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to anyone who's bought LOW today


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if you've played it for the first time by now your feeling a bit like this :cry . At the moment it might not seem worth the money you payed but dont take it back just yet.


If you're having trouble with the controls go to http://www.gamefaqs.com


turn the blood on in options and if you're finding it hard turn dificulty to jobber.

When using the grapple by turnbuckles, rails, ropes and posts press r2 its quite useful.

Pay attention to the combo bar under your name when doing a move or having a move done on you.


if you wanna take it back just wait a week. i bought it last week (off ebay) thought it was utter crap now i'm addicted i just play to watch the blood. when you make someone bleed it drips realistically and looks like they've bladed its a work of art..... take that Hogan!

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I bought the game this moning and it is cool. The blood rocks!, and although the controls take a little bit to get used to, the game is much better than I thought. My first match lasted about 10 mins and was Bret Hart VS. Dynamite Kid, it was great.
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o.k you lot need help.


to do the finisher you wait til the bar around your name fills up and starts to flash you then put them in the apropriate grapple and move or push in the right analog stick.


pinning: you press x

reversing: in the bar under your name there will be a space where you need to press x when having a move done on you. its all bout timing.

to let go during pins etc is l2.

doing move combinations is similar to reversals . you can either gon into a pin after a move (press x at apropriate time) or a submission (press square)


if this dont answer go to http://www.gamefaqs.com

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Guest Michaels
I bought LOW yesterday and I think it's alright. I don't think the bar around my name has ever flashed. I thought you can only do the special when the match excitement gets full. Probably why I haven't pulled off a finisher yet.
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