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What makes them your favorite?


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Who is your all-time favorite wrestler? What makes them stand head and shoulders above the rest in your mind? Why do you like him/her more than any other?


My personal favorite is of course "The Mah-Cho Man" Randy Savage. I first saw him in ICW when he was the ICW world champion. Of course "the world" consisted of only 9 wrestlers, among them his brother Lanny, "the one man gang "Ronnie Garvin, Bob Roop, Cheif Tappoo, Hoot Gibson, and Randy's entourage of 5 shadowy characters including "the prophet".


Randy was the evil megalomaniac champion who held onto the belt by hook or crook, the prototype for many to follow after him.


The thing that I loved the most was not only his eccentric mannerisms but also his flying elbow drop. Brother, nobody does that like the Mah-Cho Man!!!!!!!!!!!

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Spiritchaser Reply


'Taker stood head and shoulders above the rest anyway, kicked butt and took names. I could relate to the Deadman because for years before 'Taker my friends used to say i was a deadman, because of my unusal tolerance for pain, i once allowed a tooth to rot in my head, 5 weeks of toothache and several bottles of oil of cloves, not clever but i was 17 circa 1987. I loved the slow progression of the character and how above all else 'Taker seemed to be the most real and seemed to take the most punishment, a lot of people in my generation knew what it was like to have our backs against the wall and i being one of the biggest in my generation knew what it was like to have more than one person feel that they had to take you on at once. 'Taker taught me how to manipulate my tormentors minds, for instance if three guys where waiting to give me a kicking i would say 3 on 1 thats not very fair you had better go and get more friends because i'm going through you like warm butter, surprisingly this would throw them off and my confidence would shake their belief in their ability to beat me, even three on one. Unfortunately the real world caught up and they began to bring weapons, sticks, short knives etc... but those who carry weapons are afraid that they are not tough enough and they where never really much of a problem, besides i was exceptionally fit and weighed 14 and a half stones at fifteen and could outrun most people, I'm 33 now and still only weigh in at 15 stone 9 pounds, so i would have to say The One and Only Deadman because we share a mindset.

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Makes sense to me although I was on the other end of the spectrum. I was 6'2", 130 pounds, a real scarecrow. But when I was picked on I would just strike first and repeatedly. It was a very successful tactic as the bullies never seemed to be ready for me to do so. Also, as I weighed as much as a dust bunny I could really run.


Now at almost 37, I am 240 pounds and bench 300+ pounds. Most peopl,e won't give me flak although I don't go out of my way to try to be tough.


B.T.W... What are the weights you mentioned weights in "american" measurements?

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When I started liking Bret Hart, I was ten and three things stuck out about him for me: #1 he was cool, looked cool, acted cool #2 he could take care of business in the ring #3 he was the ultimate good guy. Then as I got older I really started appreciating his in-ring abilities. His matches against the likes of Mr. Perfect, Owen Hart, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Steve Austin, Chris Benoit throughout the nineties will all go down as some of the best matches ever. Matter of fact, I very rarely saw a bad match or performance from the Hitman. He's the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be :)
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All-Time No 1


My All-Time No 1 must be than none other than the one and only Shawn Michaels from winning the title at WM12 to his sensational comeback at Summerslam 2002 and regaining top spot in the federation at Survivor Series just shows the charector of Michaels as he had beem out with injury for almost 4yrs he's played both heel and face and has had classic fueds with the likes of Bret Hart, The Undertaker, Triple H, Owen Hart, Diesel, and Marty Jannetty and has the most basic of finishers but he executes it brilliantly his mic skills are second to none (some may disagree) but currently he has been in the WWE longer than the likes of the 'Taker lets hope that he has many more years and many more memorable matches left in him

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i have many favourite who are all different but i like them all the same


the rock-before he went to hollywood he was simply the best. Nuff said

kurt Angle- perfection technically

Chris Jericho- Great wrestler, great on the mic aswell

Shawn Michaels- this guy is the best ever bar none

Hulk Hogan-Nostalgia, Hulkamaniac I am

Jeff Jarrett- Guitars over peoples heads is enjoyable TV

triple H- Best wrestler at the moment

Sean O'Haire- I liked Sean, shame he got released but hes a great wrestler and could of gone far in WWE.

Maven- Brilliant, needs a push

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Heyyyy MachoMat


I'm 6'1 and 222 pounds at present. Not very big by American standards but at 200 pounds at fifteen and being from England i was a monster, not anymore though some 16 year olds are huge these days. Must agree i always have a special place in my heart for Brett, but couldn't really take to Shawn until recently, but thats probably cos i can't abide Tripper. Never could though. I appreciate his skills both in and out of the ring but just not my cuppa tea.

My Top 5

The Phenom UT not daft Frenchie

Brett Hart (Heart in name and nature)

Mick Foley (Guts)

The Rock (pure talent)

Chris Benoit (all 3 of the above)

I could probably do a top 50 but no.

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