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***Official Raw Thread - 26th May 2004***


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Raw is live tonight from the MetroCentre in Rockford, Illinois.


Start of the show: HHH is shown backstage after highlights of last week's battle royal. HHH is saying how he was screwed last week at the hands of HBK. He asks Bischoff to reinstate Shawn Michaels and Bischoff agrees. He says he has already reinstated him and he will be here tonight! He then says there will be a match at Bad Blood. HHH says that is fine but as soon as HBK gets here tonight he will beat him down in front of the world. HHH then tells Evolution that there better be some unity tonight and it starts with Flair's match against Edge. Randy goes with Flair, Batista stays with HHH.


One on One

Edge versus Ric Flair


At the start of the match, Flair struts to show his stuff, they lock up and Flair goes down. They regroup vand lock up, Flair gets an arm hold, go behind by Edge, they break again. When they lock up again, Flair hits a strong chop sending Edge to the floor.


Both men exchange until Flair takes his first back body drop of the match. Flair goes to the outside!


Outside the ring, Edge bodyslams Flair on the matting. Back in the ring the two battle as Orton gets involved allowing Flair to get a thumb to the eye followed by some chops.


Mid match notes: Flair is in control asOrton gets involved some more. Flair and Edge exchange blows, but Edge hits a flying forearm followed by some clotheslines and a back body drop. Flair does his upside down rope thingy and it goes horribly wrong and he lands on his lower back. Flair climbs the top rope and jumps off but lands into a tackle from Edge!


The end of the match comes after Edge climbs the top rope, but Randy Orton gets him and hangs him up on the ropes, a roll-up by Flair only goes for a two count! Orton thinks they won and gets on the apron, but Shelton Benjamin comes and takes Orton down! This allows Edge to get the spear and victory!


Winner: Edge


In the back HHH and Batista are waiting for HBK.


Vince McMahon announcement: Vince is shown backstage with a briefcase and a bunch of women. He says that the WWE is going to have a Raw Diva contest where the Diva will havea quarter of a million dollars and be the next WWE Raw Diva. Raw fans get to vote as soon as they find 10 finalists in this reality type contest. It's on says Vinnie Mac!


Highlights last week of Matt Hardy getting destroyed by Kane. We know that Lita answered yes to Kane's question last week, but we do not know the question. Todd is outside the locker room of Lita and Matt comes knocking on the door. Lita comes and tells Matt that she has been doing a lot of thinking and that she really loves him. they kiss and Lita tells Matt she wants to show him how much she loves her. She says she is going to get her bags and things and she goes into her locker room where Kane is waiting. She says "what are you doing here? You said this was all over." Kane says it is over, it's ALL over. Lita leaves and goes with Matt, Kane doesn't do a thing. Odd.


When we come back, HHH and Batista are outside waiting for HBK. They think they see him and pull a guy out of a car and beat him down. However, it's just Steven Richards!


Tag team match

La Resistance vs. Hurricane and Rosey


Rosey and Rob start the match, Rob gets in some right hands but Rosey chucks him to the outside. Back in the ring, Rosey knocks Rob's head off the buckle and tags Hurricane, some double teaming by Rosey and Cane but Sylvian breaks up a count. Rob and Hurricane exchange whips but the Hurricane is low bridged by Sylvian and Hurricane goes flying to the outside. Las Resistance is in control of Jurricane to start this match.


Mid match notes: La Resistance is in control as Rob grans the foot of Hurricane who hits an enzeguiri. Rosey is tagged and he goes buck wild on La Resistance. He drops a huge leg drop on Grenier and is in control until both members of La Resistance double team him. Rosey goes off the ropes and nails a double clothesline.


End of Match: Hurricane hits a top rope body block and gets up for his finishing kick but he misses and as he does, he gets a cheap shot to the face! One of the members of La Resistance rolls him up from behind for the three count.


Winners: La Resistance


HBK arrives: HHH is still on the street waiting for HBK as Batista went to go check on Randy and Flair. HHH turns around and gets tackled on a car and HBK starts to pound him down! Refs and backstage workers come to break the fight but the two continue to try and kill each other!


The Highlight Reel: Jericho is in the ring and ready for the highlight reel. The crowd chants his name before he can even start talking! Jericho talks about how Christian has been missing as of late. He says that CLB stands for crushed lower back! Y2J introduces his guest, Intercontinental champion Randy Orton. Y2J talks Randy up about all his accomplishments and then calls him Randal. He then brings up what Orton did to Harley Race. Y2J talks about Shelton and how he turned Shelton down for a shot at the title. Orton says he is still not going to put his title on the line for Shelton Benjamin. Y2J then says "why are ya scared of Shelton Benjamin Randal?" Orton says he is not scared. The two get in an arguement and an assclown is thrown out by Y2J, this gets the crowd pumped. Y2J says Shelton is worthy since he beat HHH twice! Orton says Jericho and Shelton have something in common, they both have a big mouth. Y2J says "what's next Randy, are ya gonna call me a poo poo head?" Orton tells him to watch it. Orton says he would not mind putting the worlds first undisputed champion on his long list of legends he has killed. Orton strikes Y2J, but Y2J hits an standing enzeguiri! Batista hits the ring and they take on Y2J, Shleton comes for the save and they clear the ring. Bischoff comes out and says that he has had enough and that if these four want ti fight so bad they are going to clear the ring and fight right now!


Tag team match

Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho versus Randy Orton and Batista


When we come back commercial, Orton and Y2J are locking up and Y2J gets control and puts him in a bow and arrow type move and Orton is in pain as Jericho changes it to a surfboard. Orton gets out eventually but Jericho just gains control again with chops and a nasty clothesline. Shelton is tagged and Randy is staring him down. Randy backs out and tags Batista!!


Batista and Benjamin lock up and Benjamin gets the best early but Batista knocks him down hard. The two lock up again and Batista gets a big slam but misses and elbow drop. Benjamin shows signs of offense but when he comes off the ropes Batista gets a kick to the ribs and huge clothesline. Orton is tagged in and he takes total control of Benjamin.


Mid match notes: Y2J is finally tagged and he goes buck wild on both Evolution members hitting a ton of moves on both men. Jericho hits his springboard dropkick on Batista and puts Randy Orton in the walls but it gets broken up. Both Evolution members are outside and Y2J runs and springboards onto both of them!


When we come back Batista is stomping on Y2J in the corner. Trish joins the announce team as Evolution beats on Chris Jericho. During the break we see how Trish's arrival caused Y2J distraction to give Evolution the upper hand. Y2J is in trouble as Evolution continues to double team him. Jim Ross asks Trish what's up with the CLB, she says it's none of his business.


Trish is acting weird at the announce table as we do not know her intentions. Y2J builds some momentum but Evolution holds him down several times working on his shoulder. Orton has him in the short arm scissor as the crowd tries to get behind Jericho. Jericho gets some momentum but Evolution again breaks it and holds him from the tag.


Jericho hits a dropkick and Batista tags out and Orton goes for a move but Jericho hits a falling headlock slam. Benjamin is finally tagged! Shelton goes buck wild and hits his spinning kick on Batista followed by a flying shoulder block. Jericho comes in for help, but Batista hits a spinebuster.


End of the match: Shelton is in the ring working over Orton as he hits a powerslam. Jericho comes in and takes Batista to the outside. Orton goes for the RKO on Y2J but he shoves Orton into Benjamin who hits a sambo suplex powerslam into a pin for the 3 count!


Winners: Shelton Benjamin and Chris Jericho


After the match Trish is trying to get Jericho's attention as it looks as if she wants him back. She is calling for him but Tyson Tomko comes from behind and jacks Y2J and throws him into the Titan Tron steel! Tyson then clears off the announce table and powerbombs Chris Jericho right through it!


When we come back we see that during the break Jericho was taken off on a stretcher. JR and King are standing as they have no table to sit at!


Kane comes to the ring: Kane comes to the ring to the boom of fire. Kane tells Chris Benoit that he envy's him and the fact that he has the world title and that he lives a life of normals. Kane says Benoit, I WANT YOUR WORLD TITLE. What he wants, he always gets. Scary interview as the ring stayed red the entire time. Kane's fire hits and he leaves the ring.


HBK is in the back asking Bischoff about his match. Does he have his match the way he wants it, no strings attached? Bischoff yells yes but HHH attacks Michaels from behind and the men brawl all over Eric's office! Reinforcements come in and break it all up. These two can't get enough of each other!


Non title one on one match

Victoria © versus Molly Holly


Victoria comes to the ring and she starts dancing to new music! She has finally dropped her freak gimmick as she shakes it for the Raw crowd!


The two lock up and Victoria gets the upper hand in the corner, she goes for a headscissor but Molly throws her to the outside. Victoria blocks a shot from Molly but Gail Kim pulls her legs out and she hits the apron. Molly takes advantage and fireman carry drops her on the safety rail. Nack in the ring Molly hits a suplex and works Victoria down with some holds. Update: Jericho is in a medical facility.


Molly is still in control, Victoa mounts some offense but Molly hits a swinging neckbreaker for a two count, Victoria reverses and starts some control with a backslide for two. Backdrop and scoop slam from Victoria as we get a close up of Molly's chinstrap. She goes for the standing moonsault but Gail comes on the apron, Victoria gives her a shot and Molly tries to take control, but Victoria reverses and hits the Widow's peak for the 3 count!


Winner: Women's champion Victoria


After the match, Gail Kim attacks Victoria from behind but Victoria gets the upper hand and gives her a widows peak!


Smackdown recap of Eddie Guerrero passing out in the main event.


In the back Eric is telling Nitro to assemble a bunch of WWE superstars because if the Shawn Michaels/HHH ship is going down tonight, he is not going down with it.


When we come back Eric is talking to the Raw Brand and he is telling them to stop HHH and HBK and take control of the show. He says if they do not take control, he will fire each and every one of them!


Recap of last week with the Coach and Eugene along with The Rock! Eugene and Regal will take on Cade and the Coach tonight!


Eugene and Regal are in the back as todd tries to interview them but Eugene is hanging on the Raw screen set up! Eugene walks around, gives Todd a wet willy and then says "If ya smell what The Rock is cookin!" Regal says he is excited to work with Eugene but Nitro shows up and says Regal is not cleared to wrestle and if eugene does not find a partnet in the next 3 minutes he will have to fight alone. Regal gets in an arguement with Nitro saying he will not stand for it but it is to no avail. Regal apologizes to Eugene telling him this is all his fault, it seem,s as if he fell for him after all. Eugene walks off as he may have to fight a handi capped match tonight.


Tag team match

Eugene and ???? versus Coach and Cade


Coach and Cade hit the ring looking cocky. Eugene comes out to a huge pop but he is by himself as Regal is not cleared to wrestle. Eugene is looking to the Titasn Tron but nobody shows.


Lilian goes to introduce Eugene's tag team partner but nobody shows... until aTHE MUSIC OF CHRIS BENOIT HITS!


Benoit comes in and Eugene grans his title belts and runs around the ring with them! Coach trips him and Benoit jumps on both men and he starts to work over Cade early with chops and a snap suplex. He tags Eugene who comes in and does a headlock takedown on Cade. Eugene is backed into the corner of Coach and Cade and Coach holds him and Cade goes for a punch but hits Coach! Eugene claps and whips Cade off the ropes and as Cade is running he starts running off the other ropes. He then yells at Cade to stop, tells him to look up and when he does Eugene chops with between the eyes much like Chief Jay Strongbow used to do! Eugene rolls around some clotheslines and tags Benoit. Benoit attacks Cade but Cade gets the upper hand in the corner and he and coach work him over.


Coach tags in when Benoit is down and he starts to hit Benoit, but Benoit turns it around and starts to chop the crap out of him! Cade comes in but Eugene gets him in a helicopter spin and Cade falls to the outside. Benoit nails the trifecta Germans on Coach and he calls for the headbutt but Cade comes in. Benoit chucks Cade out and climbs to the top to hit the headbutt! The crowd chants for Eugene and Benoit tags but as Eugene tries to climb in, Benoit tells him to go to the top rope! Eugene does and he almost falls but Benoit helps him up. Eugene falls and does the diving headbutt and Benoit rolls him on top of Coach for the pin!


Winners: Chris Benoit and Eugene


After the match Eugene runs around with the belts again, classic stuff. Backstage HHH is with Evolution and HBK attacks again! Raw superstars step in this time and help break it up. We go to commercial as HHH is yelling MICHAELS... MICHAELS...


End of the show: HHH hits the ring and tells HBK that he is does and it will end right now. He tells HBK to hit the ring and HBK does! The two clash like titans in the middle of the ring as punches are thrown left and right! Michaels with a take down, Flair hits the ring only to get hit with the super kick. Orton and Batista are in and it does not look good, but Edge and Benoit hit the ring. The outside of the ring if filled with chaos as HHH and HBK continue top fight. Nitro and the Hurricane try to stop them but Michaels and HHH nail them with right hands. the locker room is empying as they continue to battle. They are seperated as HHH goes for a pedigree, HHH is grabbed to the outside, Michaels escapes his captors and dives over the top onto HHH and numerous other stars! Finally Bischoff gets nearly the entire locker room to empty and both men are on seperate sides of the ring. Bischoff starts to talk, but HHH breaks free and splashed on like 7 guys holding Michaels! They get taken back again and finally Bischoff announces that the match at Bad Blood will be HELL IN A CELL! The crowd erupts as HBK breaks free and goes after HHH AGAIN. The cameras cut off!

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Eugene walks off as he may have to fight a handi capped match tonight.

Oh, the irony...


Sounds like a decent Raw. I'm not usually one for spoiling my Friday night but I may be watching Friends, too, so need to know what's going on...


Am looking fwd to seeing HHH and HBK battering each other without mercy!



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Watched Raw last night for the first time in a while (having moved back to my Mum's for a spell I nowhave access to Sky) and it was top-to-bottom enjoyable.


Bestest bits (in no particular order):


Kane's promo on the Wolrd Title was right on the money. Especially when he's being "quiet and menacing" he's very good. I'm really looking forawrd to seeing Kane challenge for the belt (never thought these fingers would type those words).


Victoria's dancing~~~! (Or, more specifically: Victoria's a$$-jiggling~~~!)


Jericho's Highlight reel turned my pi$$ blue it was so funny! "Randle!"


Eugene - what a guy! I've read all about him and was looking forward to seeing him. Very funny stuff. Very sweet "Faces all help Eugene" thing going on.


That SmackDown! Rebound of Eddie's collapse makes me wish I'd seen that show - it looked scary as hell.


:thumbsup (Two big thumbs up!)

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1st match was sloppy.


Whats with the music Vicky? Keep tAtU!


I presume $250,000 is the contract on offer? Why can't they give that to AJ Styles to sign? And how about the wrestlers released for cost-cutting?


Funny with Triple H asking Batista to stay :xyx


Also, does Batista usually wear his trunks down the public streets :P


A good raw :xyx

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Raw for the past few weeks has really got back on track. I'm also glad to see that my prayers have been answered and that Kane is finally been given a push...YAY!!! although it is doubtful that he will beat benoit. Raw is looking damn strong right now, it is again a pleasure to tune in.
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Not really too much to make a point about, apart from I don't want Jericho feuding with Tyson Tomko... the whole Trish v Jericho thing should be over now, and I can't see this leading to anything entertaining.


And if this isn't the last of the HHH v HBK matches, I think I'm going to cry.

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The t.a.t.u. contract expired' date=' and the WWE couldn't be arsed to reknew it. Probably saving the money for the stupid diva thing.[/quote']




I mean, seeing Victoria do her thing to he rnew theme was enjoyable, but I'm sure I'll get tired of it after next week.

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Not really too much to make a point about' date=' apart from I don't want Jericho feuding with Tyson Tomko[/quote']


totally agree there, Y2J / Orton leading to a title change would be better or why not against benoit especially with the history between them.

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Raw wasnt a bad show this week, but it wasnt up to previous claibres either. Flair looked horrendous in the ring, and should really think about hanging up his boots if he is going to continue like that. The womens match was surprisingly solid, even better that Victorias bum wasnt :D And even i was quite surprised when Benoit helped out Eugene. However as Regal was not allowed to the ring, how was it that he was allowed to go and help tear HHH and HBK apart?
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Her Tatu theme was used this week at the show in Dublin. Maybe they realised it was a bad idea and just went back to it.


My guess is that they are going to stick to the new theme for Victoria, but, as it was a UK house show, the copyrighted laws didn't really matter. (it was the same at the Birmingham NEC last night also)


Probably laziness more than anything, as with the Wrestlemania Revenge tour, at Sheffield Eddie had the Los Guerrero's music instead of his own...


Still, I'm not complaining, although the tatu song was a better entrance theme for Victoria IMO...

Edited by Dickie Hyde
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