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IWF Show Results Consett Victoria Club 21/05/04


IWF Junior Title No.1 Contender

Little Dragon vs. Chris Prime (w/Chris Prime)


Liam ‘The Player’ Atkinson vs. Karl Harker (w/Karl Harker)


Jimmy Blade vs. Harry Pain (w/Jimmy Blade)


IWF Women’s Title

Phoenix © vs. Angel (w/Phoenix)


IWF Independent Title No.1 Contender

Jed Masters vs. Lee Kyle (w/Jed Masters)


IWF Independent Title

Assassin © vs. Kurrupt (w/Assassin)


IWF Tag Team Title

Averys © vs. Too Hot To Handle (w/T.H.T.H)


Once Again The IWF pulled off another wrestling spectacular, with seven strong matches.

But the Main news from the show is the crowning of the New IWF TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS

Too Hot To Handle (Bobby Jackson + Hot-Ed) who will hopefully have a long run as Tag Champs.

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The guy was amazing, he looked really good and got a massive pop, the match was one of the best i have seen in a long time (another that springs to mind is assassin against paul vault) hope i have the pleasure of seeing assassin against kurrupt again sometime!
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