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wZw.com bios updated


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I like that layout actually' date=' although maybe a little bit of blurb could be written only a small paragraph to hype up the wrestler maybe?[/quote']


Yes we used to do that, but its us writing them and of course we would big them up. Instead we have decided for a more liberal approach. Infact its better to let the talent do the talking and not the website.


There are a lot of bios to do (work in progress) , as we have a massive roster and talent pool available to us and all have worked wZw shows., the question is who will be next on the roster..


PS, a full site upgrade is due in the coming weeks, making it as slick as the promotion..lol. (I thought that was good for this time of night)



Glad you like it though.



Gary (webmaster)

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So is wZw a company then that has shows??? Like the fact they have had Jake The snake and Dlo Brown


wZw is part of a company that promotes wrestling shows in the North East of England.


Wrestle-zone uk is a website run by co-owner of wZw Gary Graham.

Yes, on previous shows we have had D'Lo Brown, & Jake Roberts.

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