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It's 6.20am and...


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there are 5 members online. I thought you only got the occasional lurker at this time! Guys, do you make a regular thing of this as it isn't too good to the body and I don't know how you can do it. :P


Anyway, good morning. :)



morning Pabby


I work 2 nights out of every 8 days, and I finish work at 6, so I tend to spend a bit of time on the net catching up on the last 12 hours, so I'm not always around at this time in the morning..

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Morning folks.


I have work due today so I've been in my office since just after six o'clock yesterday afternoon. I didn't get up until half past three, so even thogh I'm nowhere near finished yet I'm hoping I can make it until I deal with everything that I have to do here.


I didn't expect anyone else to be on here though, least of all Pabster, it's well past your bedtime Pab and too early to be up already!

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