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Leicester City Players Cleared


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Amazing how quietly this story broke compared to the coverage their orginal arrests got:


All charges have been dropped against three Leicester City football players accused of sexual assault in Spain, the club has told the BBC.

Paul Dickov, Frank Sinclair and Keith Gillespie will not face further action, said chief executive Tim Davies.


The footballers were charged after three women accused them of serious sexual assault at a hotel in La Manga.


Mr Davies said the trio would not have to go back to Spain, where they spent a week in jail before being freed on bail.


He said: "As far as we are concerned it is great news and that's what the players and their families would like to focus on."


Nine players were originally arrested after the three women complained to police at Alicante airport, as they were about to fly home to Germany.


All criminal charges against them have now been dropped, with only formal legal paperwork to complete, Leicester City said.


Lawyers for Dickov, Gillespie and Sinclair successfully applied to Judge Jacinto Areste for them to be cleared at a hearing in Cartagena on Thursday morning.


Forensic tests


Prosecution lawyers now have a short period in which they can apply to appeal against the decision.


Mr Davies said he had exchanged texts with the players but had not spoken to them.


"They are obviously relieved that their innocence has been proved," he said.


"As a club, we have consistently maintained our total faith in the Spanish judicial system and welcome the news that justice has been seen to be done."


The results of forensic tests released earlier this week showed no link between the footballers and their accusers.



How much it has affected morale at the club is impossible to say

Tim Davies

Mr Davies said the club, which had taken its squad to the La Manga sports complex on a training break, had learnt serious lessons from the incident in March.


"In hindsight we wish we had put a curfew on them, we wish we had been out with them but that didn't happen at the time," he said.


"Obviously we need to approach what we do - whether we go on tours in the future abroad - as a club and make sure our players' conduct rules are appropriate."


Mr Davies admitted the arrests had not helped in a season which ended with Leicester City's relegation from the Premiership.


'Not proud'


"It has been a difficult time at the club," he said. "How much it has affected morale at the club is impossible to say."


Mr Davies told the BBC he was not proud of the behaviour of the players, some but not all of whom had been drinking on the night in question.


He said: "They were out as a group together and I've already said they should not have been out in a group together.


"It was 14 days before a match and they are not proud of it and I am not proud of them being out at 4am.


"They should have gone to bed early as many of the players did."

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I watched this on the news a night or two ago and thought the same thing, Tajiri.


I wanted a big 2-pages spread saying "INNOCENT", or something. But it won't because football will no longer be in the "quagmire" it's currently supposed to be in.



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it was obvious as soon as it came out those 3 germans were hookers, they were innocent all along and those women got all that they wanted out of it, plenty of money and coverage, if i remember rightly one of them had a failing business with her partner at the time, good on leicester for sticking by them as well
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Great news for the players involved. However i am also quite dissapointed at how little the media has published this news. They were so quick to shout out that these three players had been accused, and give them a trial by media, that now the charges have been dropped the papers are embarrassed. As far as i am concerned it should be innocent until proven guilty, but with the media as it is today, it is guilty until proven guilty.
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It became pretty clear to me early on that the three were innocent and its glad to hear that they are now in the clear.


Of course Sinclair and Gillespie have been released and it looks as if Dickov is on his way too but Im still glad that they were cleared.


The whole thing stank of a set up the moment these women tried to sell there story 5 minutes after it happened.

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