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The new forum leaders are...


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I was surprised at the interest in the forum leader jobs, and I have to say I was very impressed with the people who applied...but I cant pick all of you, so here are the new leaders:


Music Forum: Nicole & MillionLiraMan


Movies & TV Forum: Walshy (alongside Meteora)


Other Sports Forum: AlanJP (alongside KJ)

(This was arranged before the above three positions were announced)


So congratulations to them :xyx

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Congrats everyone!, you've defo got the right people for the job! :xyx Does this mean Nic has to be nice about Avril Lavigne now? ;) :D


Oooh If i'd of known the Sports job was going I would of applied, be great to torment KJ on a daily basis and preach about how City are gonna kick ass next season :D

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well done guys :thumbsup can i also suggest since riki hasnt been on in ages if someone could contact him because nothing is really happening in the International and MMA scene and maybe if he is coming back in a while someone could do the job temperally. :1wave Edited by Jack
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