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Are any of you Ash fans? Ever since i saw them at Leeds 2002 i have been hooked on them. When i saw them at Leeds, they kept coming out with hits that i knew.. but never really knew that Ash sang them.


I choose this thread on the week of their new release.. Meltdown. I have waited a few days to post this, to get used to the new material. And oh my.. its absolutly fantastic. The explosive songs like, Meltdown, Clones and Orpheus really show Ash heading in a new direction. But softer sing alongs like Starcrossed, and Evil Eye are amazing.


When they released Intergalatic Sonic 7's i thought that was the end of Ash. Because it was a compilation of their greatest hits. And they have alot of them. Im really glad they have changed the direction abit, as this is a brilliant album.


Does anyone else like them? Also, they are embarking on a UK tour, and im seeing them in 2 weeks. Has anyone else been to see them on this tour, or going?

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Feeder, not my personal faves, I always prefered the Ash opition but different people, different tastes. (Note to all did not say I hated Feeder) Like Clones, love Orpheus and have all the rest of the albums (including Trailer EP) and as my taste got harder and some may say better I always held a special cheesy part of my heart for Ash. I'm gone get Meltdown and Slipknot Vol.3 this week, hows that for variety?
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