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May 19, 2004




Show kicks off in the ring tonight..


Match One: Bobby Rude vs Jerry Lynn


This was actually a pretty solid match to start off the show. Rude isn't too bad, and Jerry Lynn...well he is Jerry Lynn! Lynn gets the win which gives him 5 minutes alone with Scott D'Amore. Lynn is exhausted and D'Amore takes quick advantage with some kicks to Lynn. The 5 minute clock starts the count down and D'Amore has the upperhand for the first 3 minutes of the match and actually hits a nice belly to belly suplex! He then wraps Lynn in the Canadian flag. Lynn then takes control for the next minute before Team Canada hits the ring and beat down on Jerry Lynn. Team NWA then hit the ring and clean house! Next weeks show is going to KICK ASS!


Scott Hudson in back with Vince Russo to talk about the Deadly Draw match. Russo stats that if 3LK, James Storm, Sabu, Kid Kash or Dallas interfere in this match they will be fired on the SPOT! Russo will not give AJ any protection tonight as he has to earn the win tonight.



Match Two: David Young vs D-Ray 3000


D-Ray tries to get the quick win right off the bat, but David Young kicks out at two. In the end, D-Ray 3000 picks up the win. As David soaks up another defeat, Pat Kenney comes out and whips Gilberti, Johnny Swinger and Trinity. David watches on the whole time. The NYC then takes over three on one as Young continues to watch. Trinity shoves Irish Spring soap into the mouth of Kenney until the black shirts break it up. David Young did nothing.


Video package for next weeks World X Cup.


Hudson in back with Team Canada.



Match Three: Heavy Metal/Abysmo Negro/Mr Aguila vs Nosawa/Hirai Nobukazu/Taichi Ishikari


Pretty good match from them as Team Mexico picks up the win with a 450 splash from Mr. Aguila. World X Cup should be good.


After the match, GOldy comes out with Abyss. Goldy gets a mic and starts talking about Eric Watts. Tenay tells Goldy they have a show and she says she doesn't give a crap and wants to know where Eric Watts is. Goldy says she has money and has the power. She asks West what he is looking at and he says someone acting strange. Goldy asks if he is trying to say she is crazy or not. West and Goldy then get into a funny exchange about West's shirts and Goldy's numerous messages to Watts. Watts then comes out with a bat and attacks Abyss. Goldy hits the ring and Watts goes in after her, but Abyss comes from behind with a chair and nails Watts with it. He then sets it up between the top and middle ropes, but Watts sends Abyss into it. Goldy then drops her money and goes to pick it up, but Watts stomps on her hand and gets the money instead. Goldy leaves crying and screaming at Watts before black shirts break it all up. Not a bad segment for a storyline that I don't care for.


Video Package for Dutt/Red.



Match Four: Sonjay Dutt vs Amazing Red


Kazarian is introduced to join West and Tenay at the broadcast table for this match. I guess Frankie is the "coolest guy in the world" according to Teney, West and Kazarian himself. All if have to say is... RIGHT... Well, I am suprised by this one as Red picks up the win with the Red Alert. I really thought Sonjay would win this match because of the push he got for leaving Team NWA to go for the X belt, but I guess not.


After the match, Kazarian comes in and congratulates Red. Red doesn't trust him and tosses him out of the ring and holds up the belt.


Video package for Storm/Dusty vs Kash/Dallas.


Hudson in back with Rhodes/Storm. Storm babbles incoherently like usual about luck. Funny not he left out the word "damn" tonight. I guess they really are censored. Dusty then babbles on incoherently as well. These guys make the perfect tag team. Cowboy hats, lisps, and the ability to deliver promos that you can't understand! We can call them the "Whachyasay Cowboys"



Match Five: Dusty Rhodes/James Storm vs Kid Kash/Dallas


I wonder if Dusty will ever retire? The man just ain't got it anymore and his face is so damn scared that he already looks DEAD! Well, this match didn't interest me at all, so I didn't watch more than 30 seconds of it. Storm uses Dusty's boot for a super kick and the win. Crowd seemed to like it I guess.


Hudson in back with Monte Brown. He starts doing some weird promo and says that he is the top of the food chain and he will have his eye on the Deadly Draw and then looks weird at Scott Hudson and takes off his coat and says "ARE YOU ASSUMING THE DEFENSIVE POSITION SCOTT?" LMAO! He tells Scott if he looks him in the eye he takes it as an act of aggression. That is great stuff. He says that after it is all said and done tonight they will only draw the POUNCE! Brown is money!


Tenay and West go over the site and Impact! They then talk about the World X Cup. Team NWA then come down and Daniels tells him they don't have to hype next week because everyone knows what is going on next week. He runs down each team in the cup and then says that it doesn't matter to them whether it is Luche, Japanese, or Canadian style wrestling because when it comes to X style, TNA invented and perfected it. And next week they will take the cup.


Hudson in back with Konnan (NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost a whole show without his sorry ass on my screen) and BG James asking their comments on being fired if they interfere. Maybe Konnan will interfere and get fired! That would be SWEET!!! BG says that tonight may be the night 3LK gets even with Russo.


Video package for the main event.



Match Six: Deadly Draw Match - AJ Styles vs Chris Harris vs Raven vs Ron Killings


Two men start the match. If no winner is declared after five minutes a second man comes down. Then the same five minutes later. Then it becomes a four way to the finish. If 3LK, Sabu, Kash, Dallas, or Storm interfere they will be fired on the spot. Let's get it ON!!!!!!


AJ comes out to a good response to find out who will be the first challenger of the night. The winner is... Chris Harris will start things off with AJ Styles tonight. To no surprise both men go the full five minutes and Harris hits the Catatonic, but since the time expired no count could be made until the next contender comes out. Raven is the next competitor and he goes right for Harris. AJ is on the outside and every time AJ tries to get in Raven stops him. From West's comments this sounds like an elimination match and that is a great thing! Oh, West corrects himself, first pinfall wins I guess. Bummer, elimination would have been sweet. The clock ticks down on the second round and Ron Killings makes is way out in fatigues to make it a four way dance. OMG! some wicked moves in this match. Killings hits a move that just kills AJ. It looks kinda like the Ki Krusher and it appears it literally knocked out AJ. Harris makes the save on the pinfall just barely. AJ hits Killings with the Styles Clash and then as he goes for Raven, Jarrett comes out and nails AJ with the guitar. Raven hits the DDT and gets a two as Harris pulls Raven out of the ring. Harris then hits AJ with a top rope elbow and Killings pulls the ref out before the three. Killings then hits the leg axe kick from the top for the three!!!! Russo hits the ring immediately after the decision and he, Thomas and Rudy Charles confer and stick to the decision. Ron Killings is the NEW WORLD CHAMPION! AJ is busted open and Jarrett is asking for a title match now as the show goes off the air.

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For what? To job to Killings out of the blue just a few weeks later?


Couldn't they have at least have built up AJ credibly? He only won the tile cas Russo gave him the shot instead of Harris (who in my opinion should have at least been given that shot). And now he loses it cas Russo said he did.


Of course, if it was Raven, I wouldn't be complaining. GIVE HIM THE TITLE!!!

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