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Stone cold Rap


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Heres a rap i wrote a while ago on community.aka.com


I hope you like it


A day in the life of stone Cold Steve Austin


Wake up damn my neck hurts holy shit its worst than kurts//(angle)

Go down stairs grab my wrestling store gotta go to the store coz I'm outta beer//

Its wrestlemania tonight and I'm fighting rocky//

Beat his ass down for being so damn cocky//

Glass shatter's my musics playing over the system//

Grab the mic off the rock and you know that I dissed him//

Movie stars bout to get a stone cold beating//

I got the ring bell got the rock retreating//

This is the beat down of the rocks life should of done a runner//

He goes for the rock bottom but reverse kick to the stomach the STUNNER//

I go for the pin and get the win 1 2 3//

Sorry Rock your not better than me//

Just showed the rock and the whole world to fear me//

Crack open six steveweisers cmon someone beer me//

Its a sellout crowd out here in boston//

And there all shouting AUSTIN AUSTIN//

Jump in the pick up truck and get back to texas//

This is sports entertainment but you'd be a fool to disrespect us//



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