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Whats everyones opinion on the FWA?

Guest nWo Hogan

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Cheer up Tony



I aint seen any fwa but all the things i've heard have been good.

they have some good talent, give there fans good moneys worth and don't cut corners. They also seem to have good media contacts and hopefully a tv deal will be in the pipeline

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Jack, if I may interject..


When fans compliment the FWA, it is in comparison to the WWF. The FWA is trying to go big in an attempt to gain a market niche in this country. That market has been put into place by the popularity of the WWF. The FWA is doing the sensible thing by trying to appeal to WWF fans by offering a similar product. In terms of it being entertaining, it was just as good as anything the WWF have produced recently, and I believe the in-ring product was also a worthy competitor.

Unfortunately, it would seem that if it doesn't compare with Puro, it doesn't compare full stop. I've said it before, and I believe this, but Puro and US/UK stuff can be different. I guess it would be like Rugby League fans thinking they're bettere than Rugby Union fans. Or snooker players thinking they are above pool. But no-one does that because they are different.

There are enough people that ridicule fans like me because they are too ignorant to realise what wrestling offers as an entertainment brand. The last thing we want is for people like you that know about the business mocking fans like us as well.


Puro is wrestling.


WWF is entertainment.


There is absolutely no denying whatsoever that the WWF is more successful than anything that Japan has to offer. As a fan of American wrestling, what's to stop me from taking knocks at Puro because their angles and storylines don't have much 'build'? Puro is a better in-ring product, but all round, the WWF is better.

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I've got a few FWA tapes/ When you bear in mind the ammount of money they have compared to the WWF, or any other American promotion for that matter it isn't half bad.


I have to admit when I bought the tapes I almost did it out of pity, they were only cheap and I thought giving a little extra cash to UK wrestling wasn't a bad idea. When I watched them I was presently surprised.


Don't be expecting anyone to get on the mic with quite as much talent as the Rock, or wrestle like Chris Benoit but the overall product offered is reasonably entertaining.

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