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WrestleMania 21 Main Event

Richard Flair

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Ok, Armageddon has passed and the Ryal Rumble is approaching. Who would your ideal Rumble winner be and how would they get to WrestleMania to face their champion. Also, what would the match involve, who would all the participants be and would there be any stipulations?


I would book Randy Orton(face) to win the Royal Rumble after eliminating HHH(heel). HHH gets angry and demands a shot at Chris Jericho, the World Champion. Jericho loses his title at No Way Out, setting up a Randy Orton/HHH feud. Meanwhile, at No Way Out, Batista and Ric Flair are in the Evolution locker room with HH when Ric Flair leaves for Orton. Evolution are split. Batista goes with HHH but Ric Flair goes with Orton. The next month on Raw is littered with build up to WrestleMania 21's Main Event of Randy Orton and HHH in a singles match for the World Title. In the match, I would book Randy to use a lot of fan interaction and try to get him over Eddie Guerrero style. In the end, HHH would lose his title to Randy Orton but keep the feud going, because it will be worth gold (Not just literally!).

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Ok your dreaming Jericho World Champion :D :D :D . I think next year they will do what is on Smack Down HCTP Last 2 men HBK (face) and Mordecai (Heel) both men touch the floor at the same time have a huge feud HBK beats him at NO WAY OUT! goes to WMXXI against Batista for the world Heavyweight Championship, HBK loses and decides to retire and becomes GM of Smackdown.
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Chris Jericho wins the wwe title from Benoit at Summerslam in a ladder match. Benoit turns heelish in the run up to the match, maintaining that despite the fact that he respects Jericho (two canadians, Japan, stu harts dungeon) he's worked too long and too hard to give up his moment in the sun to Jericho. Afterwards, he turns full blown heel, destroying everybody he comes across, such is his bitterness. Eventually, Bischoff realises he can't control the crippler, and trades him back to smackdown.


On Raw, Jericho's championship reign begins with a feud against evolution. HHH, smug prick that he is, declares that Jericho is, always has been and always will be just a mid-carder, with Orton, Flair and Batista backing him all the way. It builds to their eventual match at Unforgiven, where Jericho is booked to go over HHH thanks to Randy Orton "accidentally"(?) knocking out the Game. HHH eventually forgives Orton, and makes his plans for Survivor Series.


On Smackdown, Benoit viciously pummels his friend and world champ Eddie on his first night. Benoit can't be stopped. He's lost the only thing that meant anything to him. Friendship is out the window; now he wants Eddie's title. The run-up to their match at No Mercy has huge heat and Benoit wins the title convincingly, leaving Eddie in a heap.


Over on Raw, Jericho's war against Evolution continues. Orton starts making eyes at Jericho's title, teasing it in backstage conversations and stuff. At Survivor Series, Jericho beats HHH CONVINCINGLY AND CLEAN to retain his title. From then on, Orton starts talking behind HHH'S back about how he's past it, about how badly he lost to Jericho, etc. The week before Armageddon, Orton assumes leadership of Evolution by leaving HHH a bloody mess, aided by Flair and Batista, who've also lost faith. HHH is off tv for weeks, during which time Orton wins a fatal four way at Armageddon to be the #1 contender for Jericho's title at the Rumble.


Meanwhile, Benoit beats Eddie in their rematch at Survivor Series. After the match, he and Eddie shake hands. The following night, Benoit comes out and apologises for his behaviour in the past months, saying that it just showed how much the title meant to him. Angle comes out, and says that all Benoit's behaviour proved was what a worthless champion he was. He furthermore says that he is in training for his big comeback at the Rumble, where he'll win the match and go to 'mania and prove how much better he is than Benoit yet again.


In the meantime, Booker T wins a mini battle-royal to face Benoit at the Rumble. Next week, Booker makes mention of their matches in WCW (I think it was something like best of seven or something, wasn't it?). In memory of this, they have a best 2 out of 3 falls at the Rumble.


So, to make a long story painful, Jericho wins against Orton. As Flair and Batista interfere with the ref down, HHH comes out and squashes Flair and the fights into the crowd with Batista. Orton looks to finish off Jericho with the rko, but Jericho counters into the walls of jericho for the win. Meanwhile, Benoit beats Booker in a blinder and Angle wins the Rumble by last eliminating Eddie.


Now here's where I don't know whats next, but the upshot would be either: #1 a best 2 out of 3 falls match in the main event at mania between Jericho, Benoit and Angle for all the gold, in which the first fall would be for the world title and the second for the wwe title (like their match at WM16) or #2 just let Benoit and Angle go at it in the main event. Either way, it'd be grrrrrrreat.

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Well, to start with i would have Booker T as the champ after Armegeddon, (obviously i am talking about SD here). I would try to make it look like the Rumble could actually be won by anyone, but the eventual winner would be Mordecai. Towards No Way Out Cena would emerge as a contender for the title, attacking T from behind, and interfering in matches.

Mordecai would attempt to warn him off of his title shot, but to no avail, therefore setting up a match at NWO for the number 1 contender slot. However there is a twist, Booker would be guest ref. The finish would be a screw job, Booker costing Mordecai the match. The following SD would see GM Angle create a 3 way dance at Mania for the smackdown title. but unlucky for him Vince would show up with his protoge from Raw, Maven. Vinnie would then claim that Maven is too good for Raw, and needs to be the SD champion, so he changes Angles main event to a four way Hell in a Cell for the title.

The match itself would last around 40-50 mins, with close falls all over the place, but finally Mordecai would get the pinfall victory over Booker T.


Hey a man can dream cant he?

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Y2J champ don't make me laugh.


And what's wrong with Y2J being champ?


Chris Jericho is probably one of the best champions you will ever see. He's a great all-rounded wrestler. His wrestling skills are great as are his mic skills. He has the ability to pop a crowd and can easily turn face or heel in a matter of seconds.


Jericho is just one of those wrestlers, IMO, that fits anywhere. Whether it may be the first match of the night, the mid-card, or the main event, Jericho is a suitable character for it...

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HHH wins the Royal Rumble - entering it at number 29 or something, Randy Orton enters it at number 30. Between them they are both fresh and they clear up and then all of a sudden HHH throws a shocked Orton out of the Rumble and HHH wins it!


Leading up to WM21, HHH keeps saying "It's all business, I AM the Game, the leader of Evolution" etc etc. Orton stays with Evolution for a while but all the time is a sort-of face.


Jericho is the Champion, leading up to WM21: The main-event is Y2J vs HHH.


Meanwhile, all this time, Orton has been doing his "Legend Killer" gimmick and at Survivor Series, has a confrontation with The Undertaker. He is also the person who eliminates Undertaker from the Rumble.


This leads to Orton vs Undertaker in a "Casket Match".


The Smackdown Belt is Angle vs Guerrero.


Anyway, at WM21, just as HHH has cheated his way through the match, and is about to Pedigree Y2J off the stage and onto a bed of nails 25 feet below, Y2J's new faction, led by HBK and (gasp!) Randy Orton and John Cena save the day and HHH wins by DQ.


DX2 has arrived!



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How about...


Taker wins the Rumble and is set to face the champ. However, 3 weeks out he gets his clock cleaned by Mordecai. The two men face several times with no clear winner setting up a Number 1 Contender Match to open up WM with the winner getting the title shot later that night against Benoit.


Taker wins the match and the title shot. During the title match Orton interferes, taking out the Dead man, while HBK and HHH attacks Benoit, putting Michaels in Evolution.


After the PPV Orton and Evolution could fued with Taker and his new protege Mordecai who comes out to save Taker's hide during the Evolution beatdown at WM.

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Benoit turns heel after Summerslam still with the title after a ladder match vs Jericho. HHH takes a year off for the good of the business. Benoit goes on a rampage approaching WM21 saying no one has taken his title for nigh on a year, at this stage lights dim - the man with the unbeaten WM record makes his way to the ring and says if he can't beat benoit in a cakset mtach in LA then he will retire. The undertaker however is jumped by orton saying there is only one Legend Killer in this business and thats him. So we have a 3 way casket match for the World Title.


Booker T is the WWE title holder heading into the Rumble with a big match against Jericho, nicely traded by Angle. jericho wins the title from Booker as his manager Papa Shango turns on him as smoke envolpes the ring. In the Rumble itself a heel Cena wins using his new F-5 finisher to destroy all in his path having had 3 months in OVW learning how to wrestle. Jericho and Cena tare into each other for the months leading to mania as a sideline to Jerichos current program with Eddie Guerrero managed by a face JBL. At no way out JBL turns on Eddie, reminding him he hates dirty mexicans and sets up a final battle at Mania.

The Smackdown after NWO one man shows up to say how disgusted he is with the WWE and the state of the WWE title, being on a mere Mid carder and that now he is back he wants what is his, the WWE title. At this stage he calls out Jericho and Cena berating both, then uses his finsihed F-5 to remind both he is back. At this point Lesnar demands to be put into the match at WM. Angle comes out saying he hasnt earnt the right to compete as he didnt win the rumble, but will let him referee the match. Lesnar refuses and demands a rumble right now to prove it. At this point the entire smackdown locker room clears to take revenge on lesnar for walking out on them, Lesnar fights back but is left in a bloody mess, vowing he will referee the match no matter what.

To stop the match being invaded its locked inside the traditional blue steel cage.

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why does this jericho argument keep rearing its ugly head. He was a crap champion and should stay at mid card level where he is entertaining but as the champ? No no no no no no no no no


He wasn't helped AT ALL when he was champ either by the booking team or by some of his opponents. IMO, Jericho and Benoit have been two of the most consistent wwe performers over the past eighteen months. As far as I'm concerned, both are way ahead in terms of performance than anyone on Raw

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