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[Book] Have More Money Now: A Commonsense Approach to Financial Management


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Its John Bradshaw Layfields book...


Buy it:



Amazon.co.uk - £7.19



Amazon.com - $11.20



WWE fans have seen Bradshaw handle a bullwhip in the ring. Now readers can learn from his handling of bull and bear markets in his down-to-earth practical guide to personal finance. Bradshaw likes to brawl -- and nothing makes him happier than taking down a tough financial situation. What qualifies a wrestler to give financial advice? Bradshaw knows what it means to be down to your last twenty dollars, and he made up his mind he never wanted to be in that situation again. He turned his fortunes around using skill, judgement and hard-learned knowledge of the financial markets, and in this book he passes on the benefit of his experience in a series of practical, easy-to-follow tips. HAVE MORE MONEY NOW is a straightforward approach that will enable readers to start investing, monitor their investments and climb out of credit card debt. And most important, it gives advice without any hidden personal or company agenda -- except how to make and save your money on a budget.

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I bought this book looking for a little insight on financial management, i have read some books which claim to help in so many ways but in the end turn out to be junk. With that in mind, i turned to John "Bradshaw" Layfield to see if he could make a difference.


With this book i was given a pleasant surprise, it is not purely a financial help guide, but it also is an autobiographical book. It details his life before wrestling and shows you all the trials and tribulations that he has had to deal with, most of which you wouldnt think had happened to the Bradshaw we see each and every week on Smackdown. That alone makes this book better than some autobiographies from the wrestling world, but for those interested in finance it is even better.


It really is a simple guide and even though it deals with everything in dollars the solutions and advice he gives are incredible. I have been looking to invest money and make it grow with some decent management skills, with "Have More Money Now: A Commonsense Approach to Financial Management" i think i am better off and i stand a better chance of succeeding.

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