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Big Brother 2004


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Yes it's here. This Friday, on the same night channel 4 airs the last ever episode of Friends. Comes the new series of Big Brother. Once again a group of twelve strangers will be forced to live amongst each other.


Of course, we all know how boring it got last year. I will admit that, it was quite bad at times. Many people attributed this to the idea being on it's last leg. But I personally would put it down to the bad choice of people.


This time round the producers are doing everything in their power to make it interesting. This year the show is being promoted with the tagline "Big Brother Get's Evil". What's happening is they're going to be quite cruel to the contestants. In the hope of causing arguements etc.


They've had psychologists design the interiors of the house to make it uncomfortable. They want the contestants to feel claustraphobic and stressed.


I'm sure many of you have read the papers. There have been many rumors as to the contestants. It is said that it will include; a woman who practices witchcraft, a male stripper and even an ex-prostitute.


Not to forget, the producers will also be hopeful of getting the contestants to possibly have sex. :brows


So all in all this series is shaping up to be... intresting.


Let's all get ready to sit down on the sofa, watching people sit down on a sofa. :thumbsup

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I am a little sneak and downloaded the last friends.. so i know the end :P Hope there isnt people out there that cry easily? grab your tissues :P I have watched all of the other Big Brother series.. but the last one got abit boring. i dont think i can be bothered watchin it again for 10 weeks.
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I'll go against public opinion and say last year's was the best. Cameron is a true star(A Scottish teetotaller, sounds familiar), Jon was by far the funniest person to set foot near the Big Brother house, and there was hardly any people who screamed "WICKED" at the top of their voices, unlike all the other series.


As a psychology student, I'll view it as a an experiment that's a bit of fun, but I'm sure I'll get deeply involved with it as usual. The best thing about last summer was being able to play Championship Manager with E4's live coverage in the background, so when one thing was silent/loading, I could watch/play the other one.


One thing I'm not so sure about is the "Evil" tagline. If it turns into a gimmick which afects the dynamic of the whole show, ie the rich/poor divide, I won't be happy. If it's just going to be Big Brother being a bit stricter with the rules, I can live with that.


If people can still watch soaps decades after their launch, I can't see why Big Brother can't go on for years to come as well. It'll be something to watch and talk about with friends and colleagues, it would hurt my social life not to watch it.

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I say again what i have said for the past couple of years, Big Brother is a steaming pile of crap which should never be unleashed on the public. The first series was bearable, but now it has just gone too far, please can we just end the torture for good and stop producing these horrendous "reality" tv programmes!
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Big brother gets Evil? Are they going tounleash plagues and packs of wild dogs on them? i hope so-superb television that would be




I bet nothing much will change. Its just gonna be the same old. And i agree, the first few weeks are well boring.. it never gets good till half way through. I dont think i can be bothered keeping up with it that long this time.

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As soon as someone has sex on that show no-one will watch it again.


That's all most people who watch it want to see. Non-simulated sex on live TV.


You will never NEVER clearly see people having sex on Big Brother, because once it's happened, one of the last taboos of TV has been broken.


The producers keep hinting that "this year there is a good mixture for SEX", and the papers keep saying "oooh, looks like a good mixture for SEX", and the public keep saying "I wonder if they'll have SEX this year.


Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex.


As soon as someone has sex on Big Brother, no-one watches it anymore. You'll never see sex on Big Brother.



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I can't wait. I just love the Summer. Wimbledon (one of the greatest things in life), Big Brother, Euro 2004, Olympics, the Golf, US Open and the build up and start of the Premiership. The sun is shining, BBQ's are on the go - perfecto!


Big Brother is great. Brilliant addition to the Summer. :)


Watched the Big Bro Best Bits 50-31 last night on E4 and it was great. Can't wait for tonight's next batch!


Big Brother also means the return of the legend : Dermot, BBLB. Cracking stuff!

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This show has never interested me and although it would be easy to criticise the show I'd rather criticise two things about the show that really get on my nerves.


I hate the way the show is over publized, you even get it rammed down your throat when you're trying to watch countdown. They push and push the show so much that you can't fail to see its just about the money for them, mind you we already knew it wasn't to provide quality programming.


The second thing I detest is the show being used as a production line for a new group of talentless C list 'celebrities', lets face it a dead monkey has more charisma and talent than these brain dead hippies.

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Some interesting news regarding the series:


All from DigitalSpy.co.uk, via my news service at ERE


Big Brother housemates are in for a shock this year, as they will learn of a possible drain on thier prize winnings, the Mirror reports today.


Like last year, each Saturday will see the housemates face a live task and a failure to complete this will result in £10,000 reduction in their prize winnings. This means that failing the task every week will result in no prize money.


Producers hope that this possible 'money drain' will be an incentive for housemates to give their all in the tasks.


An insider said; "They always say they are taking part in Big Brother for the experience rather than cash, but this will find out if they are being truthful. It's one thing to lose a challenge and miss out on a treat or two, but it's much more serious when this sort of money is involved."




This year's Big Brother will see the booze padlocked in a fridge until the housemates get dirty and passionate, The Sun claims today.


Up until now, every series has seen the housemates buy alcohol with their shopping budget, but this year producers will only allow them access to the booze to spice things up.


“We don’t want the shopping arriving with the alcohol, then housemates having a blow-out and being bored for the rest of the week," a show insider said. "If the booze is kept under lock and key, we can control as and when they have access to it."


Producers are also reported to have a a plan up their sleeves to encourage a bit of action: "If things are getting fruity and some of the housemates are getting flirty, Big Brother will call someone into the Diary Room and give them the key to the fridge."

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Quick overview of the Top Twenty Moments:


20 - Tim shaving his chest in front of the cameras, then hiding when a housemate walks in (BB3)


19 - Penny/Stuart argument (Stuart says he'd sleep with all the girls except Penny, then gets OFFENDED when Penny tells him to... something off. (BB2)


18 - Mel plucking her bikini zone. Not sure why this is in here. (BB1)


17 - The Jade/PJ 'BJ' story. Much lower than I thought it'd be. Makes me want to punch Jade when she comes on screen, and the same with Kate Lawler. (BB3)


16 - Lisa and her 'kill you with two fingers' comment. Her saying that 'celebrities have stolen it' makes me want to punch her as well. (BB4)


15 - The task in BB2 where they all had to run to the stage and dance. More specifically, it focuses on Bubble tripping over the chair on his way, and the spectacular fall that followed.


14 - Jade dragging Jonny and Kate from the diary room to have one of the many drunk arguments. This is also where Jonny flips and starts screaming at Jade. And Kate acts like an idiot in her 'interview' about it. (BB3)


13 - Nick telling the story of how his 'French wife had died in a car crash in Australia'. All lies that he says were 'part of the game'. His fellow housemates don't agree. (BB1)


12 - Kate falling over when putting on some trousers. WHAT? (BB3)


11 - Another surprise in the low position stakes. The meals in BB2 where they split into pairs (Brian and Josh, Dean and Elizabeth, Paul and Helen). Most famous for Paul and Helen's first date. For those interested, Paul and Helen are still a couple nowadays.


10 - Tim's classic outburst about how he was being 'discriminated' against for wearing contact lenses, as he couldn't do the task. Comprende? (BB3)


9 - Brian's birthday party. First he gets naked, then he and Josh have an argument, and THEN the big argument between Stuart and Amma starts. And Stuart feels offended by Amma crying. (BB2)


8 - The bodypainting in series one. Not much more to say, other than Nicola still looks like a MAN. (BB1)


7 - Alex standing behind a door. Yeah, that's it. (BB3)


6 - Nick's cheating. How the HELL did this only make six? Surely this is one of the most defining moments of the entire show, in every country? (BB1)


5 - Tom's massage of Mel, and the... tent that became erected as a result. (BB1)


4 - Alison breaking the garden table. Why is this even in the top 20? (BB3)


3 - Jade getting naked in the drinking game. Apparently, the Michelin factory called, and they want some of their tyres back. (BB3)


2 - Brian in general. Fair enough, but couldn't they have found ONE particular example?


1 - Jade getting a varruca (sp) on her finger and toe, which leads to the fight between her, Adele and Alex. (Adele's hair now looks AWFUL) Yes, this is apparently the best part of Big Brother ever. Who the hell put this together?


Just a quick note: Jon Tickle doesn't feature ANYWHERE. I think that makes the chart automatically stupid.


Well I'm sure you can make your own decisions as to what the best moment is. I can make a decision that this chart is wrong :).

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The E4 list is different to the C4 list.


Red Shorts and Clay Painting go into the top ten in C4's version, whilst on the E4 one they were in the 30's. Nick's lie about "his wife" was also in the 30's too on E4 but in the C4 version it was 13th.


2 and 3 also shifted places too. Very bizarre.


The confrontation of Nasty Nick should have easily won!

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Here's my guide to the housemates (apologies for any strong language).


From my guide at Ex-Rev ;)


First new rules:


No weekly task

No chickens

Alarm sounding until EVERYONE is up


House differences:


Diary room looks like the inside of someone's stomach.

Pool replaced by whirlpool

Treatment room with massage stuff

Hideaway room like in BB2

Floors raised, ceilings lowered, house 1/3 smaller than last year

Mud-baths are present

Table has to be folded away due to lack of space


Most other stuff can be seen in the pics that are stickied.




1. Marco - 21, Law student.




Here's your token gay guy. HE SOUNDS LIKE A GIRL. He's bald, and swears a lot. He's basically Molly, but English, and crapper at wrestling.


2. Ahmed - 44, Property Investment.




To go with the gay guy, here's a HOMOPHOBE! That will cause an argument right away. He's a muslim who admits to being arrogant and argumentative.


3. Jason - 30, Air Steward




Came to the house wearing only a thong and a bow-tie. Claims to have slept with 250+ women. Scottish. Arrogant. Probably the 'hunk' of the group. Moisturises his buttocks.


4. Daniel - 30, hairdresser




Bald. Scottish again. Likes to turn straight people. Dislikes camp gay people (boy, Marco's gaining some fans here). He's 6 FOOT 5. Poser. Wears stupid hat.


5. Stuart - 20, Psychology Student.




Continuously brags that he's more intelligent than anyone else because he got 4 As in his A-Levels. Best words to decribe him - arrogant ****tard. Wears a stupid bandana. Likes hypnotism.


6. Victor - 23, Politics Student




Arrogant guy again. Token black guy. Claims to have a large penis. Wants to be the 'alpha male' of the group. Likes to win, doing anything to get there.


7. Vanessa, 26, Business Studies Student




HOT GIRL ALERT! Doesn't like looking like a dog. Did I mention she's hot? Has a Slipknot tattoo... South African-born. Has a pierced nipple.


8. Emma, 19, from Manchester.




THICK. AS. SHIT. Didn't know what a homosexual was. Will definitely be the next Jade. Apparently is bisexual. Thick.


9. Kitten, 24, Political Activist.




Lesbian. And a butch one. Goes to political stuff to complain about gay rights and stuff. Has stupid cat names.


10. Michelle, 23, Mortgage advisor




Michelle's ambition is to be a glamour model. I think I need say no more.


11. Shell, 22, student




Shell is a conscientious student. She loves long walks, architecture and art galleries. She is a passionate reader and works part time in a museum. She has been a life model in the past and in her spare time is training to be a sculptor.


12. Nadia, 27, something.




USED. TO BE. A MAN. Virgin (unsurprisingly), from Portugal. Shell is a conscientious student. She loves long walks, architecture and art galleries. She is a passionate reader and works part time in a museum. She has been a life model in the past and in her spare time is training to be a sculptor.


First Saturday Challenge:


The LOSER will never get their suitcase while they're in the house. That includes Jason, who was only wearing a thong and a bow-tie...


And the drinking has already begun...

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