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I used to go to church on a regular basis, my family are big style into christianity and all that, and from the age of 3 months, I went to church on a weekly basis.


When your younger, you don't really realise what happens in the church setup, you learn bible storys, and thats about it. My church had a weekly newsletter, but I didn't really understand it.


As I grew older, I grew wiser, and hence understood the church newsletter. What was in it? Basically, money.


There was usually a page dedicated to how much collection they were getting a week, noting if it had gone up or down, and if they were on target for the next year. Then on another page,they organised something else, and at the bottom it says something about bringing money envelopes.


Maybe I sound stupid but if it's a church newsletter, why do they care about money so much? Yeah the vicar has to get paid, but the newsletter should be about god, and should be something you give to people to start coming to church...right?


Thats one of the many reasons why I don't bother with religion no more (other reasons including the vicars wife disclosing her sex life with the vicar to me)

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DraVen is spot on with what he's said there. The fact is, organised religion in any form is open to corruption and to being distorted by those who wish to portray it according to what is convenient for them. This means it's all about money these days, which is hardly the point. In the New Testament, Jesus gave the money he had back to the Romans and made it out to be worthless, so it's hardly following his example.


As for the fraudulent preaching, a lot of people who go along with it must know that they're being duped, but they want to buy into it so badly that they seem prepared to accept it. That doesn't make it any more acceptable, but if people want to keep this sort of thing going then there's not really much that can be done about it unless someone can prove definitively whether or not there is a God and what type of God (or gods I suppose) exists.


The other sickening thing about the Christian church, or the Catholic one at least, is the toleration of paedophilia to the extent of trying to cover up the actions of paedophile priests and protecting them. As I said on another thread, I was once an altar boy for a guy who turned out to have been molesting boys in the 1970s. I say in the 1970s because those were the offences for which he was found guilty, but in fact other people began to make more allegations about him from more recent times than those, as far as what was true and what was not is concerned I don't know, but it's disgraceful to think that that sort of thing happens and is condoned. Had my parents or any of my friends' parents known that the man molested children I'm sure that none of us would have had anything to do with the guy.


Whether it's begging, lying or harming you in some way (as I'm sure we've all heard the stories of nuns beating children senseless a couple of generations ago), it just seems like organised religion takes good moral teachings and turns them into horribly misguided practices.

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