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Big Brother-The contestants


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My overview:


Marco-How annoying!!! Seriously, he reminds me of something from bo selecta


Kitten-She scared the crap out of me. No joke


Stuart-I'm sorry for swearing but...****ING FIT. Seriously, he is the most gorgeous thing EVER




Jason-Show off. Up himself


Dan-Bit freaky, will cause trouble with Marco.


Emma-Annoying and thick


Michelle-Up herself. Minging


Nadia-Could tell she was a bloke, her tits were far too fake and you can tell by the hands. Will be interesting to watch


Shell-She likes sheep. What else can I say.


Vanessa-Up herself, Snooty cowbag


Victor-Kinda like him, don't know why though.


So yeah, interesting set of contestants. Who I think will fued:








should be good :D

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Marco - Can see him becoming annoying.


Kitten - Stupid irritating twat.


Stuart - Arrogant bastard.


Ahmed - Gonna cause a lot of trouble I think.


Jason - Arrogant bastard 2


Dan - Seems a bit weird.


Emma - As thick as they come. Definately the new Jade.


Michelle - Seems alright.


Nadia - Didn't see much of her (or him as the case may be)


Shell - Doesn't seem quite with it if you ask me.


Vanessa - The only decent looking one, seems alright.


Victor - Seems fairly quiet and reserved.

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im pretty dissapointed this year. look at the facts the fist year suceeded because they were normal people not immigrant bloody transvestites!! stick to what people like eg craig phillips and brian somethin-or-other.

Birds seem fit apart from one (could he be classed as a woman?)

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Well it's easy to see they've purposly stuck a bunch of complete freaks in the house this year. Marco went in first and jesus christ, the guy is insane.

Stuart is the only guy in there that i've taken a shine to. He seems like the only sane one there. He should be bearable if he doesn't brag about his A level results non stop.

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BB makers seem o have gone for a lot of people with stron characters this time around, I'm sure that it will make good TV. Marco is very annoying and I'm sure will be the diva of the BB house.
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I like this years contestants. My mom is even interested in it this year, and I'm not surprised cas they took Jack's advice the past two years and used normal people - and the ratings and shows SUCKED!!!


At least thid year we'll have interesting people (bar Stuart... he's SO freakin' boring).

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omg.. how annoying is Marco? i have no problem with gay people.. but this guy is seriously over the top! I thought it was funny to put him in first.. and then ahmen straight after sayin hes a homphobe lol.. there is gonna be loadsa fallouts i reckon. Whats with all the gay people anyway? Theres like 5 gays aint there and a transexual?

At least 3 of the girls if i remember are pretty hot, which makes a change from the rest of the series before.


i thought that guy goin in naked was abit of an idiot.. that guy with long hair seems cool, and i liked them 2 blondes that got chatty.. i cant remember the names yet!


i will soooooo laugh if that idiot with a thong fails the task and has no clothes for 10 weeks :lol

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Marco- I can't stand him, but everyone loved Brian from BB2 so it wouldn't surprise me to see him win.


Kitten- She makes me want to burn my stash of red hot lesbian porn. She's annoying, she's a vegitarian, she's a political activist and her stunt of giving the camera the finger and threatening to walk before going in just looked so set up. I hope she's out first, although I think it's funny how they have a guy who sounds like a girl and a girl who sounds like a guy.


Stuart- Reminds me of Palermo/former Brecia striker Luca Toni with the big hairband and boyish good looks. He's a fellow psychology student who's fairly smart, and I'm sure I'll grow to like him as I'm more inclined to like the quieter people than those who sound louder than a warzone.


Ahmed- I was expecting fireworks to fly when Marco said he hated scroungers, and homophobic ex-asylum seeker Ahmed walked in. Davina kept on calling him Ack-Med, but I'm sure it's more like Ah-med, as in Ahmed Johnson.


Jason- A good looking, confident, Scottish guy from Hamilton who fancies himself a hit with the ladies. I hate people like that. :)


Dan - Looked like Al Capone with his hat, and doesn't really stand out from the rest of the gang. Maybe time will change my opinion of him, but he's not doing anything for me right now.


Emma- Another person in the Jade mould who will get popular because she's stupid. Not setting my world on fire, I would like to see her go ASAP.


Michelle- She doesn't look too bad, although her story of "I'll get it on with girls and guys, I love sex, I want to get naked" sounds like a fabricated story to get her on TV.


Nadia - Ask the surgeon for your money back, because it's safe to say that you're ten times more manly than Marco. I can't see myself liking hi...he...it, she's just in there for the shock factor.


Shell - Aah, right. Last night, I was watching the launch show with my girlfriend, who's originally from Selkirk. When Shell appears, she doesn't say anything. When it's mentioned that she likes walking around Glasgow, my girlfriend pipes up "I think I know her". I said "aye, right" but she told me that she lived in Selkirk before going to Glasgow Uni. Sure enough, her story checks out. The weird thing is that my girlfriend is claiming that I've even met Shell at New Year, when I was down in the Borders. If that's true, then that's just as big a boast as I've eaten many times in Federico's dad's resteraunt, or I know someone from Stromness, Orkney, home of Cameron. :)


She's my favourite to win if I have met her, if not, I'll be backing Jay, my long lost brother.


Vanessa - Pretty damn smokin', if you ask me. I'd still say that Tanya is the hottest girl ever to step foot in the BB house (until she opened her mouth), but Vanessa ain't a slouch in the looks department either.


Victor - I was SO expecting someone to say "I Don't Belieeeeeve It!" when they met Victor, but it was not to be. He barely opened his mouth all night, so I can't really say much about him.


Overall, I'm pretty disapointed. They've gone for all kinds of freaks and geeks with the hope of winning viewers through shock value. I much prefer Big Brother when it's normal people trying to get along, rather than a bunch of misfits. Seriously, when they were entering the house last night it was like a parade of freaks, with thongs, hats, trannies and Dale Winton wannabes everywhere.

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I have a vast hatred for BB, a vast one but I did catch a little last night due to the female in my life commanding the box when we got in (my father told me they'd be trouble) and I have but one question, no make that two...


How can you bear to watch Victor? He is an arrogant annoying swine!

And finally who is the tasty blond one with the Slipknot tattoo on her back?

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Gringo watching Big brother is your guilty pleasure isnt it?


I know its mine- i actually watched the crap Sunday Night and my opinions are as follows (bare with me I dont know all the names)


Marco- Worlds Campest homosexual man

Ahmed- Asylum Seeker

Semi naked Scottish Guy-Nuff said

Guy with the bandana- quiet.

Al pachino wannabe- generic

winston/Victor whatever hes called- Star should be the eventual winner.


Kitten- cant stand her, thinks shes it then starts being down on herself.

Blond chick with slipknot tattoo- hot

Portugese ladyboy- More manly than Marco

Um Melanie?!- rather hot

quiet blonde- quiet

the other Brunnette- Jade Goody V2

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It's not my guilty pleasure, its my duty to my girl who loves BB, I have to si and grin and bear it... I feel like catching a ride down there and killing that Kitten though, no one else gets a word in due to her constant rambling!


Screw being a rebel love, there all gonna nominate you despite your big plan.

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In the past I've thought BB was really sad, but it does seem more interesting this time.


The two Michelles and Vanessa are all really hot in their own ways, but I can't decide which I like best. Vanessa seems the most attractive, but Michelle seems more up for stuff (and apparently wants to sleep with Emma! :eek) and Shell is just super nice. I'm not keen on Emma, though she is amusing. Nowhere near as thick as Jade though.


Jason seems ok, as does Dan, though I'm not sure about Victor. I was expecting him to be much more of a tosser but so far he's been ok. Stuart is such a pretty boy I almost fancy him! :lol


Marco was super annoying to start with but he seems to have shut up, and Ahmed doesn't say much at all.


Here's the really funny bit though. Kitten, (the very annoying lesbian who will get voted off first as soon as anyone gets to phone in) actually used to live with my mate at University in Hull!! :lol


She was apparently loud then as well.



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