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Official Results - Tournament of the Icons


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EXcesS69 Wins Tournament of the Icons


EXcesS69, long considered one of the finest wrestlers in Canada, proved his ability Friday, May 21st in Deux Montagnes, beating Pierre Carl Ouellet, the IWS champion, to become the fourth winner of the Tournament of the Icons. This tournament, hosted by IWS Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris, is the most important wrestling tournament held in Quebec.


EXcesS69’s victory over PCO, the IWS champion, in a non-title match makes him a strong contender for the IWS title, although it should be said that ExcesS69 needed the help of Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris and a questionable ruling from IWS referee Bakais to beat PCO. ExcesS69 joins his former tag team partner the Green Phantom and «Mr. Wrestling» Kevin Steen in the hunt for the gold. As the IWS gets ready for their Fifth Anniversary show, June 12th at le SPAG, there have never been so many contenders for the IWS title.


PCO’s loss in the Tournament of the Icons final marks PCO’s first defeat in the IWS ring since joining the IWS last August. In that time, PCO has demonstrated that he is the best shape of his life delivering not only victories but great matches along the way. One of his best matches, the Canadian Match of the Year for 2003, was the three-way dance pitting PCO against Kevin Steen and El Generico. This match can be seen on the Canadian PPV series, «Pro Wrestling Superstars: Past, Present and Future», airing across Canada on Viewer’s Choice Friday May 28th at 8:00 pm, 9:30 pm and 11:00 pm; Wednesday, June 2nd at 6:00 am, 7:30 am, 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm, 4:30 pm, 6:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 9:00 pm and 10:30 pm; and Monday, June 7th at 8:00 am, 11:30 am, 3:00 pm, 6:30 pm and 10:00 pm.


Tournament of the Icons kicked off with a match between the IWS «novelty acts» room mates Beef Wellington and El Generico. Before they could get started however, le chef du Syndicat de Lutte Internet, Fred le Merveille, interrupted and booked himself into the match. After a humourous fast-paced match, Beef Wellington stunned the crowd by pinning his roommate El Genrico with his trademark E. Coli pile driver at 9:54.


EXcesS69 had an easy win in his first match of the night, forcing F.o.D. to tap to the Stretch Muffler after 2:10. EXcesS69 was helped in his victory by F.o.D.’s son Jonacy who took his own father out of the match with a flaming guitar shot.


The Sex XXXpress, Sexxxy Eddy has long had a love/hate relationship with the fans of Two Mountains. In Montreal, Eddy is one of the most popular men on the IWS roster, while in the Olympia Arena of Deux Montagnes, he is one of the most hated. Eddy lived down to the fans’ opinions of him, making his valet D-Vyn the guest referee for his match against international Joshi star Lufisto. Eddy refused to take Lufisto seriously as a wrestler, but the Queen of Hardcore showed Eddy the error of his ways as she beat Eddy from pillar to post. When D-Vyn refused to count to three for Lufisto however (backstage reports suggest that she broke a nail counting) Eddy was able to win the match after a devastating Total Sexxxtacy at 9:51.


In the final first round match, the most controversial man in Quebec wrestling and a former Tournament of the Icons winner, Carl XL Leduc faced off against the IWS champion Pierre Carl Ouellet. Carl XL had not been seen in an IWS ring for more than two years after disrupting the main event of an IWS show with a public temper tantrum. The IWS fans had been waiting for years to tell Carl XL what they thought of him and they wasted no opportunity to express their displeasure with the «Size that Hurts» especially when Carl attacked his own father, Quebec wrestling legend Paul Leduc, at ringside. To the delight of the crowd, PCO pinned Carl XL with a power bomb at 9:09 after Carl knocked himself silly with a chair swing at the IWS Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris that bounced off the ropes.


Beef Wellington put up a valiant effort against EXcesS69 in their second round match, but the baby oil superstar’s superior conditioning gave him the edge against Beef. ExcesS69 caught Beef going to the top rope for his crowd-pleasing ass punch and pinned the «novelty act» with a one man Spanish Fly at 7:36.


Sexxxy Eddy lost his chance to repeat as Tournament of the Icons winner, when he passed up an opportunity to pin PCO in order to pull out a garbage can. Long time observers of the IWS know that nothing good can come out of Eddy using a trash can. Eddy went up top with the garbage can over his own head to perform what many IWS fans call the «Stupid-Sault», but PCO recovered in time to cut Eddy off. The IWS champion proceeded to power bomb Eddy, to pile drive him and to cannon-ball him all while Eddy was still in the trash can. PCO finally threw the trash can off Eddy for the pin at 5:00.


In a non-tournament match, the Hardcore Hero of Deux Montagnes, the Green Phantom fought «Mr. Wrestling» Kevin Steen in a submission match. The two men’s dislike for another manifested quickly as a mat-based match turned into a brawl with Kevin Steen trying to break the Green Phantom’s neck while the Hardcore Hero tried to break Mr. Wrestling’s arm. Steen brought innovative violence at one point sliding a table down a ramp from the stage into the back of the Green Phantom’s neck. And, in fact, it appeared that Kevin Steen had the match won when he made the Phantom tap to a modified Camel Clutch. Unfortunately, the referee in the match, Bakais, had been knocked loopy by Steen and Phantom and he did not see or hear the tap. The Green Phantom rallied and hit a Phantasm power bomb into a cross arm-breaker to force Steen to tap after 17:11.


The IWS tag team champions, Damian and Viking, le Syndicat de Lutte Internet, defended their titles in a mad and violent four-way scramble match pitting them against the Flying Hurricanes (Takao and Kenny the Bastard), the Fan Favourites (Arsenal and Evil Ninja), and the Kid Kamikaze Experience featuring Kurt Lauderdale. The Evil Ninja reminded the fans why he is considered one of the most dangerous wrestlers in Canada ambushing wrestlers in and out of the ring like a stealthy whirling dervish. The Evil Ninja concentrated his attack on Kurt Lauderdale, leading to the Ninja getting his manager Motivator of Madness to strangle Kurt Lauderdale on top of a table in the ring, while the Evil Ninja moved a twenty foot tall giant screen, climbed the screen and landed a picture perfect splash through Kurt Lauderdale and the table. At this point, the Evil Ninja had the match won, and if the Motivator of Madness had only had the presence of mind to roll the Ninja on top of Kurt Lauderdale, new champions would have been crowned. Unfortunately, by the time that the Evil Ninja had recovered enough to drag himself over for the cover, Viking had returned to the ring. He threw the Evil Ninja off Kurt Lauderdale and out of the ring, giving him enough time to get the pin to retain the title for the SLI at 16 :52.


The final match of the Tournament of the Icons pitted the IWS Champion Pierre Carl Ouellet against Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris’ baby-oil champion ExcesS69. It was a classic match of speed vs. power. The two men had previously fought in February with PCO coming out the victor, but ExcesS69 was able to use that experience to pull out astonishing counters to PCO’s power moves. He was also helped by Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris who distracted PCO on a number of occasions to help his contract superstar escape a pinning predicament. ExcesS69 was his usual suicidal self completing a gorgeous moonsault from ten feet up the Olympia Arena’s bleachers to flatten PCO. When EXcesS69 got PCO back to the ring, he was able to endure a PCO rally and clap on his Stretch Muffler submission. Three times PCO reached for the near-by ropes, three times Commissioner Joseph FitzMorris pulled the ropes away from the IWS champion, three times PCO’s hand slapped the canvas in frustration. On the third time that PCO slapped the canvas, IWS referee Bakais declared that PCO had tapped three times and that EXcesS69 was the winner of the match after 17 :42 and the fourth winner of the Tournament of the Icons. PCO objected strongly to this referee decision, planting Bakais with a monstrous power bomb.


The IWS presents “V” our Fifth Anniversary show, Saturday, June 12th at La Spag, 2915 Ontario Est, two blocks from Metro Frontenac. Doors open at 8:00 pm, IWS Bloodstream begins at 8:30 pm, show starts at 9:00 pm. Tickets are fifteen dollars. Four hundred free parking spaces will be provided at the venue. For information about the show e-mail ticket@syndicatewrestling.com or visit the Internet Wresting Syndicate at their web-site: http://www.syndicatewrestling.com/. For information about IWS merchandise & DVDs, our wholesale prices or our customer referral program e-mail merchandise@syndicatewrestling.com or order from http://xrv.com/its/. For details on La Spag please visit http://www.unites.uqam.ca/spag/.

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