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What makes a good Wrestler?


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I've been thinking about posting this question for some time....


What makes a good wrestler and what makes a bad on in your personal opinion?


And i am not talking about repeating what someone said on a website somewhere, I am asking about your own, personal opinion.


I ask this because I see a lot of people say that so and so wrestler is a bad wrestler and another is a good and I'm wondering where these opinions come from and how you measure what makes a wrestler good.


I put my measure on how I react naturally to what is put in front of me, I like to feel that shiver of excitement when something cool goes down, I like to really hate the heels and when I get that feeling of satisfaction when justice is done.


So i measure the quality of wrestlers by their ability to give me those feelings, to convince me that they are doing what they are doing because that is who they are!



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A good wrestler is believable. Wrestlers are believable for different reasons.


Kevin Nash is a very big dude. He is believable as a tough guy.


Kurt Angle is a proven amateur grappler. He has the skills and credentials to be believable as one who can wrestle you down and take you out.


Or perhaps the best yet, the Rock. He has mic skills, speed, finesse... all the tools. HE is believable.


So what about guys like Billy Gunn who have proven only that they can put people to sleep during a match? Perhaps his gimmick should be "the hypnotist".

He needs to get Jesse James to lose some weight and reform the New Age Outlaws.

Or maybe they should bill him as "the man who won't quit" because he is still unwilling to admit failure. (Of course he has gotten farther than me I admit.)

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What makes a good wrestler? Simple.


Someone who entertains me wholly - good mic skills, good in-ring persona, good moves, generates good heat and yes, has a gimmick.


I, for one, am not overly concerned about the mat skills. Yes, I appreciate Angle, Hart and Benoit who have superb Roman-Greco skills but I prefer the kind of guy where he's logical (rather than quick, slow, strong - whatever), can take a bump, can DEFINITELY dish out a bump or two, makes me laugh, makes me want to will him to win, is a bit of an underdog, and who has a killer submission move.


I must admit, I'm a sucker for a great submission move.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...Mark Jindrak!



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