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Whats the Stip?


What will the WWe title stipulation be?  

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  1. 1. What will the WWe title stipulation be?

    • No DQ
    • First Blood
    • Guest Referee - Ron Simmons
    • Ambulance Match
    • Stretcher Match
    • Other

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i dont understand why it would be what draven said. i think it is most likely to be a strecher match since eddie left on a steccher not to long ago. i cant see it being first blood as eddie wasnt meant to bleed that much in the match so if he had bled normaly i doubt we would be discussing the option of first blood
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I'd say it was between No DQ and First Blood but at the moment and judging what Bradshaw said on Smackdown about Eddie getting himself intentionally DQ'd then it'd be no DQ, although he did say what he was going to do was damn near criminal so who knows? There will be blood and weapons involved somewhere you can bet on it though.
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For sure First Blood. With the gallons of blood that Eddie poored out that time, that was an inspiration for a greeat First Blood match.


Who will win? Well even dispited Eddie gash on his head, Eddie will still walk out World Champion. It's not JBL's time yet.


That is all,


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Well it aint gonna be a first blood match cos the amount eddie bled last time wont compete with wot he will be able to offer for the GAB. I cant see it being a stretcher match as this would have to be a longer than usual main event so portray that both wrestlers have endured more then usual (and judging by the weapons involved in the last one, it would take a lot to top), a no DQ match sounds most likely out of the given options, but as Draven mentioned above this seems the wot the WWE has in mind, and IMO will make the match dire, if we have to pay for it on Setanta, i dont think i will be.
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