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Ok, I thought I'd make it a sticky, as I want people to notice it. Basically, I thought it would be nice to showcase some bands off to people, and maybe people could find there new favourite band from the section.


Basically, all you need to do is either email me or MLM, or pm me and MLM with a piece with the basics in:


Bands origins




Why you think the band are so great


Short biography.


Any successful ones will be showcased in a special thread every week, so get writing :xyx

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*Band Of The Week*


The first band of the week was written by NJC-Swollen Members


Swollen Members are a hip-hop/rap/r'n'b general type of urban group. They are based in Toronto, Canada- and I discovered them while at said destination on holiday. They all went to high school together in Toronto, and decided to make a group. Which is good, because they're great.


Apparently they're huge amongst the Canucks, and their most famous song to date is 'Breathe' featuring Nelly Furtado (whom they went to school with- she did this to help them on their way, by all accounts).


Gotta show my ignorance here, and say that I don't know how many albums they've done- I only have the one with Breathe on it, and it's really rather good.


Hopefully they will come over to these shores sooner rather than later, but till then just get their album imported. They are hip-hop at it's raw yet polished best. (I should write for the NME or sump!)


Regards, from the sunny climes of Cornwall, TWO's resident beach bum...

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Yes, AJP rock, Heres another band of the week




Blindside are a four piece Swedish rock band, they are all devout christians, but dont let that put you off. They started off on a small independent label in Sweden, and in 2002 were spotted by another christian group in POD (Payable On Death). They took a shine to Blindside and helped them get signed to the Three Points/Elektra record label.


From there Blindside released their 3rd album entitled Silence (the first two were Blindside released in 1997 and A Thought Crushed My Mind released in early 2002). It contained a varied mix of hard rock riffs, and calming melodies, the standout tracks were Pitiful (which was released as a single) and the follow-up track Sleepwalking. This was mildly successful in the US and with the help and backing of POD they managed to pull off a tour which sold out clubs in many states. They were planning to tour the UK, however the war in Iraq had just begun, therefore the label confined them to the states.


Throughout 2003 Blindside were in the studio working on the follow up to Silence, which was titled About A Burning Fire. A track from this album entitled Swallow was used in the highly successful game Need For Speed Underground. The album was released in february of this year, and has sold fairly well in the US. Due to lack of exposure over here they are not as widely known as they should be. The group are extremely talented and need to be placed on a bigger stage for their potential to be reached. If you are into rock, then keep an eye out for their stuff, Silence can be found in some larger record stores bargain bins, and over the good old Internet.


thanks for reading

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Written by Jayden


Kyuss was spawned on the wrong side of the tracks in the country club oasis of Palm Desert, California; lacking anything resembling a club scene, the band honed its chops playing "generator parties" in the desert (presumably scattering gila monsters for miles around), emerging with a parched and blistering sound at the vortex where Black Flag, Black Sabbath and the Misfits meet. It's hard to discuss Kyuss without exhausting the permutations of the words "hot" and "dry," but song titles like "Molten Universe," "Caterpillar March," "Demon Cleaner" and "Asteroid" are aptly evocative.


There were essentially four Kyuss albums, the brilliant debut Wretch, the heavier and more intense Blues for the Red Sun, their masterpiece Sky Valley, and their final album ...and the Circus Leaves Town. A number of EP's were released along the way, the extremely rare Sons of Kyuss for instance was actually their first offering before Wretch, and Kyuss's last work, Kyuss/Queens of the Stage, an EP split with tracks from both Kyuss and Queens of the Stone Age was in fact Queens first CD offering.


John Homme's guitar sound throughout the bands history was superb, and they are the best band he has ever played in. Queens fans, sorry, but it's true. John Garcia's voice mad melodic, yet fierce and grizzled, immensely powerful. Scott Reeder and Nick Olivieri swapped bass duties, while Brant Bjork and Alfredo Hernandez held up their parts on drums. Kyuss' sound is hard to describe so I won't really try. Its fierce, powerful wall of sound is terrifying on tracks like Asteroid, yet its grinding groove is showcased on stuff like One Inch Man, while on Space Cadet they show the subtle beauty that everyone should listen to.


I really can't stress how good this band are. Stoner rock died when they did, nobody could compare, but while they were with us, 90-95 they really were the greatest band that have ever walked the face of the earth

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