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Eugene - A Month On


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I voted for not having an opinion on this subject, simply because I now do like the Eugene character. But, i do not like the mentally handicapped gimmick. Of course it has some emotional effects on me and makes me laugh at times, but I wouldn't like it to be a permanent thing in the WWE. I would like dinsmore to carrying on wrestling as Eugene, but to be cured from his mental illness asap...
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I voted "no opinion" not because I don't have an opinion, but because I have differing opinions.


If you read the "Official Raw Threads" you will see I usually reserve space in my rants for Eugene. Every single week I have said that I am liking the way Eugene is being presented to us. The WWE writers are doing a good job and, surprise surprise, they are doing it quite sensitively.


However I DO NOT like the fact that there is a retard in the WWE. I feel it is demeaning to all the other wrestlers who's gimmicks are that they have worked and jobbed and taken bumps to put other people over, and now they want their chance. This retard walks in due to the fact he's the boss' nephew, gets hooked up with Regal, befriends The Rock and gets given personal training by Tom Pritchard.


Now, I KNOW Nick Dinsmore has worked just as hard as anyone else, I'm not stupid; he deserves a chance in the big leagues as much as the next guy - he looks like a prolific wrestler, too.


However, if the whole Eugene gimmick is about "overcoming adversity", then surely it's not right making him the boss' nephew, trained by Regal and Pritchard, and having The Rock putting him over. That's not adversity. OK, so a few Frenchies and a wannabe gangster called Coach call him names...it's hardly adversity.


It's only a month in so I'm not being too harsh, but I'd like to see REAL adversity confront Eugene. Real adversity, especially when dealing with retards, should make uncomfortable viewing: Have Regal dump him, A-Train knock the stuffing out of him and make him bleed and then see how the writers, and Dinsmore, can overcome that.



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As usual Boyo makes a great case. However, if you think about it, the only way a retarded challenged man can just walk in is because he IS the bosses nephew. For storyline purposes what other means could he have possibly have had to gain a chance to wrestle, especially in the big leagues?


As for his overcoming adversity, don't know. I am, at heart, a cynic and believe that the WWE's official line about overcoming adversity is just a way to look politically correct while doing this storyline. I expect some very low-brow meanness and humor at Eugene's expense before it's all said and done. Despite all my reservations I am interested in seeing where they go with the character.


Several friends have supposed that Eugene is actually not handicapped, but is in fact a genius who, along with Uncle Eric, is just playing everyone and later will reveal his true nature. :devil If so, maybe Regal may be extremely put :evil out by Eugene's deception and turn face to fued with the newly revealed evil Eugene :devil .


Or perhaps Regal will manipulatively turn him into Eugene the evil wrestling machine :devil and make a profit from this simple man with a dream to be Triple Rock.


Or perhaps Regal will indeed turn face and look out for "simple" Eugene as recent events seem to indicate he is inclined to do.


Either way... got your nose!!!!


I just hope that WWE takes the high road on this one (for once).

Edited by MachoMat
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At first I didn't agree with this angle that the WWE is doing with Eugene, but yes he did grow on me and I like what they are doing. I don't think I want to have this go on for along time, but for now, I like it. It was a nice touch having The Rock come in and give the Eugene angle a boost.


It's definately an actor playing a handicap person. WWE isn't crazy enough to let a true handicap compete like that. Well.. they did have that one-legged guy for a little while didn't they? Either way, I'll continue to support the Eugene angle but only for a short while.


Regal will stay with Eugene for a while but we will for sure see a Regal vs Eugene in the future.


Like MachoMat said, 'I am interested in seeing where they go with the character'. It seems that MachoMat knows what he's talking about, either that or I like and can relate to "Ooooooooooh yeeeeeeeeeeah" and "Jesus is Lord" comments.


Thumbs up MachoMat!

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Well, I allways expected it to be entertaining- which it is. But as I said before i do expect it to be the ruin of Nick Dinsmore. But fingers crossed, this will all work out OK.


OK, so I kinda mark out at Eugene, so what?

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Personally i cant stand the gimmick, i think its a pathetic excuse for the WWE to get press coverage and media attention. Dinsmore is probably a fantastic wrestler normally, but being in this gimmick will kill his career before long. I know it was all a work, but i agree with what Coach said last week on raw.
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I think the angle in which Dinsmore will break out and become evil would be quite fantastic. Think about it, after all the "adversity," poor 'ol Eugene finally cracks, taking it out on perhaps Mr. Regal (there's that face turn that keeps coming up) This would save Dinsmore's career from being known as the retard of wrestling, while in the midst of doing that generating some marks for Sir William. There, I said my piece...
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Eugene kind of reminds me of George "the Animal" Steele!

I don't nessesarily think it's a bad gimmick. I mean,come on, there have been far worse.

Just look at Kevin Nash!

I just don't see this angle going anywhere. Unless maybe poor ol' Eugene were to become obsessed with one of the Divas, but alas :kane Kane has that covered!


At first I thought the mentaly handicapped wrestler was a bad idea years ago with guys such as :

"The dog faced gremelin" Rick Steiner

Norman and his damn'd tedy bear(Remember him:lol)

One Man Gang

Kammala "The Ugandan Giant"

Baron von Raschkie

The Bushwackers(Sheepherders, what ever)

Chavo Gurrereo jr. and Pepe his damn stick horse!

Perry Saturn and moppy, what the hell was that all about!


and of course, don't let me forget...Triple H!


But after seeing Eugene with The Rock, and again the following week with the champ Benoit, I have to admit that I marked out for him a little bit!


Eugene is entertaning for now, but if the WWE dosn't do anything clever with him, the whole thing is gonna be stale before the next PPV!

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The WWE has stepped into some thing they have to be very careful with. They have to handle this with care as to not get all these law suits and crap. I don't think they would turn Eugene 'heel', because it may not please some certain groups. I don't know who, but there's always some group out there complaining about something. I think Eugene will stay 'face' for the rest of his very short career. The wrestler who plays Eugene will probably use another angle in another fed.


Eugene is just meant to pander to the 'handicap' audience to let them know that the WWE loves and supports them all. Because of that, he will NOT become a 'heel'. How would it look when Eugene, the 'heel', comes out and we all boo the handicap retart. That would go over well.


That is all,


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From the perspective of someone that has a relative in this sort of condition I don't find this offensive in any way shape or form. The WWE are carrying this gimmick out in a positive light and not constantly making fun of people of that condition. The eugene gimmick is there merely for ratings and to have a sympathy wrestler (remember Spike Dudley?).
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