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Music videos/DVDs

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Hey there,

Do you own many/any of these? If so, what are your favourites? What do you like about them the best, is there a particular song or moment on it that makes it better for you in comparison with other concerts or footage? Do you plan on getting any more in the near future?


I own a few music videos, my most watched of those being the Elvis 68 Comeback Special, but my financial plans have been complicated by the releases of the following:


Elvis 68 Comeback Special - the full version complete and with outtakes for the first time.

Elvis Aloha From Hawaii - the full version again with outtakes for the first time.

Thin Lizzy Live - this was released recently.


I also want the Led Zeppelin DVD (still don't have it) and maybe an Iron Maiden one or AC/DC live at Donington (I have their Madrid performance and Stiff Upper Lip performance on video already but this would be good). Aside from that I'm quite keen to buy more guitar instructional videos. I already have one by Yngwie Malmsteen which was great, now I think I might have a look at Marty Friedman's video and see if that will be the next instructional lesson I will buy. Hopefully after I catch G3 on tour I might get the G3 Live In Denver DVD, Joe Satriani Live In San Francisco or Steve Vai Live At The Astoria, but I don't want to get those until I've seen the tour. These next few months could be very expensive!


How about all of you?

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I only own the Coldplay Live 2003 one, its pretty good, gets boring if you watch the whole thing in one go though. Theres loads of music DVDs I have seen that I'd like to get, but I never get round to buying them.
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Bon Jovi - The Crush Tour

Bon Jovi - Live at Wembley

Bon Jovi - This Left Feels Right (This is beyond crap!)

Bon Jovi - Crossroads (VHS)

Metallica - Cunning Stunts

Metallica - Live S**t, Binge and Purge (Boxset)

Metallica - S&M

Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio

Iron Maiden - Visions of the Beast

Guns N Roses - Welcome to the Videos


I probably have a few more which I've forgotton about, My favourites are probably the Metallica ones, As they offer so much stuff on the DVDs it's amazing, Including differant camera angles and various other little neat extras. I'll probably buy the newish GNR DVDs soon enough. I wouldn't mind getting the Led Zeppelin DVD set also.

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I own...

Metallica - Cunning Stunts

Metallica - Live S**t, Binge and Purge (Boxset)

Metallica - S&M

Iron Maiden - Rock In Rio

Slipknot - Disaster Pieces

Korn - The last Korn one, I can remember the name and I've placed the box somewhere stupid so it livs withs its good buudy the Slipknot...

Marilyn Manson - Guns, God and Government.

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At present i own the following

POD (payable on death) - Still Payin Dues

Tenacious D - The Complete Masterworks

CKY - Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild the video album

Disturbed - MOL (Meaning Of Life)

Genesis - The Way We Walk live

Up In Smoke Tour (Eminem, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube)

Steve Vai - Alien Love Secrets


The reason i buy these is because of the extra footage, music videos and behind the scenes stuff. All of it makes for interesting veiwing and it gives you an insight into your favourite artists which you would not normally see.

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The only one I've got is Hammerfall's One Crimson Night dvd, which is excellent, because it contains footage of the show I saw them at too, and some foolish tour footage as well. I don't tend to buy music dvds that much, and it would have to be something particularly special for me to do so.
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Steve Vai - Alien Love Secrets


I forgot that - that's another one I'll be looking to get after I've seen G3. What are the features on it Al? I've heard you get close ups and little features on how to play some of the album - anything on Bad Horsie, Juice, Die To Live or Tender Surrender would have me psyched!


I also forgot to mention what ones I have. They are all video unless otherwise stated:


Motörhead - 25 & Alive Boneshaker (DVD)

Elvis 68 Comeback Special

Elvis: That's The Way It Is

Elvis On Tour

AC/DC - Blow Up Your Video promotional thing, can't remember the exact title

AC/DC - No Bull (Live at the Madrid Plaza de Toros at Las Ventas)

AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip

Yngwie Malmsteen - REH Master Series (instructional video)


That's about it. It's not been until recently that I've had access to a DVD so that may explain why I don't have more. Now that I have access to a DVD maybe that could lead to me buying more stuff for it.

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I've got:


Oasis - There and Then

Oasis - Live at Wembley

Oasis - Live By The Sea

R.E.M. - TourFilm

U2 - Best of 1990-2000 Videos

U2 - Live in Boston

U2 - Popmart Tour

U2 - Classic Albums, The Joshua Tree

Muse - Hullabaloo

Radiohead - Meeting People Is Easy

Radiohead - Live at Astoria

Radiohead - 7 Television Commercials

David Bowie - Best of Bowie


I'm pretty sure I've forgotten one or two from that list. If I have then I'll add them later.


My favourite of that bunch is the Radiohead 'Meeting People is Easy' DVD as its a documentary following the band during their OK Computer tour. They tour like madmen and you slowly see them starting to go insane because of it. It really put across how tiring both mentally and physically a tour can be.

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Erm Pearl Jam- Touring Band, Led Zep Boxset, Queen Live At Wembley, Ratm, Chilis Off The Map, Silverchair Live At Faraway Stables, Incubus Volume 2 and Morning View Sessions, Tallica Cunning Stunts, The Who kids are alright, Deep Purple masters from the vault, Foos everywhere but home, steve vai live at the astoria, jeff buckley live in chicago, muse hullabaloo
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