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TWO'S First match

the predator

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walshy wants to move to a bigger club already

manager draven rejects

walshy unhappy at not bein able to move clubs


villa put in a 2m bid for nicole

draven also rejects offer

nicole happy to stay at the club



boyo:goal keeper

evil gring: left wing back

f2k: center back

goldy:centre back

cactus jack:right wing back

pabster:center mid(diffensive mid0

k.j:right mid

e2k:left mid

walshy:center mid(behind the attackers)



hardcore holly:sub


ryino rock:sub



it only takes nicole 10mins to score her first goal for TWO (0-1) :10mins

walshy hits the corner in, and chris2k gets on the end of it (0-2) :27mins

lines man puts the flag, up he saw somthink in the box, no goal (0-1) :27mins

after a quiet end, the half ends (0-1) to TWO F.C


draven puts hardcore holly on for e2k, and puts 3 up front

second half starts and pabster gets a yellow card (0-1) : 55mins

then on the 72 min nicole scores off a walshy corner (0-2) : 72mins

then on the 84 min goldy handles the ball in the box,pen (0-2) :84mins

fowler puts it in for a liverpool goal, boyo goes the wrong way (1-2) : 84mins

draven brings on jackbibby for nicole (1-2) :86mins

after that match ends (1-2) TWO win 1-2


boyo 7

evil gring 6

f2k 8

goldy 7

cactus jack 8

pabster 8

k.j 8

e2k 6

walshy 9

nicole 9 (man of the match)

chris2k 8

hardcore holly 7

jackbibby 5


next match home to villa

also we will see who made it in the england team, and the under 21's

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Found the going a bit tough out there today, but the result is what matters and at the end of the day as I said before it was a good team performance and the better team came out on top at the end of the day as I said before . . . .


And so on.

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The big F2K post match interview: Well we worke dhard and we didnt have all the decisions go our way but in the end we fought hard for all three points and at the end of that day thats all that matters. Looking forward to playing Villa now
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Walshy Interview: I was very happy with my performance today, I think that me and Nicole obviously looked good out there today and hopefully over the season we can keep this sort of form going.


The corners I took where straight from the training ground and I'll have to thank the manager and coaching staff who have been great in building us up as a team.


As for my future at the club? Well I'm abitious, we will have to wait and see if my ambitions can be achieved at TWO FC.



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I think you know that at the end of the day it was a nice solid performance by the team, we were unlucky with the dissallowed goal and I hope I can perform slightly better in the next game with a view of impressing the England boss...

As for Villa, there not really anything special, we can take em at home with the fans behind us, this result and the next will be a springboard for something special.

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Post match in the locker room: F2K::: Walshy, Bibby, nicole coming down the town on a night out.


The lads and Nicole go


Next day F2K ends up on the front page with the others for being drunk disorderly and in jail. What will TWO Fc Do?

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