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***Official SmackDown! Thread - 25th May 2004***


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If you are looking for the report that will tell you that WWE has turned things around on Smackdown, keep looking.


Dark Match:


Funaki and Orlando Jordan beat John Heidenreich and Brad Cooper. It was a dark match.


Josh Matthews and Bill DeMott came out for Matt Zylbert’s favorite show, Velocity.




Nunzio and Johnny Stamboli beat Billy Kidman and Paul London.


Mark Jindrak, with Teddy Long, beat Shannon Moore. Jindrak did the Lex Luger bit with the mirror before the match and just destroyed Moore.


Billy Gunn beat Sakoda. Yep, this was an actual match.




The show opened with Kurt Angle saying that Eddie Guerrero is the champion and has obligations to WWE. He will wrestle tonight and because he is in such bad shape, Angle will have medical personnel at ringside for his match. Angle expects that Eddie will need them.


The Dudleys beat Rob Van Dam and Rey Mysterio. During the match, Paul Heyman made his way down to ringside through the crowd. The crowd chanted “ECW”. As if! The babyfaces were in control until Heyman jumped the rail and took out Rey, leading to a Dudleys victory.


After the match, Heyman made his way to the back (I guess he is still a VIP). He met up with the Dudleys and told them that they shouldn’t be happy with this win. He said that they have beaten the champ and didn’t get a title match because they don’t get any respect. He said they needed to destroy someone and make management respect them.


Back out to the ring, Michael Cole tells us that Kurt Angle has named JBL as the top contender for the Bash PPV next month. Layfield them comes out to the ring and Cole asks him what kind of man he is for pinning Guerrero last week after he passed out, or whatever it was that happened to him. JBL went nuts and Cole ran for his life. Alone in the ring, JBL did a heel promo about Eddie. He said he will be the champ and next week he will name the stipulation for his Bash match with Eddie.


Booker T beat up Scotty 2 Hotty (the tag title push is over). After the match, Booker cut a promo saying he wanted the Undertaker. Taker’s supernatural stuff started happening. Booker said he wasn’t scared, then said maybe he was a little scared but still wants to beat Taker next week.


They did a Mordecai vignette.


Eddie Guerrero was supposed to wrestle Danny Basham but it didn’t happen. Kurt Angle came out and said that Eddie can’t wrestle until he signs a release of liability. Whatever.


Spike Dudley and Torrie Wilson beat Jamie Noble and Dawn Marie. Don’t ask me why.


They did a Kenzo Suzuki vignette. He’s a Japanese warrior.


They did a skit with Rico and Charlie Haas. Miss Jackie was in a hot bathing suit. Charlie’s jaw dropped while Rico said the color was all wrong (see, Charlie wants to have sex with her and Rico doesn’t, so he can be more fashion conscious, or something like that). Rico tells to put on the other bathing suit, which she does. This is all to set up Rico modeling a speedo for Charlie. I swear, I am not making this up.


John Cena went into Kurt Angle’s office. Angle is mad that Cena went to the board and asked for a Bash match against Rene Dupree instead of coming to him. Angle didn’t like that. Angle told Cena he will wrestle Dupree tonight and Luther Rains will be at ringside.


They did a great segment with the Chavos where being the champ is going to Classic’s head. Jr. is not happy he lost the belt, but at least it stayed in the family.


Chavo Classic beat Akio. Jr. was on the outside and helped him.


They show the Dudleys in the back putting someone in the trunk of their car. They sped away and Paul Heyman walked on camera and picked up an urn off of the ground and laughed. You know who is in the trunk.


John Cena beat Rene Dupree in the main event lumberjack match.

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who did that review of smackdown i didnt understand some of the stuff and what the hell was the first sentence about? seemed like a ok to poor show not like the smackdown of Judgement Day and the week up to it.
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Jesus christ, if I have to watch another RVD/A N Other v The Dudleys tag team match I think i'm gonna shoot myself!!!! These guys put on the worst matches I have ever seen - I don't think the three of them have thought up anything original in the last 5 years - talk about stale.


Also, what the hell is a Spike/Torrie v Jamie/Dawn Marie match doing on Smackdown! That match doesn't even deserve to get on Velocity.


Is it just me or is Smackdown at the moment as bad as anyone can ever remember a WWE show?

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So who exactly is it that's managing to make this program so crap on a regular basis?


I know sometimes the fans don't know what's best for them... but seriously, I think Bradshaw in the main event is even something a 7 year old playing with his wrestling figures wouldn't even fathom doing.

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