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if you could be in a soap.....

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I'd be a devout mormon in Hollyoaks, and I'd have about 8 wives.


Izzy, Becca, Girl who goes out with the jailbird, jailbird's youngest sister with the big knockers, Steph, Abby, Geri and Mandy.


Mmmm mmmm. Bigamy!



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eastenders- just to do kats daughter zoe and her mate, kelly, then blow up the old people on it and become mates with alfie and kill andy (hey hes a twat, he wasnt any good int he bill) oh yeah and maybe have a pop at kate. ( Hey she aint that oldm she was alright for Martin in Corrie)


Corrie- beat up Karl just coz i dont like him then go off with Sarah, try get a free pint for Bradley Walsh


Hollyoaks- have a pop at Elize Du toit


Neighbours-have a pop at Izzy, maybe some of the Scully sisters.


Home and Away- have a pop at the fit one on that, i dont watch so i dont know names


Dream Team- Karl Fletchers younger brother (hey my name is fletcher id be playing myself) then go off with that receptionist wench Nikki and possibly take Harchester into the Champions League and win the Premier League

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I'd be a character like Dennis in Eastenders - the village slut. :D


I'd be as good looking as him as well, in an ideal world.


Barring Dot Cotton, Pauline Fowler and Pat, hes shagged basically everyone on that program - Kat, Zoe, Sam, Sharon, Kate, the Northern Irish nanny. I'm sure there are more.

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