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Re-Animator : Tanya's Alternative Review

Guest Tanya

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Re-Animator (1985)


Directed by: Stuart Gordon



Jeffrey Combs as Herbert West

Bruce Abbott as Dan Cain

Barbara Crampton as Megan Halsey

David Gale as Doctor Carl Hill

Robert Sampson as Dean Alan Halsey


OK this next to films like Evil Dead 1 & 2 and A Nightmare on Elm Street were probably the best horror films of the 80's bar none.

this film in particular was one of the first films to get a NC-17 ratings in the states because of excessive blood and gore.


It's the story Dr Herbert West who moves back to the states from switzerland because he invented a chemical that can bring the dead back to life. he goes to a medical shcool where he meets Dan Cain a young student who just wants to get through Med school so he can marry the Dean's Dauter Megan (Barbara Crampton - real nice looking girl).


West moves into Dan's apartment where things start to get wierd and eventualy West lets Dan into his little secret. The 2 then start to experement with corpses with usualy disasterous results involving the death of Megan's Father Dean Halsey which after he dies West and Dan bring him back to life.


Dr Hill is also another one that gets in the way, after he tries to black mail West and gets beheaded with a shovel (real cool effect if you see the uncut version) but he gets brought back to life too so even though head and body arn't attatched Dr Hill starts to take over and steals the chemical.


In this Megan gets kiddnapped by Dr Hill who lusts after her, she gets stripped and tied to a bench and the head pretty much rapes he although you won't see this unless you see the uncut version the head that's right a beheaded head goes down on her, when i first saw this i wanted to be the head but thats another story oh and you might want to prepare your self for the shock ending.


this may seem complicated but it is a really good film and needs to be seen the way it was meant to in it's full uncut gory, clam slurping, glory it's available in the states with no region coding so you can play it anywhere and it is the fully uncut version.


overall i give it Tanya's official :xyx :xyx thumbs up.


thanks for reading see ya next time.

Tanya xxxxxxxxxxx

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Guest Michaels
Originally posted by Tanya

hmmmmmm ok i guess at least the first one counts as a horror of sorts, sure i'll do them next week.


Thanks, movie reviewer. :D

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