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***Official Raw Thread - 31st May 2004***


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Apparently, Lita lived up to her end of the bargain after giving Kane an answer of yes to his mysterious demand. As a result, Lita thought it was over, whatever "it" is. While RAW fans still don't know what "it" is, it appears to be far from over, despite Kane's claims that "it's all over." Will we ever find out what "it" is or was? Tune in to Monday Night RAW to find out.



Now that a Hell in a Cell Match has been announced for Bad Blood, pitting Shawn Michaels up against Triple H, will these two bitter rivals be able to bottle their emotions until then? If their pasts are any indication, fans can expect to see one of these icons try to gain the upper hand prior to Bad Blood. But who will it be?


All of this and more, as the road to Bad Blood continues on Monday Night RAW at 9/8 PM CT on Spike TV.

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May 31st, 2004, Aired on Spike TV

Montreal, Canada (Bell Centre)

Results by Bill Watson of PowerWrestling.com


Start of Show: The show starts with a message of Vince McMahon and a video packages of soldiers and memorial's around the United States of America. Freedom is not free. We sometimes forget the sacrifices it takes to be a free nation. Tonight, let us not forget what allows us to be a free Nation. Excellent Memorial day video package by the WWE.


After the video package we look at highlights of last week's show where HBK and HHH went at one another all night long! It was announced last week that the two will meet at Bad Blood in a Hell in a Cell!


Tonight Randy Orton and Benjamin will clash later tonight, but to start the show we will have a Tag Title match! Benoit comes to the ring with double gold as the crowd erupts, he and his partner will meet La Resistance in Montral tonight!


Tag Team Title Match

Edge and Chris Benoit © versus La Resistance


Start of the match: Edge and Rob start the ring with lockups, Edge gets control with a leg sweep and Benoit is tagged in and he whips Rob to the corner and follows with a snap suplex for a two count. TWOO! Edge is tagged in and he slaps Rob around until he catches a boot to the face which allows La Resistance in control. Sylvian is tagged to cheers from the crowd as he works on the arm of Edge in his corner.


Sylvian has a chant in his favor as he holds Edge with an arm bar, Edge fights back but he gets hip tossed by Sylvian. Ron Conway is tagged in and Edge works him over with some punches as he hits the reverse fall down slam. Benoit gets tagged in and he goes buck wild taking down both members of La Resistance. He puts Rob in the sharpshooter, but Grenier runs at him, so he steps off and puts Grenier in the sharpshooter instead! Realizing he is not the legal man, Benoit goes back after Rob who throws a punch, Benoit ducks and hits him with the German Suplex.


Mid Match Notes: Benoit climbs the top rope for a headbutt but misses, La Resistance works Edge out of the ring and they go for a double team move on Benoit, but Edge grans the foot of one member and the other gets caught in the Crippler Crossface! He looks as if he is going to tap until he is saved, all men are down and weary as we cut to a commercial break.


When we come back, Rob has Benoit in a rear chin lock as JR and the King tell us they have been working on Benoit throughout the break. La Resistance continues to stomp on Benoit until he gets a couple of chops in followed by an enzeguiri. Edge is tagged in with a head of steam. Edge hits a few rights and lefts on Grenier and he follows up with and impaler DDT type facebuster. Rob comes in but Edge throws him outside the ring and climbs the top rope to hit a missile dropkick on Sylvian.


End of Match: Edge makes a run at Grenier but accidentally spears Benoit! Benoit is thrown outside the ring and La Resistance hits their double team rolling neckbreaker finisher. The cover on Edge, 1,2,3, we have new tag team champions!


Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions

La Resistance


After the match: La Resistance is celebrating the win in the crowd with their fans.


In the back we get an interview with Randy Orton. Todd asks Randy if he is worried that if he loses tonight Shelton will be the number one contender for the title. Orton says that he is not upset about the stipulations, he is upset that he has to fight a wrestler that is not in his league. He says Shelton Benjamin will not beat him on his best day. Todd says that Shelton actually beat him last week and they roll the footage of Shelton pinning Orton last week. Orton flips out and walks away.


Eugene to wrestle tonight? Eric and Regal are in the back and Eric talks about taking control of his show. He says speaking of control, where is Eugene? Regal says he is off doing handstands somewhere and calls him in the room. Eugene enters to a huge pop as he picks apart a piece of a plant. Eric says Eugene came in as a favor, but he has become so popular that he is really an assett to the company and tonight he will wrestle his second one on one match! Coach walks in and Eugene screams "I'm gonna wrestle the Coach!" but Eric says no, that Eugene's match is against a friend. Eric then talks to coach and tells him to apologize to Eugene, Coach does but Eric says that is not good enough and he will have to do it in the middle of the ring, right now!


The Coach goes to the ring and he says he is a man of his word and he asks Eugene to come out to the ring because there is something he has to say. Eugene comes to the ring to a huge pop from the crowd! Coach tells Eugene he is going to cut to the chase, they do not like each other and so on and so forth. Coach says that two weeks ago he made fun of Eugene and he thought he was a joke, but he is not a joke. Coach gets to the apology and extends his hand. They shake on it. Coach then says he thought Eugene has no friends, but he does have a lot of friends, The Rock, Benoit, and all these people here in the arena. Eugene chants fill the air!


The Coach says he has someone for Eugene to meet and Kane's music hits and he comes to the ring. Eugene looks scared as Coach tells him that it is ok and Kane wants to be his friend. Kane extends his arms to hug Eugene and Eugene walks up to him and they embrace! What is this?? Eugene thinks Kane is his friend and he hugs him again! Coach says "well it looks as if Kane is your friend, but I'm not!" He clocks Eugene with the mic in the back of the head, Kane steps up to Coach and it looks as if he will defend Eugene, but then Kane turns around and clotheslines Eugene to the ground and walks off. Coach is laughing his ass off as Eugene is in the ring confused and hurting from the clothesline.


In the back The coach and Eric are both laughing at what just happened. Regal comes in and says he ought to punch Eric in the face! Eric calms him down and says tonight Eugene will have to face Kane one on one and nobody will interfere or they will be fired on the spot!


Women's Match non title

Victoria © versus Jazz


Jazz starts the match with a takedown and forearm across the face the two roll around with numerous reversals until Jazz takes her down. Victoria fights back with a shoulder block and she throws Jazz off the ropes and hits a leap frog, then she does a split but Jazz drops an elbow on her. Victoria is still in the split and Jazz hits a legdrop then wrenches back on her neck.


Jazz is in control until Victoria hits a cross body block, but Jazz quickly gains control once again. Jazz puts on the double arm chicken wing and drops Victoria and then places her in a half Boston Crab, she then turns it into an STF as Victoria fights to find the bottom rope. She finally gets it and the hold is broken but Jazz gets up and stomps on her.


Victoria fights back on the apron with a shoulder charge, she sunset flips over the ropes and gets Jazz for a two count, she knocks Jazz down and goes for her moonsault but Jazz grabs the tights and rolls her up for a two count. The two battle a bit but as Jazz goes for a suplex Victoria rolls out of it and rolls her up for the three count and victory!


Winner: The women's champion, Victoria


Non Title One on One

Randy Orton © (w/ Batista) versus Shelton Benjamin


Start of the match: The two lock up and Benjamin gets a waist lock take down followed by a roll up for a two count. Randy takes control with clubs to the head. The two battle back and forth until Orton gains control with a shoulder block. Orton is using Batista as a distraction as he takes the pad off the top turnbuckle. Shelton finally gets away and takes Randy off the ropes, but he catches a knee to the head. Randy takes him to the outside and then when both men are back in the ring Orton goes to chuck Shelton into the turnbuckle but Shelton stops himself and when he turns around the men collide. Randy Orton is busted open! The ref checks on him and Batista takes Shelton's head and smashes it into the turnbuckle. Benjamin falls to the ground and Orton covers him for a two count!


Mid match notes: When we come back from commercial, Randy Orton has Shelton in an arm bar on the ground, Shelton fights back with a jawbreaker and the two men are woozy. Batista climbs the apron but Shelton gets a right hand in. Orton throws Benjamin off the ropes but Batista pulls the ropes down and Benjamin goes to the outside. This causes Bastista to get thrown out! Back in the ring Orton works on Benjamin some more with several two counts. He whips Shelton off the exposed turnbuckle again and goes back to trying to wear him down. Shelton fights back with numerous moves and he hits a top rope body drop! Orton works him in the corner and goes for a mon key flip but Shelton lands on his feet and hits a powerslam for a two count!


Shelton goes to run into Orton but Orton gets a foot up and climbs the top rope for the body block but Shelton rolls through for another two count. The two go at it with numerous reversals. Orton slides out of the ring and starts to head up the ramp as if he is leaving, but when Shelton comes to the ramp Orton turns and sucker punches him!


End of the Match: Randy is taking Shelton back in the ring, but when he climbs in the ring Shelton meets him with an overhead T-Bone type suplex and Shelton covers him to get the victory! Is he still a fluke now??


Winner: Shelton Benjamin


When we come back Todd seeks an interview with WWE Diva Stacy Kiebler who says she is excited about the Diva search, but she is in the middle of a photo shoot, so if Todd doesn't mind he can leave now!


HHH hits the ring: HHH comes to the ring looking styling and he says that the crowd can stop looking at the ramp and in the crowd because HBK is not here tonight. HHH then talks up his match at Bad Blood and how this will be the end for sure for HBK. He then leads himself into a video package done by the WWE featuring the Game in all of his hell in a cell victories. An excellent package. When it's all said and done HHH grabs the mic and says "Shawn Michaels, see you in HELL."


In the back: Bischoff is on the phone and when he hangs up he tells Nitro to go grab Eugene and bring him in the office ASAP.


One on One

Matt Hardy vs. Garrison Cade


Matt Hardy is with Lita and is up in spirits since the two are back together.


Start of the match: Cade gets early control with rights and lefts, the two battle back and forth until Matt gives him an atomic drop. Cade fights back though and lifts Matt up and hangs him on the ropes. Cade is in total control here as JR is saying Lita is a distraction. Cade has Matt in a headlock and the crowd helps get Matt back up, Hardy throws some hard rights and as Cade goes off the ropes, Matt throws him to the outside. Matt jumps over the ropes and cross body blocks him!


Back in the ring Matt Hardy hits the side effect on Cade, but Cade gains control again and he goes for a piledriver but Hardy gets the back body drop and he knocks Cade down and climbs the ropes to hit his legdrop.


End of Match: Matt awaits Cade after the legdrop and as Cade turns around Matt hits him with the twist of fate for the victory! After the match Lita and Matt Hardy look as happy as ever as they leave the ring!


Winner: Matt Hardy


Eugene in the back: Bischoff asks eugene if he is ok and Eugene says that he is fine. Eric tells him that he knew what was going to happen with Kane tonight and Eugene asks him why he did it. Eric tells him that he is doing it for his own good since he is not cut out for this type of stuff. He then tells Eugene if he thinks he is cut out for this type of stuff then he can go out there and prove him wrong. Eric tells him good luck and then asks for a huge from Eugene and the two hug as Eric finally looks guilty for what he has done to this special young man.


Highlight Reel: Jericho's music hits the arena but instead of Y2J coming to the ring Trish Stratus and Tyson Tomko come to the ring. It's a setup. Trish gets on the and says excuse me I seem to have a frog in my mouyth but there seems to be thousands of frogs surrounding me right now. Since Jericho is not here tonight she says she will host the show. She then tells Christian to get better and sends him some kisses. Trish then goes on to put on a horrible segment as the fans start to chant slut at her. She finally gets to the point and shows the highlight of Tyson Tomko powerbombing Y2J through the announce table last week.


I finally get the hint the hint that Trish is being stupid on purpose as she makes fun of King talking about Jizzabells and so on. She goes to take another look at the footage but Y2J comes to the ring all busted up!


Jericho and Tomko butt heads and Jericho takes him down with an enzeguiri. Trish comes in the ring but Y2J gets her in the Walls but Tomko follows up with a kick to the head. how many times will this happen? Tomko puts him down and sets a chair up and lifts Y2J over his head and drops him on the chair. He then places the chair over Jericho as Trish sits on it and laughs at Jericho.


In the back, Kane is standing there, he stares at the camera all scary like and we go to commercial!


One on One

Eugene versus Kane


Start of the match: Kane starts going after Eugene but Eugene ducks a bunch of clotheslines. He then ducks another and reverses on Kane and puts him in a belly lock with an under roll take down. Eugene is chain wrestling Kane to success but Kane nails a heavy clothesline. Eugene gets whipped off the ropes but Eugene hits a sunset flip, but Kane stands up and pulls Eugene up by the throat, he nails Eugene with a clothesline. Eugene fights back with a drop toe hold on the ropes and he climbs the top! Eugene jumps off the top rope but gets clotheslined by Kane who throws him to the outside.


Kane starts getting very upset as the crowd starts chanting Eugene's name. Back in the ring Kane is still in control of Eugene as he whips him into the turnbuckle after working him over on the mat. Kane picks Eugene up and pops him right in the mouth.


Mid Match Notes: Eugene is in trouble as Kane continues to lay into him. Kane goes for a punch but Eugene gets him in an arm ringer and a headlock into the ropes. The ref calls for a break, but Kane gets in a huge right hand and he is back in control with a headlock in the middle of the ring. Kane is smiling as he has Eugene in a headlock.


Eugene is hurting but he starts to hulk up! Kane is hitting eugene with everything he has but Eugene will not go down! Kane tries everything from banging his head off the turnbuckle to clobbering him in the face. Kane hits and uppercut but Eugene gets right back up! Eugene starts to pound on Kane and he hits a dropkick sending Kane to the outside!


end of Match: Kane is so upset that he goes to grab a chair to crack Eugene but the referee grabs the chair but Kane holds on and throws the referee flying. He goes to hit Eugene with the chair but Eugene gets a kick in. Kane drops the chair and Eugene DDT's Kane on top of it! The referee gets up and calls for the bell and Eugene is announced the winner by Disqualification!


Winner by DQ: Eugene


After the match Eugene is celebrating and Kane is irate. Kane gives him the big boot followed by a chokeslam. Kane then goes to tombstone Eugene on the chair but the music of Benoit hits. Benoit hits the ring and tries to put Kane in the crossface but Kane throws him off. Benoit grabs the chair but Kane jets. Chris Benoit and Kane celbrate in the ring after the show.


End of Show.

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glad to see La Resistance win the titles off the dominoes teeth edge and the BORING Benoit :lol i would like to see randy orton lose at Bad Bood or mayybe the next PPV after that. New guy Tomko seems good with his Jericho bashing and Trish as heel seems appalling this week. IMO the whole setup of the show was wrong it should of been Orton and Benjamin headlining with the tag match before that and then Egene but i suppose benoit did have to do a run in. if i was management i would have had kane cost benoit the titles and then after kanes match benoit come down
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Sounds entertaining. Yes mate, more Eugene. I'm pretty depressed bout Baby Benoit losing tag championships, but he still has the Heavyweight Championship, for some time lets hope. They only had La Resistance win cos the show was in Montreal!!!


Not more Trish and Tomko, its obvious that her and him are gonna turn on Christian.


Shelton 4 Evolution 1

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Goodness me, Trish Stratus was absolutely AWFUL on this show. Honestly, terrible promo.


La Resistance were over big time in that tag match.


The build to Kane v Benoit has been dreadful and you can easily tell what the WWE views as the main match for Bad Blood.


Wasn't as good a show as it has been in recent weeks/months although still watchable.

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Goodness me' date=' Trish Stratus was absolutely AWFUL on this show. Honestly, terrible promo.[/quote']


What the hell? Trish wasn't bad at all. In fact, I really enjoyed her promo. Some of her comments made weren't great but other than that she was delivering a very solid performance. It is unusual to have a diva on the mic (Other than Stacy) and Trish showed the rest of the diva's what to do.

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She was absolutely dreadful. Her delivery was really poor. Some of her comments could have got much more heat had she delivered them properly.


I think since she turned heel she has sucked seriously. She was fine as a babyface but her promos as heel have made me cringe.

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She hasnt been bad at all. I'll agree, her best mic work was as a face and she can act better as a face but everyone has to start somewhere. Look at Gail Kim, she sucks as a face and heel. Now she's almost getting over with Molly Holly enough to gain a title shot at Bad Blood (Where is that match buildup recently?). Trish can do it and will do it. But time will improve her but she does not need *that* much of an improvement.
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Unfortunately, I concur that Trish looks hotter as a heel but when she's given a mic, it's just WRONG. She's great at being a slut with no words. But she needs to work on her deliverence more. Shame really, considering the two guys she's been in the middle of for the past 6 or so months.


As for RAW, it was average. Nothing majorly wrong (bar the entire Kane build up) but just not anything special.


And the ratings have shown it again - 3.2 if I remember off the top of my head.

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What the hell? Trish wasn't bad at all. In fact' date=' I really enjoyed her promo. Some of her comments made weren't great but other than that she was delivering a very solid performance. It is unusual to have a diva on the mic (Other than Stacy) and Trish showed the rest of the diva's what to do.[/quote']


I totally agree Richard I though the Trish promo was quality - "The Jezebel's problem solver has broken my table" was genius!

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Christ' date=' people say Rocky can't pull off a Sharpshooter.............. ;)[/quote']


The funny thing is, the other week someone was saying I was a joke for insinuating that Benoit doesn't always execute moves correctly. Well how about that, he botches two sharpshooters in 10 secs! :lol


I thought the show was pretty good. La Resistance winning the titles was great because it means a proper team has them rather than just two random guys with no teamwork. That's how it should be.


I didn't notice Trish being particularly bad, but she does look a lot hotter as a heel as I've said before.


The Kane buildup isn't going at all well, and this doesn't bode well for him winning the title at BB. Then again Benoit's build-up hasn't been much to talk about either, mainly because he's been stupidly holding the tag titles. Oh well, one week to go, let's hope they sort it out next week. However, it'll be really sad if the match ends with Kane tapping out because that will bury him.


What the hell was Matt Hardy v Garrison Cade doing so high up the card? Who cares? The best bit of the match was seeing Lita!


How big is Eugene's push?! He's been with the Rock, won 3 out of 3 matches, beaten the #1 contender, and now he's in the world title fued! :eek



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I'd actually say Conway and Grenier are two people randomly put together. They're only teaming because Dupree went to SD, and as the third incarnation of the same tag team, they have very little chemistry.


Although with the tag division incredibly poor at the moment, they're probably the only option.

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I just knew as soon as that first Sharpshooter screwed up the guys who can't stand Benoit would be up off their seat totally loving it. You guys are just as bad as the people you criticise for finding faults in Triple H. Although it does show you the standard of Benoit if people are picking out and laughing at one little mistake.


I agree on Benoit's build, it's sucked. Especially with his team doing the job to a tag team that have been getting killed for a couple of months. But kudos to Benoit and Edge, they put La Resistance over well.

Edited by The Crippler
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Quite sad to see people nitpicking about Benoit, when quite frankly he's done brilliantly in the role of champion. I was once a Benoit sceptic, but considering Benoit is one of the most solid and consistent wrestlers in the business today, I think it's laughable that people have to find anything just to take a shot at him. The feud with Kane though is lacking any sense of importance though which is a shame.


As for Trish.... gah. This whole Tomko v Jericho feud stinks and is not entertaining in the slightest. I know sometimes I complain about feuds/rivalries being too short, but goddamn the WWE at the moment are keeping a few going for far too long and just don't know when to call it a day. Otherwise theres nothing that annoyed me and I thought the show was fine.


I continue to pray that at Bad Blood this is the last of the HHH and HBK feud too.

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I just knew as soon as that first Sharpshooter screwed up the guys who can't stand Benoit would be up off their seat totally loving it. You guys are just as bad as the people you criticise for finding faults in Triple H. Although it does show you the standard of Benoit if people are picking out and laughing at one little mistake.


I agree on Benoit's build, it's sucked. Especially with his team doing the job to a tag team that have been getting killed for a couple of months. But kudos to Benoit and Edge, they put La Resistance over well.


Not saying your directing it at me, but as I tried to indicate with the smilie, I was only mentioning it before someone else did :thumbsup


Despite what your think Cripps; I don't hate Benoit. Just look at the thread from 3 years ago as proof! ;)



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Not a bad Raw: highllight of the show was La Resistance's HUGE crowd pops! I thoughtit was fantastic the way the crowd got behind them, and reminded me when Davey Boy Smith, as a heel, performed in England and we went nuts for him.




I saw Trishes mic work, and although I wouldn't criticise too harshly, there were a few things she said where I must have just looked a little confused. She needs practise.


I thought one of the stronger performances was one of the shortest performances...Batista. I thought he played his cameo role to perfection.


Eugene? Oh...Eugene. I like the guy, he's a fabby wrestler but now I'm getting bored with him. The vacant look, the nail-biting. The HOOOGE win over Kane and Benoit and Rock in his corner. Retard Power indeed. William Regal was superb, though.


Actually, now I think of it, Regal far surpasses Batista for "Cameo Role of the Day".



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