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Starting a new Federation

Guest nWo Hogan

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Guest nWo Hogan

Im looking to start a new federation in the UK and wanted to know how much money you'd be looking at to start it up. I think at least 5000-10000 to do it right. I was wondering if anyone out there could help me out with the following


1) On average what does the average Indy performer make per night.

2) What you'd like to see in a new fed?

3) What kind of wrestlers and performers would you like to see (please be realistic)


Any info,advice or feedback will be great.


What I was looking to do was set up a federation, that combines a mix of UK and other Indy talent and has the setup of a class act with Pyro, good lighting and promotion etc. I want it to be a fed which trades on talent and glitz rather than guys being 'fake' Undertakers or promising a name guy to get the fans in and then having a 'no show' and ripping the people off.

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