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Big Brother - First impressions?

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Ok, first four days have passed. You have had a whole weekend to think about the answer. So what do you think of the new housemates?


In my opinion, I am warming up to Kitten. At first I hated her but now I think the longer she stays in the house, the longer it will be different. There are three very good looking girls compared to the usual one in previous years. The guys are fairly boring apart from Victor who I really like. I think Marco can be good but time will tell there.


Overall, the housemates should do ok this year. it all rests on how long Kitten will stay in the house for.

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I have to say i hate, hate Kitten. How can you like her? She chats absolute rubbish. She called Big Brother patriarchal, for not being Big Sister.. she makes me laugh with the utter rubbish that comes out of her mouth. All she cares about is herself, ruining things and being a rebel. Obviously thats her game.. but i think it will get her voted out.


Marco is to gay.. nuff said.


That scouse girl who fancies Stu is hot.. i think Stu is cool, and that Jason seems a laugh. Them 2 blondes are cool aswell.. dont know there names.. Vanessa i think and someone else.


Vitor is just pure funny thinkin hes god gift.


Who to win for me.. ermm i dont know yet. To early to say.

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The blondes are Shell and Vanessa. Along with Michelle, they are stunning.


The reason I like Kitten is because she is such a rebel. If she leaves, then what will we be left with? No inspiration for the blonde's. No inspiration for the blonde should-be Emma? The guys, besides Victor, don't do too much in the way of being interesting (Not to be confused with disliking them).

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I think Kittens hilarious, I hated her at first too but now I find her entertaining. She is my early pick to win.


I think Ahmed will be first out, he just seems really out of place amongst all the others, not surprising considering how much older he is.


Daniel is starting to be annoying now, as is Jason (put some bloody clothes on!) but the rest are alright.

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I thought I'd post Federico's comments on all the housemates, straight from The Daily Record, the paper who he's covering BB5 for. They pretty much sum up what I think of everyone, and they're fairly funny to boot.




Once you get past her pitifully contrived entrance and the constant 'power to the people' revolutionary rubbish, you find a confused young girl who contradicts herself a lot but can provide great talking points.




Attention please ladies and gentlemen, this is the fittest bird in BB history. Forget Kate Lawler, Anouska and Alison Hammond. Now, if she would only keep her mouth shut and stop talking about positive energy fields




When heard there was a Glaswegian called Shell going into the house, I wanted her to be a bit rough so I could call her Shell-suit. Instead what we have here is a Glasgow University girl, who is extremely personable and funny with it.




This is Jade Goody repackaged for 2004 or is she? Miss Ditzy, forgetful, nice-but-dim doesn't wash with me and so far Daniel is the only one who has seen through this. About as sincere as Davina McCall.




Resembling a slightly less butch version of Kat Slater, Nadia is the alpha male of the house. Nadia should avoid being outed purely because any Portuguese women I ever met had a full goatee and moustache anyway.




Girls like Michelle can be found in night club/cattle markets and at 4.30am trawling city centre alleyways, face buried in chips and cheese. Repressed, repulsive and repugnant. All-in-all, the quintessential Geordie slapper.




This chap is another who has changed my mind. After soundbites like 'I only go for straight guys' feared the worst. He strikes me as a shrewd game player who has the intelligence to tell people what they want to hear.




The phrase 'fish out of water' was conceived for this man. For a homophobe, he is restraining himself well, but get the feeling that at any time he'll totally lose the plot, boil over and we'll have Big Bother.




I've got an inclination this lad might be gay. Honestly though, why is it always the half- Italian ones? Vulcan boy would drive you up the wall as a housemate with his pre-pubescent-like screeching and 'zany' hysterics.




Stuart looks a bit like Alex Sibley unfortunately for him, he is also shares a similar level of charisma. His only real crimes so far have been the Che Guevara headband and the Union Jack shorts.




Our Jason's mates tell him all the time how funny and how much of a madman he is. Our Jason finishes every sentence with the words 'Ma Man'. Our Jason is a bright orange coloured 'nugget'.




Straight outa Chumpton. Pathetic cliché stereotype of a stereotype. The So Solid self- parody has not a single shred of individuality or intelligence and only communicates in cringeworthy one-liners. A waste of a human.

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Kitten is an annoying insane women! Get her out, she is the one causing all the trouble why evict someone for her stupidty!


God kill her!


And why must all women love to watch BB, I go to my girls shes got it on! I go home my mums got it on! I go to my mates all there mums got it on! Why does the world hate me so much!

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LOL, I love Kitten now, the best housemate in there, easily. I also like Vanessa, Victor and Michelle. Looks like there is a relationship blosomming with Jason and Dan, they are together whenever you see them now!!
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As per the norm with all do-gooders, when someone (Marco) express an alternative view against Asylum Seekers, they are immediatly labelled a racist. Arsehole :mad


That really pissed me off, the problem was neither ahmed or marco gave evidence to back there argument up. If they had thought about what they were saying it could have been a worthwhile discussion instead of going head on and in my eyes both came out looking like planks!

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Yer geordie :P


Ahmed is a fool. He was trying to cause an argument over nothing. Marco was right tho when he said that Ahmed chose to come to this country, yet he was listing aload of disadvantages about it. If he doesnt like it so much he should bugger of. Thats all Marco was saying, and he was getting called a racist.

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I really don't understand why Kitten has to be against everything, she makes such a big deal out of everything, everything is a war to her, it really annoys me. I really think she is the biggest attention seeker I have seen.
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