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TWO Members - Your Opinion - Part Deux


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Here's the next 20 people in the post count list. Let us know your opinion on them :xyx



Hardcore Holly

Ed 666




PeteR Richards


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY)

Jess O Mac




The Vulcanized One/Sparky





Craig Van Dam



Remember, any insults must be ignored :)

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Rikidozan-He don't like me, but I am in awe ( is that the word?) of his immense wrestling knowledge.


Hardcore Holly-Man united fan?


Ed 666-Marky marky fan boy.


TsuMirren-Massive respect for setting up SCW


A.C.-Funny funny bloke from what I've read, also was a great 'fed poster and seems like an all round nice blokey.


Inno-Also a very funny man.


PeteR Richards-Always liked him, honest poster, always has an opinion I usually agree with and a good taste in music.






Jess O Mac-I could write pages and pages on how I was good mates with Jess a few years ago, and how good I thought she was and how I aspired to be her in one way, hell I probably still do want to be what Jess was deep down, as she was pretty popular on here at the time. We used to talk on msn/text quite a bit in the first year I knew her? then it all cooled off a bit, and basically I was told stuff which wasn't true and basically told to hate someone I shouldn't have done, which I feel really guilty for (but the champ knows I'm sorry ;) ). We basically drifted in and out of friendship, until a big bust up at the time, and then I cut all contact from her. I did get in contact with her through faceparty last year, and we've spoken briefly since. I thought this girl was the best thing since sliced bread, but hey, things change, people change.


Colin-Havent really got to know Colib, but he's sehr funny, and yeah cool person.


MillionLiraMan-Million word man! I think he's a very clever bloke, and If I can ever write posts as clever as him, I know I'll feel clever.


Vampiro-Good taste in music, honest poster


The Vulcanized One/Sparky-Never got on. Used to wind me up.


SCSteveAustin-Dunno really, sorry


Walshyboy-Has honest opinions, like reading his posts.


Jayden-Jayden/Stephen/other names is a cool blokey. Think he's wicked and stuff, shame he isn't around as much no more. Always loved talking to him on msn and yeah, really like the bloke, sound.


Dan-Quizmaster! Think he works/worked really hard for the site, and an all round good contributor.


Craig Van Dam-Dunno really, sorry


Joanne-Never really gotten on, probably cos I'm jealous of pretty much any female here. My problem I spose.

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Rikidozan - Without a doubt knows his stuff but needs to work on how he inflicts it on other people


Hardcore Holly - Ummm dunno really, I know hes a Man U fan but thats about it


Ed 666 - Gotta love this guy :lol


TsuMirren - Dont really know him but seems a very straight up guy and I was very sorry to here about his troubles with SCW


A.C. - Top bloke, really needs to invite me out for a drink more often ;)


Inno - Has my upmost respect, first got me into writing columns. One of the nicest guys i know on here


PeteR Richards - To say hes blunt is an understatement but thats not really a bad thing. Has changed an incredible amount over the past year or so.


Jerichoholic - Dont have much contact but he seems like a nice guy


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY) - the fact thats hes this high already shows what a post whore he really is (thats not an insult its the truth) but then recently we seem to have had an influx of post whores around here...


Jess O Mac - You expect me to comment? Dream on


Colin - Top top bloke, maybe a little too sarcastic at times but nobodies perfect


MillionLiraMan - I wanna go for a drink with Steve :thumbsup


Vampiro - Dont really know him


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Before he left he said a few things that really impressed me, then he left.......


SCSteveAustin - Dont really know him that well but he talks sense


Walshyboy - Nice bloke, would go for a pint with him


Jayden - comes and goes


Dan - Extremely likeable fella, Dont talk to him as much as I would like to


Craig Van Dam - ummmm is he still about?


Joanne - The queen of the one line argument

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This is hard, but here goes...


Rikidozan: Let's his knowledge go to his head. The second incarnation of Dave Meltzer, he ain't. Still, all issues aside, he is knowledgeable, which no one can take away from him. He also provides quality columns when he does write. Valuable, but not as valuable as his ego would like to believe.


Hardcore Holly: Can't say I know him too well. Still, he's a decent poster. Never a bad word is written about him.


Ed 666: His WWE-coloured glasses leave him open for attack a lot of times, and he tends to dig himself into it quite a lot as far as wrestling goes. But I agree a lot with his non-wrestling views, and no matter his faults, he always goes full-on with his opinions and I can't fault him for that.


TsuMirren: So-so. His approach to young people leaves a lot to be desired and I sometimes pity whoever his offspring will turn out to be. But he is very knowledgeable, and whether anyone knocks him or not, he helped build a solid wrestling brand in Scotland. Not many people can claim to have made a big difference like that. That he went from one show and no money, claiming he'd never promote again, to running another show, and then another, proves a lot about his love for the business and for what was SCW. No one can take that away from him.


A.C.: Solid poster, a staple of what TWO should be. Will be one of those remembered in years to come and eventually Hall of Famed as soon as Inno, Pabster, Russ, and Crippler get their awards over the next four years.


Inno: Good poster, sometimes a nice guy. Have had runnings with him in the past but who hasn't. knows what he's talking about and has a good head for wrestling as well as juggling Smash with his family. Very hard working and underappreciated man.


PeteR Richards: One of the few guys here who I could say is a lot like me. Tells it straight, rocks all night, and gets laid all day. Good guy, and one who I can say I've known and befriended for a few years now. Also found out recently we have a link through a band that we never knew about (btw - I heard Afflicted's version of Breed and it is utterly awful :().


Jerichoholic: Ain't seem him in time. Was a nice lad though. Always friendly and shared my love of Jericho at the time. Was a partner of mine and GrayGray in his ill-fated post-SWCW venture (I actually enjoyed SWCW but ah well).


Jackbibby: The next incarnate of Latino Reheat as far as spamming goes. Very easy to pick on and can't really back up his opinions that well. But I guess he'll be ok in a year or so. His heart is in the right place, but then so is CfB's.


Jess O Mac: Two faced lying bitch who not only lied to me and everyone else, but f**ked over my friend through her deceit. That's all I have to say.


Colin: Awesome guy. Good laugh. We get on pretty well. Odd argument here and there but nothing we don't forget a week later. Put up with each others drivel and on a lot of occasions, watch each others backs as best we can. Should be remodded but what can you do.


MillionLiraMan: I know there is a "Posts per day" listing, but imagine if there was a "Words per post" listing. This guy would nail it. How he writes so much for such little things sometimes amazes the hell out of me. But it never becomes a chore to read. Hearts in the right place. Highly intelligable. Great guy.


Vampiro: Only see him in the music forum, but he knows his music, and is valuable to that particular forum. Not too keen on his musical tastes but then we all have our own. Seems a cool guy on a personal level (not that I'd know - I'm just speculating).


The Vulcanized One/Sparky: Before he left, he was ok. Always wanted to know the gossip, and was an interesting character. Was a bit of a dickhead sometimes, but aren't we all.


SCSteveAustin: Nice guy, although sometimes a little naive. Probably the biggest Austin fan at TWO, but that ain't necessarily a bad thing. Just needs to lay off doing our moderator job for us sometimes. Otherwise, no complaints.


Walshyboy: Nice guy (man this is getting repetitive). Good poster.


Jayden: Probably one of my closest friends on here. We've done a lot of stuff together. I was there when he was in the Jess stuff, I was there when he wanted to make all these new EWR deals, and we always get on and talk about the most insane things (and he seems to share my taste in girls lol). Extremely knowledgeable too. Can't ask for much more from the guy.


Dan: Great guy, hard worker, deserved his Hall Of Fame placement.


Craig Van Dam: Ain't seen him for time either, but he was a nice guy and good poster.


Joanne: Used to speak to her a lot. Now she doesn't remember who I am. Nice enough person.

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Rikidozan - Knows his stuff, intelligent guy, controversial though. :)


Hardcore Holly - Man United fan, hates Liverpool. :P


Ed 666 - Complete and utter idiot.


TsuMirren - Funny guy who also is intelligent.


A.C. - This guy rules! He is one of my dawgs and is hilarious.


Inno - TWO legend.


PeteR Richards - Great guy, known him for a few years now.


Jerichoholic - Was a great poster back in the day but sadly disappeared.


Jackbibby - Posts way too much. If you want to win awards, cut down on the posts bud.


Jess O Mac - Was funny but had a controversial ending to her TWO career.


Colin - Wacky but good guy. :)


MillionLiraMan - One of my favourite posters at TWO. This guy is also a TWO legend and he has only been here a year and a half. Intelligent, funny - top marks.


Vampiro - This guy knows his footy and music. Fellow Keane fan and I bugged him to return to TWO a while back. Cool bloke!


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Sometimes was out of order and sometimes was bloody hilarious. That was Sparky for ya'.


SCSteveAustin - Seems a nice guy, improved a lot as a poster in the last few months and will keep on getting better.


Walshyboy - Top top bloke!


Jayden - Really good poster, wish he returns one day.


Dan - Hall of Famer, TWO Legend...what more can I say?


Craig Van Dam - Was a decent chap.


Joanne - Her bitchy arguments with anyone = ratings. Has been at TWO for years and years now (remember C9?). Good regular!

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Rikidozan - Knows his stuff. Really should tone down some of his comments sometimes though...


Hardcore Holly - Sound guy. Never had a problem.


Ed 666 - He CAN be a nice guy, but he sort of has this way of making you think differently :P.


TsuMirren - Cool guy. First got me into EWR :).


A.C. - Great, if slightly deranged guy ;).


Inno - Brilliant guy, pity he's a Smashite though :P


PeteR Richards - Pretty much what he said about me. We have possibly the most contrasting opinions ever ;).


Jerichoholic - Cool guy. Not sure where he is now.


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY) - 15.2 post a day. 15.2. No other comment necessary.


Jess O Mac - Still wondering why I actually included her.


Colin - Awesome bloke who tends to get the rough end of things sometimes...


MillionLiraMan - Another great guy. Missed when he's not around.


Vampiro - Not had much to do with him.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Our times at TWO didn't overlap at all...


SCSteveAustin - Cool guy, and fellow cricket nut ;).


Walshyboy - Cool guy. Under-rated TWO member.


Jayden - The Rock of TWO (here, gone, here, gone ;)). Intelligent poster.


Dan - Another awesome guy, always willing to help out.


Craig Van Dam - Cool guy, glad to work with him elsewhere.


Joanne - Again, not had much to do with her.

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Rikidozan - He knows his stuff, and i think that although he can be a bit contraversial every now and then he is a great asset to TWO.


Hardcore Holly - Dont know too much about him, but seems like an ok fella.


Ed 666 - Highly contraversial, but i admire his ability to stick to his veiws no matter what and how no-one can steer him off course.


TsuMirren - yet again a member who i dont know too much about, but again seems ok.


A.C. - Top guy, his posts are always great to read and always gets his points across well.


Inno - The man with the best avatar around! I have said it before, Dancing gophers = ratings! Great posts and seems like a class person.


PeteR Richards - nice enough bloke who posts well, puts forth some decent opinions.


Jerichoholic - Have maybe seen 2 posts by this guy, so no real opinion


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY) - Spammer, post whore, childish. But he is ok-ish.


Jess O Mac - Another person whos posts i never see, so no opinion.


Colin - Sarcastic, yet highly humourous member of TWO. Can be a bit of a prick at times, but i have got used to him.


MillionLiraMan - This man gets my respect, due to both his HUGE and informative posts, and his musical tastes! I like this guy and he is another great asset to the forums.


Vampiro - see Tsumirren


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - See Jess O Mac


SCSteveAustin - Nice fella, good for a laugh but hasnt been around for a couple of weeks.


Walshyboy - Another nice bloke, some funny and informative posts.


Jayden - Haven't seem him around for a long time, but from what i remember a quality poster.


Dan - Dont know him too well, but his posts are decent enough and from those he seems nice enough.


Craig Van Dam - see Tsumirren


Joanne - see Jess O Mac

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Rikidozan - Say what you like about Singhy, but he knows his stuff, and although he can be arrogant a lot of the time in showing it, it's justified most of the time. Personally one of my favourite posters at TWO.


Hardcore Holly - Apart from being a Hardcore Holly mark, I like him. Although his posts don't seem to suggest that he is a hardcore holly mark, since they tend to be fine!


Ed 666 - Annoying mark. The 'Most Controversial' tag is flattering, where it should have been 'Most Annoying'. Takes his warped love for the WWE and HHH too far to ever have any of his opinions taken seriously.


TsuMirren - Wish Tsu was around the US scene forum more often, thought he was class back when I'd see him on the forums and chatroom. Plus he brings SCW to my neighbouring town, so I should be thankful. For what I'm not sure. Mwha.


A.C. - Don't know well enough to comment. From what I've heard though, sound.


Inno - Same as Tsu, only Inno is around more thankfully. Surprised he's not in the top 20, but he's still one of my TWO faves and I have to admit that the Live Wire can sometimes be a hilarious read. The Jericho diary still cracks me up to this day! One thing I'd say is that he's too easily pleased.


PeteR Richards - Generally a good guy to have around TWO, no complaints here!


Jerichoholic - Underrated poster in my eyes, tend to agree with what he says most of the time.


Jackbibby - Spam on toast! Favourite Crash Holly moment?


Jess O Mac - No idea, but I've heard the stories.


Colin - Insane, but class guy who should keep the blue. Gotta love the paint pictures. Only complaint would be that he doesn't complain about wrestling enough!


MillionLiraMan - Since MLM was a HHH mark, when he first came I thought bla, but he soon proved me wrong by showing that he wasn't your typical HHH fan and that his views bar HHH liking weren't that hard to agree with after all. I am now a shareholder on the MLM fan club.


Vampiro - Good to have generally good posters like Vamp around at TWO, kinda like most people near the top of the list a breath of fresh air next to your Rock_235s and your Great_Lovers.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Don't know him or his posting to comment.


SCSteveAustin - Most improved poster at TWO in my opinion, as I have to admit I thought he was a total mark when he first arrived. I take back anything bad I ever said about him because I think he's sound now. Forgive me SCSA! :)


Walshyboy - Can't disagree with anyone else, would be very hard to find anything bad to say against him, plus I enjoy his posts... which I assume is normal :P


Jayden - Should have stayed, was a great poster.


Dan - Deserves his reputation, another important member of TWO whos absence would be missed.


Craig Van Dam - Mark in disguise, just you all seemed to miss it. Spoilt an episode of Raw for me when he first arrived so I've hated him ever since. Who says I hold grudges? If he'd done something worthwhile I'm sure I'd have changed my opinion but alas he didn't.

Joanne - Would love to say I know her but I don't. Don't hit me!

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There's a part two now? Hopefully this series doesn't go on too long as I don't fancy giving my thoughts on johncenaiskewl23577.


Rikidozan- I'm a big Singhy fan, and I have been for a long time now. Yes, everyone knows he has a superb knowledge of wrestling, and we all know he likes to impose his views on everyone. But what a lot of people don't realise is that he's actually very funny. If you ever get the chance to talk to Rikidozan/Singhy in the chatroom, you'll end up laughing your backside off because the man knows funny. He's no angel when it comes to accepting other people's points of views, but I'd much rather have Riki contributing to TWO with the occassional insult that no Singhy at all.


Hardcore Holly- Hmmm, he's not going to win any awards for good spelling or grammar, nor do I like any of the teams he supports, but when he does post if you can understand him he usually makes a good point. I suppose I'm a little unfair on him, because his posts have become a bit more readable lately. His defining moment for me was when he said that Ireland and Damien Duff in particular would do well at the 2002 World Cup. Lots of people laughed at him, but after the tournament he was proved right.


Ed 666- Ed has some very strange views on wrestling. Sometimes I feel like his posts are deliberatly made to anger guys like Singhy or Tajiri who Ed doesn't seem to see eye to eye with. He's incredibly biased, he ignores information even if it's slapping him right in the face, but he always tries to argue his points, which I suppose I respect. Ed should be very thankful for the easy ride he gets at TWO, if he was on ANY other forum he would be laughed at constantly for his views on wrestling, but that doesn't have much to do with the price of cheese. When Ed is around, the US Forum is usually a lot more interesting.


TsuMirren- Probably the person who I feel is the most similar to me at TWO, despite the astronomical age difference. I really do owe him an awful lot for bringing the wrestling scene back to Scotland, and probably one of my biggest regrets in life is not going to an SCW show. But Kenny as a person is a real star, and he was the original MLM, with posts that take 50 minutes to scroll past. He wasn't always polite, he wasn't always friendly, but hopefully me and Tsu will always be Buddies (Hoho!). And he owes me, and all Hamilton Accies fans for stopping Greenock Morton from going up this season. Altogether now..."There's nae soap in Greenock...Nae soap in Greeeeenock"


A.C.- He's hilarious, he's intelligent and it's annoying we don't see more of him. I am concerned over his love for a certain smell, however. If you don't know what I mean, you're lucky.


Inno- No one gets as much crap as Inno does. Whether it's in a chatroom from a Lita fan or a guy who tries to make Tony the bad guy when he changes the wording of an edition of The Livewire, it seems like relentless attacks on the poor Dreamer fan. But I have so much respect for him for not throwing in the towel, and the fact that he's still around after so much trouble with other people amazes me. There is no one at TWO funnier than Mr Cottam, and he probably made me feel more welcome than anyone when I first arrived at TWO. A true legend is Inno, and I appreciate everything he's put up with and done for the site.


PeteR Richards- I'll be honest here, I prefered the old Pete. He liked wrestling, he was nice, mature, funny and it's amazing he never got made a moderator because he was one of the stars in the chatroom. But no one has changed quite as much as Pete has. It seems that all of his posts recently just repeat the same thing. He like his girlfriend, he likes to get high, he likes heavy metal. I don't know when he last posted in one of the wrestling forums, and his posts don't tend to really interest me as I can't really relate to them. It's kinda sad to see someone who used to get on well with everyone and contribute to the wrestling side of TWO become so disheartened with life. I'm not criticising his lifestyle, he's old enough to make his own decisions, so it's his call. He just doesn't add as much to TWO as he used to, and the reason that I do get worked up over things like guys wearing make up is because it's frustrating to see a guy who I used to consider one of TWO's biggest assets effectivly giving up on his life at such a young age.


Jerichoholic- Again, honest is the best policy. He doesn't really stand out from the crowd much, and I can't think of one post that he made that I can remember. Nothing bad to say about him, he just never made his mark on TWO, big style.


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY)- Thank GOD everyone realises what I see; a post whore. His one line replies grow really tiresome, he rarely adds anything to wrestling threads and he annoyed a lot of people in his "Smackdown 6 Confirmed" thread. Jack seriously needs to stop posting for the sake of posting, and try to add things to threads. Try to strike up friendly debates or argueing, spell check all of your posts and you'll improve. You've already lost the paranoid gimmick, which I'm happy to see, but you can improve more. Hopefully this thread is an eye opener, Jack.


Jess O Mac- The great mystery of TWO. I know 0.001% of what happened that made her leave, so I can't really say much about her. We used to talk a lot, then she stopped chatting to me for ages, before finally talking to me again before she left like nothing even happened. Let's just say that it didn't surprise me to find out she was so young, because her behaviour was never too mature. She's probably the person who left TWO that I'd like to talk to the most to find out what the hell actually happened that made her public enemy no 1. *hugz*


Colin- Lackey.

OK, let's face it, Colin isn't that bad. He's really funny, he's pretty smart about wrestling and I would consider him a friend. I exagerate the stuff about his days working for the Video Game section, because he did make the effort to volenteer to do stuff, and I appreciate that he did help me out. Colin has really made a name for himself at the forums lately, and he's a cool guy.



MillionLiraMan- I hate this guy, his replies are just so short and pointless. I can't really add more to what's been said already, he's a superb guy and I always read every word of his novels/posts because they're so well written, and usually a good laugh. It's a shame he doesn't realise the awesomeness of Linlithgow Rose or Hamilton Accies, but he soon will.


Vampiro- I'm surprised he's posted so many times, to be honest. Tends to post in the music thread, which I only skim through to check for swearing/flaming, so I can't say much there. His posts in the Other Sports forum are usually very good though.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky- This guy was always an idiot. He flamed constantly, he swore more than anyone I can remember and his posts added nothing. I was happy to see him go, and I'm happier to say that he's about the only person in TWO history to post a "leaving" thread then never return.


SCSteveAustin- Suffered from Bibbyitus at first, by posting too much, but has come good lately before his recent absence. Too biased towards a stale Steve Austin for me ever to agree with his opinions, but a good poster and a promising talent for the TWO New Generation.


Walshyboy- Walsh is always great to read, and he's another superb poster. Long may he continue to entertain me, and everyone else.


Jayden- Jayden was someone who everyone seemed to love, but I can barely remember him. He's got a good knowledge about wrestling, but I never spoke to him outside of one or two occassions in the chat, and I was just starting to grow fond of him when he left. Hopefully when/if he returns he'll keep up the good form shown before his departure.


Dan- Dan's The Man. Has worked his sweaty little socks off for TWO, and has helped me a good few times for the Video Game section at W101. I was so happy to see him get a place in the Hall Of Fame, because finally everyone notices what he does for us site workers. Dan is a true star, and I appreciate everything he's done for me.


Craig Van Dam- I banned him a few times in the chatroom as New Jack, he came back as CVD and start to behave himself. Never really made much on an impact in the forums, but was a nightmare to deal with in the chatroom.


Joanne- I used to get on well with Joanne in the chatroom during the Golden Age of TWO, but we kinda drifted apart in the sense that we've barely talked for years. Again, didn't do a lot to establish herself in the forums, and I doubt if we'll see her back here again.


Crap, I just realised I did the first 20 in a Pros/Cons way, and now it's too late to change it. Some of the stuff above is verging on Heel Russ~!, but I've been totally honest. Anyway, bring on the next 20, I've just thought of something great to say about da_rok_rulz_2002.

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TWO is a lot more interesting when Singhy is around. Sure, he is often dismissive of people with differing opinions but TWO is a lot less fun when he isn't around. I've great respect for his knowledge.


Hardcore Holly

Ol' Hardcore, I remember having arguments with him a long, long, long time ago in the chatrooms. I'm not sure why but I'm quite fond of him as he's one of the long time TWOers.


Ed 666

I like the fact that he never gets down to insults. I disagree with the vast majority of his posts but TWO is much more entertaining when he is about.



It's a shame Kenny doesn't really post around here anymore. I always enjoyed reading his posts which were always of high intellect. I sensed he didn't really like some of the younger posters but he was a valuable asset to TWO.



Acid is beyond funny. Really funny guy who is very intelligent. He doesn't seem to post as much nowadays but he's a top, top fella.



Probably in the top 2 or 3 people I respect most at TWO. Tony's been around forever and should be in the Hall of Fame either this year or next. Very funny guy whose columns I used to read faithfully every week. I must get back to reading them again.


PeteR Richards

I like Pete. He felt the force of my tongue a while back on another board which in retrospect I feel really bad about as he's a really good lad who I've always been fond of. Glad to hear he's having fun with his girlfriend.



Jerky's been kinda quiet for a while now. Very nice lad.


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY)

Like everyone else, I think this kinda tells you all you need to know really. Sorry Jack.


Jess O Mac

Seemed a bit immature to me and always seeked attention. Having said that, I didn't really know her and I don't know half the details that went on with her so I'll leave it at that.



Colin's a funny guy who brings a lot to TWO. Seems like a really nice guy as well in my few brief discussions with him.



Steve's great. Very intelligent and a really good guy who I enjoy talking to the odd time he is on MSN. Good to talk to about Uni life. Doesn't like the same sort of music I do and supports that other lot but despite his failings ( :D ), I'd love to have a pint with him and I've great respect for him. Top bloke.



Always makes good posts in the sports and music forums. Good contributer.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky

Sparky was known to behave like a bit of an idiot from time to time but deep down I think he was a good lad.



One of the newer guys but he's really settled in well around here and is a welcome addition at TWO.



Walshy is one of my favourite posters here. I agree with almost everything he says. Good fella to have around defintely.



Jayden is one of those guys who kinda comes and goes. Always produces the goods when it comes to quality posts though.



An unsung hero who finally got recognised when he got inducted into the Hall of Fame. One of the old guard who has done a terrific job at TWO.


Craig Van Dam

Craig seems a decent guy. Don't really know him that well but he's stuck around and makes a decent contribution.



Don't really know her. Once again, seemed a little immature although like I said, didn't really know her that well.

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This is going to be short, but not nessecerily sweet:


Rikidozan - Got all the knowledge, just needs to correctly apply it


Hardcore Holly - Never been sure if "it" was a he or a she


Ed 666 - I like the way Ed posts what he feels, rather than conform to smarkish attitudes like its a fashion as some people have


TsuMirren - Hardly been round here due to SCW, now thats ended I wonder if he will return?


A.C. - Hardly know I'm afraid


Inno - Will he stay or will he go? In fact, has he ever left?


PeteR Richards - Doesn't (I think) bear my attitudes to life, but each to their own


Jerichoholic - I think I remember him a couple of years ago


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY) - I'm going to speak my mind here, which I rarely do when it comes to fellow members. What is the point of this guy? Without exagerration, I've never seen one worthwhile post from this chap. In fact, he repeats the same point 4 times in the same thread by slighly changing the wording everytime; Am I the only one who notices it? The fact he is on this list, and his PPD is 15.2, screams loud that he's a post whore. Remember on the chatrooms you could ignore someone and not see their comments in the chat log? Do we have this feature for the forums............


Jess O Mac - Long Gone


Colin - Funny sometimes. Confusing the rest.


MillionLiraMan - Top notch guy. I wish I knew him last year during my History essays........


Vampiro - I don't think I've seen him post in the US forum for a long time?


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Who?


SCSteveAustin - Consistant


Walshyboy - Good addition


Jayden - Another that I'm not sure if they are a he or a she :?


Dan - Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! Dan! ............. DAN! (Sorry, Partridge mark-out moment their; Draven will know what I mean ;) )


Craig Van Dam - Not seen for a while


Joanne - See above

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Rikidozan - Great knowledge of wrestling and was very entertaining when arguing with ed.


Hardcore Holly - Haven't read many posts by hardcore but the name is very suspect if you ask me.


Ed 666 - Justifies what he says very well, sadly what he likes isn't justified! A good addition to TWO, always a good laugh to read his posts, although not always for the right reasons.


TsuMirren - Haven't seen too many of his posts, this means either a) I'm blind, b) there aren't that many or c) both.


A.C. - Good member, very funny (sometimes disturbing) but his posts are always worth reading.


Inno - This the guy who loves Jeff Hardy? :P His columns are funny and his posts are...well good to.


PeteR Richards - Straight to the point.


Jerichoholic - See TsuMirren


Jackbibby - Over 1,000 posts in 2 months, theres a word (or words) im thinking of...can you guess what they are yet? :D


Jess O Mac - Who???


Colin - The former spam king of TWO, now mearly the spam prince if you will. A top guy who in his own way is always funny.


MillionLiraMan - His posts are soooooooooooooooooooooooooo long, but I've heard good things from those who have read them all the way through. A good intellegent poster.


Vampiro - Seems to like a similar sort of music to me, would probably get along well if I met him.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Whom? I vaugely remember him from a long time ago, a very long time ago.


SCSteveAustin - A good lad, but his loyalty to Mr. Austin is quite worrying.


Walshyboy - Enjoys being here, stayed longer than has on anyother forum, and doesn't plan to leave anytime soon.


Jayden - Suddenly appeared one day the disappeared later, was a good poster, hope he comes back one day.


Dan - Hall of famer, who I don't really know all that well.


Craig Van Dam - Know him more from the Chat rooms than the forum, but a nice lad all the same.


Joanne - don't know who this is. :?

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Rikidozan - I like Riki, never had a cross word with him. he's ace fun in chat and is the only person I would dance on the desk for ;)


Hardcore Holly - United fan, so don't like him....joking but he is slightly bias, unlike me :p


Ed 666 - Hmm, ermm i don't mind Ed, the place is better for him. As already said, you can't get him to see anyone elses point of view, but sticks to his guns. Kess likes him so good enough for me :)


TsuMirren - Says what's on his mind which is all good. Knows his UK Scene knowledge which I admire, hope he finally relax's and enjoys shows as a fan now, he deserves it.


A.C. - ahh I love AC, he's a cool dude, very funny but also very sensible when it counts, entertained me in Matts car with a Foley talking book! Is also fun to watch tent building, :D great guy even if he does wear lip gloss ;)


Inno - Mr Bongo! Another who watches waaaay to much WWE, does fab columns that I always agree with. Top guy here, have a lot of respect for him.


PeteR Richards - Peters great, very cute, great hair! speaks his mind, which is rare in one so young. (apart from this forum lol) is having a good time as peeps his age should, so all the best to him :)


Jerichoholic - Jeez another red!!! Not sure he liked me much, has the same msn font to which always got confusing in a group convo. Shame he's not around as much though, less Utd fans to take the mick out of!!


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY) - Can't believe he's this high up, tells us everything really. Still feel I dont know him even after all the posts as there not very insightful.


Jess O Mac - Only knew jess briefly, seemed a fun girl though, made mistakes but was very young. I remember Dra even thought I was her at one stage!!!


Colin - Ahh Colib, Well he posted that i like him so i won't dissapoint him :P Nah I actually do, he's sarcy, he's witty, but I've gotten used to him now and I do like him. Nice guy and helpful to. (not the video reviews!! im on about the poker room, was very patient with me )


MillionLiraMan - Steve! He's a great guy who I miss from MSN, used to chat until the wee hours!! Have loads in common being similar age and all. I'm another who always reads every word of the essays and always tend to agree, apart from the music ones where I get lost lol!! Top dude, hope to meet him one day. Only critiscism is he puts himself down way to much, i've seen the pics and he ain't anywhere near the fat guy he makes out!!


Vampiro - I like Vamp, he's another I tend to agree with a lot! Meh apart from Football where he lets himself down ;) Good looking guy to!


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - I missed Sparky, I know he was awful to a few peeps here, but he always said what he thought whatever the subject and he always made me laugh to! I still speak to him on msn because of it.


SCSteveAustin - Good new addition, don't know him personnally but posts much more sensibly these days.


Walshyboy - He's also a fab addition, one of my newbies of the year for 2003. Solid poster, nice guy with it.


Jayden - I don't know him but have heard all good things, probably wouldn't have to much in common with him but always enjoy his posts.


Dan - dan the man, or Dan the van, lol Chuckle reference there :P Dan's great, very helpful, great interviews, always friendly, gets the job done with no fuss, fab assett to TWO!


Craig Van Dam - Craig's a cool guy, only really spoke to him in chat, seems to of stopped posting as much lately. Hope he comes back.


Joanne - Jo! Her and Emag TWO's resident double act! I like Jo, she makes loads of comebacks but never really hangs around long anymore. Nice girl though. :)

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Thanks for anything nice said about me, and I will agree with whoever said this, I have changed quite a bit. I haven't given up on life or anything close to that I just seem to have less interests, and don't worry about all the smaller things I did back then. I've developed a bit of a problem of never thinking about things too much or worrying about much which probably shows me off to be a bit of an idiot. To be honest though I wasn't exactly a mature young boy with tonnes of knowledge and intelligence, it's just what people generally thought of me because I was one of the few younger people who didn't just act like an idiot on here. I think I'm more myself on here now, sure I'm probably not too open to other people's tastes and stuff (ie: football or rap music) but that's better than pretending I am like I used to, and using what I thought were big words to appear to be way more clever! Ha! Hmmm. Anyway I'll get to the topic.


Rikidozan - Used to make me laugh with random jokes about a wreslter who's foot fell off or something? Von Erich?


Hardcore Holly - I remember him making some really stupid posts that made no sense whatsoever, which made me laugh!


Ed 666 - Seems to be really contraversial but probably really nice.


TsuMirren - Hope his federation is doing well if he's still doing that? Was really nice but not to stupid people.


A.C. - Seems cool. I've never really spoken to him.


Inno - One of the nicest people if you got to know him at all, loads of people probably would've disagreed.


PeteR Richards - Retard.


Jerichoholic - No idea.


Jackbibby - I'll just say we'd never get on.


Jess O Mac - I used to really love Jess but just lost touch with her totally, did a good job of pretending to be older than she was I suppose.


Colin - I used to wish I was as mature as he was! Ha! Still makes me laugh on occasion.


MillionLiraMan - One of my favourite people here because he seems to have a never ending knowledge about all things, and a story to go with it. Like getting totally annihilated, drunken people shoving bottles up their asses then having to smash it to get it out... going to some nice place just so he could take a shit there? Brilliant. I can guarantee he's an awesome guitarist and all round ace person.


Vampiro - Disagreed with a few times I think. Seems okay though.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky - Been ages since I spoke to him, used to talk to him about That 70s Show, our difference in musical tastes and how "buff" some girls were. Would be cool to talk to him again.


SCSteveAustin - Dunno.


Walshyboy - Don't know very well, good poster though.


Jayden - Knew a shitload about music I remember. I thought he was cool.


Dan - Sensible kinda guy.


Craig Van Dam - Errr I forgot about him.


Joanne - Errr if that's the Joanne I think then I used to really like her in like 2001 and we'd talk about Linkin Park and stuff together! Haaaa!!!

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Rikidozan A very knowledgeable guy who sometimes shows his disdain for posters with other views, but I think he's an OK guy. I've taken exception to him in the past but I think it's become clear since then that he is a decent guy who just has his way of standing up for what he believes in and doesn't seriously attack anyone in a malicious way.


Hardcore Holly I'm used to seeing him in the Other Sports forum more than anywhere else but I don't really know him that well, although I've always found him to be OK.


Ed 666 I like Ed. He never resorts to insults, as Crippler says, even though a lot of people slate his posts and views. I think that has brought a great argumentative quality to the forums, as other people look to slate Ed's posts and perspectives without ever getting personal and respecting the man himself. His arguments always follow a clear logic as well, even when you think initially 'how did he come to think that?'. I tend to agree with Ed more often than most, but even when I don't I can see why he thinks the way he does. Top guy.


TsuMirren I didn't know until this thread that he was having problems with SCW - I wish him all the best in getting back on track as that must have been quite a blow for him and many who have followed it. He seems very knowledgeable as well as being a genuinely nice guy.


A.C. When I first joined he didn't grab my attention at first as much as others, but I've noticed him more and more as time has progressed and have become a big fan of his contributions to the forums. A very intelligent guy who can be really funny as well when he wants to be. Getting better all of the time and he was good in the first place.


Inno I've enjoyed reading The Live Wire to pass the time quite often and also find him to be a really witty and intelligent guy. Seems to be making more of a permanent comeback this time which is good.


PeteR Richards Pete calls it like he sees it. He's quite similar to draVen in terms of attitudes and music taste, except that he's actually tried to play a guitar that was on fire! Did you do the harmonics/pickups fiddling thing last time I spoke to you mate? I find it quite funny that he seems to think that I have these great social experiences when in fact he is the one going out, getting high and getting laid on a regular basis while I am stuck in my parents' house reading books and never seeing anyone other than my tutors! I don't know what he was like when he was a wrestling fan, but I think he has more of an idea of what he wants from life now, rather than trying to dop everything at once. Cool guy, one of my favourites on here.


Jerichoholic Haven't seen this guy much on the forums for a while now. He comes across as being quite a friendly and easy going guy, although I must admit that I don't really speak to him much.


Jackbibby Hmm. People have had a go because of Jack being guilty of posting very, very frequently. I could say 'I don't like what Jack has been doing' and have a go but to be fair I don't have anything against him really and so will try to be more constructive. I still think there could be hope for Jack, if he calms down with the post number fixation and just concentrates on leaving a post until he wants to make a genuine point rather than repeating what he has said before in more posts. As far as post counts go, Boyo has also posted quite frequently but has brought about more varied and valid discussion than Jack's posts, so I don't know that posting frequently can't be done well (think of Ed when he first joined). I would still say that less would be more for Jack at the moment though, I like his enthusiasm, he just needs to get used to things around here and be more selective about what he does.


Jess O Mac I've heard roughly about what she was supposed to have done and read some of the threads where she was involved but I don't really know the full details, nor do I wish to, I didn't really know her so I'll leave it at that.


Colin Recently he has been a man able to spam with style and purpose! A really nice guy from what little contact I've had with him, witty and knows his poker as well which gets him the thumbs up from me!


MillionLiraMan Fat windbag. Get to the point. In fact don't do that, just get off of these forums altogether and get on with your work you lazy skiving turd! You remember, work? Ah f.... what's the point?!


Vampiro Likes his music and seems to be more of a permanent fixture than he was a while ago which is good. Seems quite easy going, which explains why Pab lobbied to have him back here!


The Vulcanized One/Sparky We had a run-in not so long before he left, but as we both said it was just a silly misunderstanding. More people than just myself took exception to him while he was here, which was a shame as I think it was an unnecessary situation. His humour wasn't so easy to pick up over the internet, had he behaved in exactly the same way with many of us down the pub I'm sure the same kind of furore over his comments wouldn't have happened. His leaving post was really good and I'm glad to have got to know the essence of what he was like before he left as he seemed sound once you knew more about him.


SCSteveAustin The guy just won't listen to a bad word about Austin! However, he knows what he's talking about and has shown himself to be one of the good guys on here.


Walshyboy I like Walshy, although if he doesn't read all of my posts maybe I should flame him and see if he notices! I can't though big man, you just don't deserve it.


Jayden I missed him really, he came back briefly after I had joined but I don't know enough about him other than he seemed quite intelligent and seemed to be quite popular on here.


Dan A quiet, unassuming guy who has contributed to the site in more ways than we would perhaps realise. Seems very easy going again and worthy of a hall of fame place.


Craig Van Dam I remember Craig! He just sort of disappeared after a while, which is a shame as he seemed an alright guy, even if I didn't have a great deal to do with him.


Joanne Joanne hasn't been a regular for a while, and I can't say I blame her. She was noted for her one line opinions without anything to support them. However, she wasn't one for having a go at people when I was here and she was posting, so maybe that has something to do with her not coming back here more regularly. It seemed like every time she would make some sort of return it wouldn't be long before she would get slated and then disappear again. While I would agree that she was guilty of the one line posts a lot, I do think that she was ripped into quite a lot when there was really no need to have a go at her. I didn't have a great deal to do with her either, but she seemed nice enough when she was here.

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For those who don't know about Jayden, just a quickish update - he had personal problems and had to move around without a home. Last I checked, he was at his nans but I haven't spoken to him since, despite numerous attempts to get in contact with him. Just seeing a few people here seemingly in the dark thinking he just upped and left, it was a bit more than that. But I'll keep you all updated as soon as I can.
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To be honest.. i wont know many.. as im not really a follower of wreslting anymore, as i dont have the time to follow it. Thats when i stopped posting, as Pab said he got me back. And i like to post in the sections outside wrestling.. thats why noone will have seen me in the wrestling sections of the forum anymore. Well i feel i contribute enough. ill still post some views though.


Rikidozan - dont bump into him much, but i remember he has good, valid points to say.

Hardcore Holly - same as Riki, with a good music taste if i recall rightly.

Ed 666 - good posts, dont really know the guy, but id always read what he puts.

TsuMirren - same as above

A.C. - dont really know much about this poster.

Inno - seems funny, and has a good knowledge of many things

PeteR Richards - peter seems like a cool guy, and i like to read his posts concered with music.


Jackbibby (yes, he's this high ALREADY)

Jess O Mac - havent seen her post for months, maybe coz im in different forums as her. dont know.

Colin - havent had much to do with this guy. sure he is a cool guy tho.

MillionLiraMan - always seems to have very, very long.. but interesting posts. cool guy.

The Vulcanized One/Sparky - havent had much to do with this poster either


Walshyboy - again, i take time to read this poster, as there is always sumthin to be interested in.

Jayden - good contributor, i cant remember directly, but i know this poster i have come across and posted with.

Dan - same as joanne

Craig Van Dam same as joanne

Joanne - cant recall this poster.

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For those who don't know about Jayden' date=' just a quickish update - he had personal problems and had to move around without a home. Last I checked, he was at his nans but I haven't spoken to him since, despite numerous attempts to get in contact with him. Just seeing a few people here seemingly in the dark thinking he just upped and left, it was a bit more than that. But I'll keep you all updated as soon as I can.[/quote']


Cheers Draven; I was just about to ask about him in the TWO EWR thread :xyx

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Nah I didn't try it. Actually I'm not sure because I do something but I think they're pinch harmonics? I'm useless on any technical guitar talk so I've no idea!


And you mentioned my "guitar on fire" act! People will think I'm an insane metal hero, but no, I just snapped two strings and then sat with a stupid look on my face wondering why I do such things! Hahaha!

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its obvious people dont like my high post count so ill apologise to people who ive offended and leave two points.

1. i never knew i was posting this often and i have since cut my posts down a lot since it offends people.

2. when i first cam to TWO every opinion i had was beat down by the more 'experianced' members, and a prime example was rikidozan who when i said japnese wrestling is bad (opinion) and they dont sell moves (opinion) i got a huge reply personally insulting ME and my views. this isnt right and is a major problem with TWO, this is why i often stick up for the newcomers even though i may not agree with them on all things.


i looked at all of my responses, took on all your opinions which is why i decided to make this, but i am annoyed with russ because he wont let it go. i made a thread apologising about this, yet you havent accepted it and i want to know why.

Edited by Jack
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Rikidozan : Closet Smark ;) Great poster, great Puro knowledge guy, sometimes I lose my rag with him though. It's because I don't fully grasp his greatness, I feel. Phil Collins, I mean.


Hardcore Holly : The Spineroonie King! Remember a good few laughs in the chat room with this whippersnapper!


Ed 666 : Always entertaining to read his posts.


TsuMirren : We seem to be at loggerheads most of the time, but I genuinely like the guy, and I totally and 100% respect what he did with SCW, even though I couldn't get to any shows. If I could have, I would have, just to say I went. Even at that, I threw the main page at Smash behind SCW. TWO Legend? meh, he's better than that ;)


A.C. : All Cool, All Calm. Hey, that works!


Inno : Waste of Space. Shouldn't be allowed to type unsupervised. Made an 'internet career' out of maybe half a good column and one joke recycled. Loves Jeff Hardy.


PeteR Richards : Metal Gooroo? Is it true?


Jerichoholic : Top dude - can say no wrong against him


Jackbibby : Sure he posts a lot, but at least it's not useless spam - he generally does have a point. The guy desereves a break. Plus he's funny from time to time - sometimes intentionally! WAH HEY!!!


Jess O Mac : name rings a bell... didn't everyone love her, then hate her all of a sudden? Ah, the TWO lifestyle :)


Colin : Colib cab do abythibg he wabts to, as lobg as it doesb't ibvolve the letter betweeb m abf o. Go figure ;)


MillionLiraMan : Uses WAY too many big words for my puny brain :) One of my fave posters on any board, anywhere.


Vampiro : One of the TWO 'cool guys' of which there are many. Yes.


The Vulcanized One/Sparky : Apart from having a DAMNED cool name, I don't know a lot about them - sorry! I'm sure you're a lovely, well rounded human being!


SCSteveAustin : Can't think who this person likes, going by their username ;) Goodness all round.


Walshyboy : Gotta love someone who is THAT age and still calls themselves "boy" ;)


Jayden : Not seen around for a while. Shame.


Dan : Dan, Dan, The Quiztastic Man! Quality guy, good laugh and nice with it.


Craig Van Dam : I'm sorry - I don't know a lot about you. It's probably my fault. I'm an idiot, you know.


Joanne : Likewise, the name rings a bell, and I don't remember you as an idiot, so you must be cool! Feel free to shoot me for not remembering some peeps :(

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Rikidozan : spoke to him once and he insulted me.

Hardcore Holly : his posts dont stand out to me im sure hes a nice guy though

Ed 666 : i like him

TsuMirren : nope never heard of him probably a solid poster

A.C. : good guy with an open mind best poster in music

Inno : the only guy whos said anything good about me

PeteR Richards : we disagree on the FACT rap rules!

Jerichoholic : never heard of him seems to be a good guy

Jackbibby : disliked by most peopele :lol rebel of TWO

Jess O Mac : yet again probably a nice guy/gal but never read a post

Colin : dont take this personally but he wants or needs to be funny and tries too much in serious posts

MillionLiraMan : solid poster

Vampiro : solid poster again

The Vulcanized One/Sparky : never heard of him/her

SCSteveAustin : good guy

Walshyboy : good guy again

Jayden : never heard of him

Dan : good poster

Craig Van Dam : spoke to him on msn and he seems good but has falllen out with TWOers

Joanne : probably a good poster but dont know her

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