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Yes, but the DNA laboratories have denied and shot down all questions regarding the situation and the Kaufman blog site has backed down. Plus, this little stunt reeks of Kaufman's friend so much it isn't even funny....


Any impersonator can be Tony Clifton. You saw that in the movie Man on the Moon. So think of it that way...


Kaufman is dead. He died....he's buried....he's 10 feet under....end of story

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The Clifton in those photos could be anyone. One thing for sure it is not Andy. I wouldn't think Zmuda is behind this hoax nor do I believe its him as Clifton, rather it looks a much younger man. Andy was the origional Clifton, sometimes Zmuda would play the role, especially on the later Letterman appearences. Sometimes Andy's brother Michael was Clifton, like the Carnegie Hall show. But to be honest there are many Tony Clifton's out there.


Andy did indeed die of a rare form of lung cancer on May 16th, 1984 in the VIP wing of Cedars Hospital under the name Nathen McCoy. Nathen being Nathen Richards= uncutious happy oblivios man and McCoy= Kid McCoy as in 'Cut the kidding Kid McCoy' as his granma Pearl used to say to him. He was surrounded by his family and a few friends. His mum was herself gravely ill and would soon follow him to the family plot in Great Neck, Freddie Blassie was front row with the family, as per Andy's request, and he was in tears throughout the ceremony. Mouners even went so far as to poke Andy's corpse hoping that he was just pretending. He wasn't....


One interesting thing in The Tony Clifton Story, Andy and Bob (Zmuda) wrote in 1981, Tony's death was faked, he died of the same rare form of lung cancer as Andy, and in the same hospital that Andy would die in. Ah fates cruel hand.


Dec 16, 1963



Mr X. was a failure so far,

but hadn't had a chance yet,

for he had just started.


Mr X. is a playwrite;

Mr X. is a poet.

Mr X.is both.


He wrote a poem,

and put it in his play.


It got to be promoted.

And it got to be produced.


It was opening night.

Mr X. was very happy.

With all his friends to come and see,

the stage with actors,

the theater sold out.


It was the largest success

of plays that played.


At end, they called him up.

He then took a bow.


The applause was almost deafening,

and Mr X, went off.


He put his hand in his pocket,

and took out his gun.


He had the broadest smile of anyone,

as he shot into his head.


He was Dead!


-Andy G. Kaufman

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