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***Official SmackDown Thread - 20th May 2004***


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Eddie starts the show to a huge chant. He tells JBL that JBL left empty handed. Eddie has JBL's hat from the PPV which is covered in blood. Eddie says JBL will need a hospital after tonight. JBL comes out and refuses to fight Eddie. He wants Eddie to give him the belt which he rightfully earned since he sent Eddie to the hospital. At this time Eddie's about to go kick JBL's ass but Kurt Angles music hits and out comes Angle to the normal "You Suck" chant. Angle says he's the GM of Smackdown therefore he makes the matches, not Eddie. He then denies the rematch, which gets him some huge heat from the crowd. Afterwards he makes a 6 man tag match of RVD, Rey Mysterio, and Eddie Vs. JBL & The Dudley Boys. )


Rico & Haas w/ Miss Jackie Vs. Nunzio and Stamboli (F.B.I.)

Nunzio's ribs were still tapped up. Rico kissed Nunzio which led to a german suplex from Haas for the win. The criwd was really into Haas and Rico.


Promo for WWE Experience.


Shows clips from the PPV's Cruiserweight match. Then we go backstage to Los Chavos. Chavo's argue over who is better but Sr. (aka Classic) says he was just joking about being better but hes taking part in the triple threat Cruiserweight title match which will take place later on tonight against Spike Dudley.


Billy Kidman Vs Akio

Mordecai comes down before the match even starts and squashes both men.


Backstage drs are checking on JBL. After the checkup JBL tells the Dr he knows Eddie will be back there for a checkup. He tells the Dr not to believe anything Eddie says since hes a liar.


Rene Dupree w/ Fifi Vs. John Cena ( who doesnt do a rap)

USA chants start up. Cena sells the shoulder injury from the PPV. Loses by count out after Rene low blows him on the outside of the ring then gets back in. After the match Cena gets back in and Rene delivers the Michinoku Driver on Cena and Rene then drapes the French Flag over Cena.


Showed more highlights of JBL Vs Eddie)


Chavo Jr Vs Chavo Classic Vs Spike Dudley for the Cruiserweight Title

Lots of Double Teaming by Los Chavos on Spike Dudley early on. Spike ends up hitting the Dudley Dawg on Chavo Jr and charges at Chavo Classic but bounces off and lands out of the ring. Chavo Classic falls backwards and ends up pinning Chavo Jr to become the new Cruiserweight Champion. Classic can't believe he won, as Los Chavos begin to argue.


Backstage Funaki interviews Booker T. Booker says he ain't afraid of Taker, in fact he wants to face Taker tonight. However since Takers not there he wants to face Funaki. Funaki steals Bokkers catch phrase by saying, Tell me you did not just say that!" Booker turns to attack him and Funaki levels him with a vicious hit from the microphone.


Booker T. Vs Funaki

Match was a squash.


Recaps of the ending to the US title Match. Next week we have a Lumberjack Match for the US title between Cena and Dupree


Backstage JBL attacks Eddie as he was getting examined. So Eddie is said to be out of the match.


Promo for Kenzo Suzuki is played.


Main Event: JBL & The Dudley Boyz Vs. Rey Mysterio, RVD, & Eddie

Huge heat for JBL, Nice Pop for Dudley Boyz w/o Heyman, Nice Pop for Rey Mysterio, & Huge pop for RVD. Course Eddie doesn't come out due to injuries. However, Angle comes out to huge heat and says Eddie is faking the beating and he can participate in the match when he wants, but it will start w/ or w/o him. So now it's a handicap match between JBL & The Dudleyz Vs Rey Mysterio and RVD. Bubba and Rey start off. Typical Handicap match w Heels dominating mostly. Huge Bradshaw sucks chants start up as a hot tag to Rey w him hitting all his spots. He hits a 619 on Bradshaw followed by a 5 Start Frog Splash from RVD on JBL but Bubba pulls Rey off at 2. Halfway through the match Eddie comes out to a huge pop. Tag from Rey to Eddie as Eddie cleans house. Eddie ends up selling the beatings that he took from the PPV and the earlier one from tonight and looks like hes having a stroke or something. JBL gets tagged back in and makes the cover and demands the referee to make the count so he does anf JBL & the Dudleyz win as Medics arrive for Eddie & take him out on a stretcher.


Off Air:


JBL come's back out and says it looks like the Alamo since all the Mexicans are down. He claims when he becomes champ he will make damn sure WWE never comes back to Vegas. He wants everyone to kiss his ass after he lowers his trunks. Suddenly the lights go out and Takers music hits. JBL says he has no problem with Taker only the mexican kids he was beating up, but then gets mad cuz Taker keeps staring him down. He repeatedly tells Taker to stop, then makes like hes gonna leave until a coward type chant starts then he gets back in. He starts bad mouthing Taker and tries to sell UT Stock. Bradshaw swings at Taker but Taker blocks and punches JBL. JBL sends Taker off the ropes and tries a clothesline but Taker ducks it and then chokeslams JBL to a huge pop. Taker gives the sign for the tombstone so he picks JBL up and tombstones him to another huge pop to send the crowd home happy.

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Smackdown Next Week


I am definatly looking forward to Smackdown next week Cena Vs Dupree in a Lumberjack match sounds interesting (with Lumberjack matches so far have been few and far between) Also the new angle with Eddie and JBL the heat between these two is definatly now starting to build

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I never thought I'd see the day that Bradshaw and The Dudley Boys would be regular main events on Smackdown TV.


Sadly, yes, it seems so. First Jacqueline, now Chavo Sr? Isn't there a weight restriction on that belt ? Chavo sr isn't exactly a cruiserweight. Either way, it seems as if Cruiserweights are being used only as fodder these days (Kidman, Akio, Funaki), all fine wrestlers who should be title contenders for the CW belt. They could've had a lot of great matches, four-way matches, elimination matches, ladder matches, with a lot of spots taking the breath out of the crowd. And now this? It's very sad.

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Lack of Taker, C/W joke of an ending, Bradshaw, No Mordacai match to give SD! viewers a chance to like or hate the guy...Oo;


Doesn't look like a Show-after-PPV kinda thing that shoulda gone on.

Nothing seems to be really going on worth remembering this week.


Maybe it's just to give them a break and some 'Judgment day' recovery time...^^

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Unfortunatly the channel that carries Smackdown in Steel City cut out right after the streacher incident so the Maxx uas unable to view the carnage the Undertaker delivered at the finish!...(grumble!)

The open was interesting...I liked watching jBl stammer over his inability at taking home the gold! I don't know what Eddie has to prove in offering JBL a rematch. I don't think JBL deserves one! He hasn't shown me anything but that stupid hat!


I thought Mordicai looked good destroying Kidman & Akio- He may look kinda slow but i think he can speed up if he needs to, did you see that brutal clothesline he delivered? That had some speed on it!

Interesting developments may occure with this Druid Priest in the mix. The only thing that got to me was his finish! A Razors Edge??? Granted it's better than Scott Hall has done in ages, but with a cool gimmick like that, he could have come up with something better! Well see!


Ceena vs. Dupree wasn't bad! I hate to admit it, but Dupree looked pretty good.

With the exeption of destroying the French flag the finish was stale, but the Lumberjack match next week lookes interesting!

It would be cool to see those lumberjacks with leather straps! That will keep your a$$ in the ring!

Ol' school Twistedness!!!


Chavo Classic winning tha belt was a joke! They might as well give the belt back to Rey if there going to keep comming up with lousy angles like that!


Kenzo Suzaki!!!

I never thought I'd see him wrestel in the WWE!

Let's see if the bookers can use him properly! I doubt it, he'll be gone in under two months!


Big Six Man Tag Action- Rob Van Dam & Rey did a decent job against three men.

Hell puting them agenst the Dudleys alone is tough enough, but add in Tall Dumb and Ugly...oops, I ment JBL(can you smell the animosity?):devil, and they got a fight on their hands.

The finish was pretty dumb!, but did you see some of those people at ring side? They bought Eddies faint hook, line, and sinker! Crowd reaction was better than the match itself!

Bradshaws berade of mexicans gotta end! Its a cheap boo! If he wants to get over with me as a heal than he needs to be more inventive than that! But I doubt he has It in him!

"Keep It Twisted!"

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Not a great deal wrong with this episode of Smackdown, but not a great deal right, either.


JBL was again the show-stealer IMO, and has been for the last couple of weeks, including his Judgment Day performance. We can debate his in-ring credentials until the cows come home but no-one, and I mean NO-ONE, can match JBL on Raw or Smackdown for generating crowd heat AND providing top class entertainment!


Mordecai looked really good, and his music is really fitting. I like him, in fact I think I might add his name to my favorite wrestlers list in my User CP...


For me though, moment of the day was Funaki's "Terramee, yoo diduh notjus saythah?".





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i think mordecai was good but he looked like someone from lord of the rings! i still dont think jbl deserves a shot at eddie guerrero's title! eddie is a fantastic champion and he is a guy who really deserves the best in life!

100% of the peeps ive asked think that jbl is a coward( i asked me and me and myself!) I LOVE EDDIE GUERRERO!!!!!!!!!!

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