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My Thoughts On The New Style Of Professional Wrestling


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Since I've lost my eyesight, it's been hard to keep up with all of the changes in Pro Wrestling. One thing that I do notice is that for the most part , the hardcore division is all dressed up in this era. In the old days, if you got injured in a hardcore match, you were out for about 2 to 4 weeks at least. In most cases today, if they get hurt in a hardcor match, they return in little or no time, in most cases, the next televised show. Although I still love wrestling, I do think that it is a little too made up, and for this reason I believe that fans stopped watching so often. They already know that it is staged, but a lot of times they overdo the scenes. For instance, Jim Ross getting set on fire, or Kane being thrown into a trash can blazing with fire, and then they come back with no burns visible on there body? Yeah, it was interesting, but a little to unrealistic. The old days saw some great story lines with people like Rhodes, Flair, and The Andersons just to name a few of the legends of the past. The story lines today are good, but nothing like the days of old. I wish that The Original Nwa would come bac to life, someone needs to compete with The Wwe. Maybe TNA will give them a run for their money in the near future. Thanks a million, and feel free to respond if you wish. I'm outta here for today, I'll holler!!!
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Spiritchaser replies


We do need competition today whether TNA will provide it we will have to wait for the outcome on that one, but i know what you mean about the magic has been removed and it is like watching David Copperfield and knowing exactly how he does it. Still, I still love these guys and gals.



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Personally, I think a lot of people will not respond to change. I know so many people who are HATING the new style WWE and loved the older days. But in my opinion, wrestling will never go bak and people who wish NWA would come back or WCW need to open their own eyes and see that it will just never happen. The NWA or WCW will not come back because it is not about what people want, it is about the business prospects. If the NWA were to return, the owners would need to take a good look at the financial accounts and predict through the use of a Cash Budget if the business will make enough money to be considered a fincancially strong company and be worthwhile to resurrect.
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Unfortunately, we can never go home again. Farewell Mid-Atlantic and Georgia Championship Wrestling. Gone are the days of:

Dusty and Magnum taking on the 4 horsemen

Blackjack Mulligan fighting off the Evil Baron Von Rashke and the Iron Sheik

Ricky Steamboat sticking to the rules even when Ric Flair didn't

Cage matches, where the point is to settle the feud, not climb out and run away



I also miss the days when:

You could'nt recover from total-body 3rd degree burns in 7 days

Feuds were drawn out for months, even years, and intergrated with other stories

Characters were consistent

Faces didn't act like heels as that is what made them faces

Heel turns were not telegraphed

People cheered the faces and booed the heels



"...if they get hurt in a hardcore match, they return in little or no time..."

feuds are over in a month or so

Todays wrestling sees us watching a schizophrenic crew of flip-floppers

Faces curse, cheat and act like heels

You can see a heel turn coming a mile away

People cheer heel behavior and scorn face -types as weak


What I wouldn't give for the old days!!!

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