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Favourite Wrestling Music


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ok well ever since music was used in wrestling its become an important part of the shows themselves and i was wondering what some of your favourites are.


i have many some current some old so heres my top 10 current and top 10 ever



Aj Styles-I am

Jeff Jarrett-My World

Maven-Memory by Mercy Drive

Evolution by Motorhead

Michael Shane-Machine

Kane-Slow Chemical by Finger Eleven

Sean O'Haire-Take your best shot

Raven-Scream TNA Theme

John Cena-Basic Thuganomics

Erik Watts- Sounds like Break the walls by Sevendust but its not



D-Generation X Theme

Hulk Hogan-American Made

Shawn Michaels-Sexy Boy ( i have an awesome edit with Sherri on aswell)

Chris Jericho WWF/WWE Themes

Rowdy Roddy Piper

Mr Ass-Ass man

The Rock-If Ya Smellll (volume 4 edition)

Edge and Christian-Over the edge

Undertaker-Graveyard Sympthony/Graveyard Dimento/For you the bell tolls(all pretty much the same song)

Triple H-My time

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I really like John Cena's Thuganomics music, ridiculous though it is.

I liked Christian's old music, the one that went "Christian, Christian, at last you're on your own".

Undertaker - the "you've done it now, you've gone and made a big mistake" music, not Rollin, or the stuff he's using now. However, whenever i hear Rollin I think of the undertaker, which is an entertaining association to have when out in a nightclub.

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well news is wwe are planning to let jim johnston release all of his themes ever made on the web for 50p a song. if this si true its an exciting prospect as Jim also makes most of the promom themes aswell and does a lot for TV and movies, theres a full list of thousands of his songs somewhere on the site that tells about this, ill try get a link.


i get a lot of my themes from the net but i also have volume 4,5,forceable entry and anthology

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I like alot of the songs that use real bands. I think it gives the music more of an edge then Jim Johnson music. But I do like some of his 90's stuff like Bret Harts and The rocks.

He has served well for the WWF/WWE.



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