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Legends of Wrestling Tuesday 6/1 on TTRS

Mike Trash

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Legends of Wrestling Tuesday 6/1 on TTRS


Tune into http://www.trashtalkingradio.com for this Tuesdays show and ask your questions in the live chat.


If you can't make it to the live shows, Post your questions here!!


Former Ref Dick Woehrle


He was the premier referee in the WWWF. He also worked with the greats in the sport. From Ric Flair, Billy Graham and Bruno to Virtually all the legends in the game. His stories are from the inside and very fascinating. He is a 3 hour show by himself.

(Courtesy of Wrestling Reunion)


Beautiful Bobby Eaton


From the Midnight Express to singles this guy is a tried and true Legend. Whether with Dennis Condrey or Stan Lane, he write the book on tag team wrestling. His relationship with Jim Cornette helped to skyrocket them into the history books as one of the most influential teams.

(Photo Renegade American Wrestling) (Courtesy of Wrestling Reunion)


Polish Power Ivan Putskihttp://www.trashtalkingradio.com/Show/Guests/putski.jpg

He was one of the biggest powerhouses to come from the WWWF. He was a main eventer and mainstay in the company for years. We catch up to the man who put the Phrase "Polish Power" on the map.

(Courtesy of Wrestling Re-Union)


Wrestling Reunion In Carteret, NJ Saturday, June 05 2004

Wrestling has evolved in many directions since its inception. Many of the eras have been referred to as the Golden Era of Wrestling. You have a chance to meet and Greet many of the Stars of Yesteryear this June 5th at the Wrestling Reunion. This event will feature many of the star you have seen on TV. Support this great event and see the guys who made this Sport what it has become today.


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