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Favourite Friends moment


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In honor of the series finally ending and people getting part of their life back I am asking everyone to post their favourite Friends moment.


What moment in the entire run of the series do you remember the most? What made you laugh, cry and think (not in that order!).

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The one where Pheobe wen't ape $#it bonkers and poisoned everyones coffee or latte or whatever the hell those pompus a$$es drink, then mowed down every single member of the cast past and present, from guest apperances by Tom Sellick to that confound monkey, with an Ak-47.

She than torched the entire place,faked her own death, moved to Brazil, changed her name to Regina Falangi and lived happily as a street dancer and part time jogging coach.



Thats funny stuff! Har,Har!

I laugh out loud ever time I see it, which is about 5 times a day on every stinkin' channel avalible!:sick



Sorry all, but I just can't help being "Twisted!"

It's in my nature so you can't hold that against me right!

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Got a couple of funny things I remember, but nothing, for me anyway, comes close to the scene with Joey and his hot flatmate Elle MacPherson, and their subsequent conversation...


J: I walked into the bathroom, and the towel - it's not on the floor! Intead it's on this hook! And it smells funny

E: It's clean!

J: And it feels funny!

E: It's dry!

J: OK, I can handle the clean dry towels but what's up with these chips?

E: It's pot pourri...you're supposed to smell it...

J: *smells the pot pourri*...it's like summer in a bowl...


I can't think of a better scene.



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i do love joey hes so funny! my fave episode was the one with the prom video - absolute genius and so sweet at the end with Ross and Rachel!


so difficult to choose fave bits there are so many brillant bits.

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