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Started in a tag team.....


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Shelton Benjamin will become a big star I think, as will Charlie Haas if he's booked properly.


And Matt Hardy should have become a huge star, but because his druggie brother held him back before he left, the Hardy Boyz label still sticks to Matt.

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Brock Lesnar if i recall he always got teamed up with Shawn Stasiak to go against the Hardyz in Brocks first few months' date=' but i wouldnt call them an established tag team.[/quote']

If you wanna go further than that, he was in a tag team in OVW before being called up by WWE with Shelton Bejamin (It's either the Minnesota Stretching Crew or Wrecking Crew - I think it's the first).


Mordecai, Tyson Tomko, both members of the Disciples of Sinn, I believe. I know Mordecai was, at least.


Charlie Haas was a member of the Haas Brothers with his late brother Russ before joining Team Angle/SPWGTT.


Tazz teamed up with Sabu when he was know as Tazmaniac (or something along those lines).

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