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Expensive Mistake

Cactus Jack

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Ok, so its the opposite of AJP's thread a couple of weeks ago, but I still think there is sufficeint scope for a decent thread:


So, as the title suggets, whats been your most expensive mistake? You can talk in terms of value for money, if you were ripped off, if its been a non-stop pain in the arse, or if it has near-wiped out your bank account.




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Just after graduation in 2002, I spent the last of my money on a suit for job interviews. It was no ordinary suit...




it was a single breasted jet black Versace suit with a white cotton "Medusa Head" motifed shirt, pink and gold oriental style tie, and Medusa cufflinks. I looked like the shiznit in it.


Went for a job interview in Birmingham, the building was near the new development of the bullring, I think there is a new Debenhams? Anyway, it was near there. I walked from New St Station briskly towards my destination and it absolutely bucketed down.


I made a very bad first impression, indeed. Stupid British weather.



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My parents would probably consider me to be their most expensive mistake.


As for my own, it would probably something to do with DVDs. When I first got a PS2, I went DVD mental. I bought loads of DVDs, about 5-10 every weekend, and I was loving it. But they fact is, DVDs have next to no longevity. You watch the film, you see the extras, that's it. Sure, you might pick it up again 6 months later, but you know what's coming. I wasted hundreds of pounds on stuff that I only got about 6 hours use out of, and I barely recouped that selling my collection on eBay. Now I've joined Choices E-Rentals which allows me to rent as many DVDs as I want for a fixed monthly fee, so I'll probably never buy another film on DVD.


The same thing happened to me when I got my first PC. All these new game genres became available to me, because there were never too many 1st Person Shooters or RTS games for the SNES. I would go out and buy loads of games at a time, play 2 or 3 and leave the rest to rot. I still have loads of games lying around that I should really sell on eBay, so if anyone wants a still sealed copy of FIFA Soccer(The '94 one with Platt and a Polish guy on the box) or about a million FPS which were only played about twice, gimmie a bell, but they won't come cheap. ;)


The lesson? Never buy me any media format, or I'll go crazy. To quote a guy from The Simpsons who gave his car to Homer in exchange for the Ribwich so that the dad of Our Favourite Family could see his daughter in the Spellympics final, "I-ah have the buyers remorse-ah".

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