the 5 listed wrestlers who do you think was the best trash talker


1. Dusty Rhodes

2. The Rock

3. Ric Flair

4. Steve Austin

5. Bret Hart

6. Not sure/No one in this poll

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The Rock can bash you verbally with the best of them, but there's a reason Steve Austin is called Stone Cold (yes I know it's a name that him and his wife came up with), but Stone Cold fits his characters persona. Stone Cold don't give a ____ what you think about nothin. If you don't like what Stone Cold has to say than he's got somethin' for ya and most of the time it's a middle finger to your face. Most of the reason Stone Cold had so many enemies is because he pissed them off with the things that he said. That's good trash talkin right there. He gets them into the ring that way, and once there in, they feel the can of whoop ____ that he brings. Nobody is better on the mic than Stone Cold when it comes to trash talkin.


The man has no fear and he'll say pretty near anything if ya piss him off.


Stone Cold Steve Austin. Best Trash talker hand down.


Dusty Rhodes is just trash.


That is all,


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Dusty Rhodes was talking trash when Steve Austin was just talking. No doubt, Stone Cold can talk plenty of trash, but The American Dream is a legend, and was very good on the mic in his hayday. Nevertheless, I respect your opinion, and I thank you for answering this poll. I really appreciate it. One final note, Stone Cold is a bad man, and I expect to see him go down in the hall of fame one day.
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I don't think its so much his words alone that made Austin a great trash talker, it was his actions as well, if he could get at you with words then he'd kidknap you, place a gun to your head and make you pee yourself on tv... his actions and their insulting effects often spoke louder then his words...


I mean he comes back as a special enforcer for a Rock/HHH match and just because he don't like D-X he blows up their coach, trash or what?

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Got to go with Rhodes any day, while Rock and Flair are great, followed by Austin, Dusty is the man. The charisma just flows from his promo work, and while a lot of the stuff he say is nothing to do with the matter in hand, you just know what he is saying. Even today, while Dusty's in ring talent has just about gone, his promo skills are still going strong.
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Many good arguments for Rhodes, Rock, and Wife Beater BUT...


No vote for Austin because he hits women.


No vote for Big Dust either. Although he was great in his day, he mangled the language to a degree unparelleled by anyone EVER!


As stated earlier, Bret was not a trash talker. He was confident, tough, believable AND a great wrestler, but not a trash talker.


My second favorite will always be... WHOOOOOO... Space Mountain. Flair IS a limo ridin', jet flyin' kiss stealin', wheelin', dealin'...WHOOOOOOO... son-of-a-gun on the mic.


The Winner out of the five men listed has gotta be the the People's Champ... the Great One... recognized by millions, and I mean millions... as the Rock, you strudel lovin' popcorn fart.


Why didn't you list Jericho?

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Couldn't resist voting for the ...Natureboy!


Ric Flair pionnered the way for true, thoughtout trashtalking.

I mean my god, everytime that man did an In ring shoot it looked like he was gonna have a hartattack.


Besides The Natch! I'd have to vote for Y2J the Future of wrestling.

Sorry Orton fans but it's not Randy!


Why wasn't Jerico in the poll?

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Yeah, why isnt y2j on the poll. i had to vote for "other" because his place seemed to be taken by bret hart


i loved jericho's feud with the rock in 2001-2002 because of the exchanges in insults they delivered...oh, heres a classic Y2J quote i rememer,

jericho is talking to his buddy christian and making a reference to the rock's "strudle" and complaining that the rock is funnier than him

"at least i dont have to think of a hilarious name for my genetalia"


(excuse the spelling)

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I voted Dusty out of that list cas even though The Rock and Austin are both great on the mic, Dusty just has a raw gift of amazing promos that just make you wish he was about 30 years younger in the ring. It makes you almost forget that this is a new era of promos and wrestling, because he has a great ability of drawing you in, even with his old school ways.
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