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The Perfect Character


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Rock's Look, Mic Skills, Intensity and Charisma.

Triple H's Street fight like Style.

Cactus Jack's Indistructability (spelling??)

Undetaker's phenomal stare and presence in the ring.

Angle's in ring skill,

jericho's in ring story-telling.

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Big Daddy's overness

Kendo Nagasaki's style

Undertaker's physique

Dusty Rhodes' Charisma (and he had loads of it, especially with that speech impediment).

Jake the Snake's game

Bret the Hitman Hart's technique



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- Sting's leaping ability ("Sting is the best leaper in the sport today" - thanks, Schiavone).

- Raven's WCW look

- Eddie Guerrero's passion

- Raven's knowledge

- Shawn Michael's 1996 charisma

- Tommy Dreamer's ability to take pain

- Mick Foley's ability (not the best worker, but nothing awful - perfect for a brawler)

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