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WWE Tour of Defiance Report


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I thought id write a report of the Tour of Defiance for anyone who is interested in what happened. It took a 5 hour drive to get there but it was well worth it. Anyway heres the report:


WWE Tour of Defiance - Manchester, England 28th May 2004


Howard Finkel comes out at the start of the event and tells everyone that a member of the McMahon family is here tonight. Stephanie McMahon's music hits and she gets a nice ovation, Steph welcomes everyone to the Tour of Defiance then says that the fans in Dublin said that they were the loudest fans in the world and then says that she doesnt believe that, that she believes the fans in Manchester are the loudest in the world. Then she says lets get on with the show!!!


1. Matt Hardy defeated Batista via Reversed Desicion


Matt took a pounding for most of the match. Batista hit the Spinebuster on Hardy and got the 3 count, then Batista countinued attack Matt Hardy after the match then the Referee for some reason reversed the descion and award Matt Hardy the winner



2. The Hurricane & Rosey defeated La Resitance via Pinfall


The match started off with Rosey in some new Super Hero Outfit and em I honestly cant remember a hell of alot of this match other than Eugene came out and distracted La Resistance allowing Hurricane and Rosey to pick up the win


3. Garrison Cade defeated Rhyno via Pinfall


The match started off with Rhyno sprinting down to the ring to get a piece of Cade, quite an even match untill Garrison Cade faked an injury and the EMT's came out and Rhyno was holding the ropes for Cade to get taken out,Cade blasted Rhyno (how many times have we seen this same thing happen) out of the ring, then threw him back in the ring and got the 1-2-3


4. Randy Orton defeated Shelton Benjamin via Pinfall to retain the Intercontinental Championship


A good match-up with both superstars getting good ovations. The match was back and forth until Orton rolled up Benjamin and won the match by cheating with his feet on the ropes


Howard Finkel welcomes Stacy Keibler to the ring. Stacy gets a mic and asks if anyone would like to dance with her and the fans, well what did you think they did?, Stacy picked someone then Eric Bischoff along with his sidekick Johnny Nitro came to the ring, Bischoff says that no one wants to see Stacy Keibler dance, and then Bischoff makes a match between Chris Jericho and Tyson Tomko in a No DQ match. Then all of a sudden Eugene comes out again quickly followed by William Regal who got a huge pop. Bischoff and Nitro start moaning at Regal that he has to keep Eugene under control. Johnny Nitro then attacked Regal from behind with a low blow, then Eugene comes to the rescue of Regal and catapolts Nitro into Eric Bischoff , then they start fighting Regal nails Johnny Nitro with the Brass Knuckles, while Eugene and Bischoff where outside the ring.


5. Shawn Michaels defeated Triple H via Pinfall


The best match of the night by some distance, it started with Triple H getting the best of Michaels and eventually threw HBK into the ring post that bust him open, later on Triple H would also bleed. The match went back and forth and Triple H went for the Pedigree then Michaels reversed then hit Sweet Chin Music on The Game for the win




6. Chris Jericho defeated Tyson Tomko w/ Trish Stratus via Pinfall


Trish came out and put on a great English accient, and said that people had been calling her all sorts of names like Slapper and Slut and then a big Slut chant started. As far as the match goes Tomko grabbed a chair but Jericho ducked it then hit the Running Enziguri on Tomko for the 3 count


7. Ric Flair defeated Edge via Submission


Believe it or not Edge was actually the Heel in this match, the crowd kept chanting Flairs trademark 'woooooooooo' that caused Edge to get a mic and said you wanna chat woooooo thats fine, then to my shock, Edge called everyone in the Crowd a Bunch of British B**tards. Flair got thrown out the tope rope (theres a surprise). Flair got the upper hand then eventually won with the Figure 4 Leg Lock


8. Victoria defeated Lita and Molly Holly to retain the Womens Championship


This match lasted no longer than 2 minutes. Victoria pinned Molly following the Widows Peek, that is one hell of a move by the way.


9. Chris Benoit defeated Kane via Submission to retain the World Heavyweight Championship


Chris Benoit got on the mic and said to Kane that him taking the World Title from him would be like taking the FA cup away from Manchester United. This match was surprising quite boring, the finish was Kane going for the Chokeslam and Benoit reverses it into the Crossface and Kane Taps out. After the match Benoit gets on the mic again and says he is starting a new club called the ''You Tapped Out Club'' and then thanks everyone for coming.


A good card cant wait for them to return in October :xyx

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