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EURO 2004 * Prize Sweepstake *


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Welcome to the EURO 2004 Prize Sweepstake.


It's simple, all you need to do is register your name and answer the tie break question below. Each person in the draw will be allocated a player taking part in EURO 2004, if your player ends up as top goalscorer then you win a £15 Amazon UK Voucher.


The tie break question will be used if two or more players end up as top scorer, and the prize will go to whoever is nearest to the answer.


The tie break question is:


How Many Goals Will Be Scored During EURO 2004?


Send the answer to that question, along with your Forum Name to k.j@talkwrestlingonline.com with the word "Register" as the title (this is important as I may lose your EMail if you dont). Deadline for entries is 12 June 2004, at 17:00. The draw will be made over that weekend, and results will be posted at the Other Sports Forum.


The competition will be run by Cactus Jack, AlanJP and myself, any decisions we, or Kam make will be final. UK and ROI entries only please.


Good luck everybody.



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All you need to do is send KJ your name and your answer to the tie break question (how many goals will be scored). You will then be allocated a player by the team running the competition (Myself, KJ and Cactus Jack).
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If you have entered, please make sure your User Name is listed below, if it isn't then please let me know.



Cactus Jack

Rhino Rock








Richard Flair





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