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FCW - Double Header Weekend : 21st/22nd


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This weekend, FCW embarks on another jam-packed action-filled block of wrestling. From the success of Collision Course Weekend, FCW will present not one show but TWO shows, back to back, followed by yet another training seminar.


On Friday May 21st, FCW returns to the Collingwood Centre in Great Barr. It's been a long time since the last show there, in which Spud defeated Rob Hunter and Jonny Storm in a tremendous Triple Threat match. This show promises to be even better, and to not be there would be an absolute crime.


Then, on the next day (Saturday May 22nd), the crew hits Digbeth for another show at The Irish Club. After last show's Ireland v England theme, what will transpire now that an irish decendant in Celt Kennedy is FCW champion?


Tickets are £5 each or £17 for a family of 4. The doors open at 7pm for Great Barr, with the show time scheduled for 7.45pm. Digbeth wil be an hour later, with doors open at 8pm and the show starting at 8.45pm. Cards for both shows will be released soon.


BUT, thats not all. Because on the Sunday (May 23rd), the fun continues with a training seminar. Last month graced us with Jonny Storm, and it was a roating success. This month, Kevin O'Neil and co will go through the rough and the tough and stretch you til your arm pops out (well, not quite, but you get the idea). All it costs is £20. It should be considered a crime because a seminar for that little amount of money is pretty much robbery. But FCW, being the awesome people that we are *cough*, are prepared for you all. So make sure you get in touch with us (e-mails can be found on the contacts page) and we'll see you then.


Where is the only place you can find two days of wrestling action AND a full day of training? FCW, of course. See you there (and bring your friends and family too).

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