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Will lampard leave chelsea


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A year ago I'd have said they should sell Lampard. They had the finances to bring in any midfielder who wanted to play for Chelsea, and I wouldn't consider Frankie to be in the top 10, maybe not even the top 50 midfielders in the world. They could have gotten about £4m or £5m for him from a midtable Premiership team, then started to bring in the Rosickys, the Xavis or the Emre's of this world.


How things have changed.


He's arguably Chelsea's most important player, and if he keeps playing like he has done in the past year he could easily become of England's best players.


So that's Chelsea's side covered, he shouldn't be sold. But what about Lampard? If he can get the same, or better, wages elsewhere, I think he should leave. If you're after a long term career, Chelsea are as stable as a rope bridge in an Indiana Jones film. Based on his reputation that he's made for himself in the past season, Lampard could probably pick and choose his team. Man Utd would probably be very keen to take him, and if I was Frank I'd be eager to get up to Old Trafford to start talking terms. Ferguson is the kind of manager who likes stability, and wants to keep the backbone of his team as similar as possible, for as long as possible. Guys like Keane, Giggs, Scholes, Butt, the Nevilles, they've been around since 19Dickety2 (we had to say dickety because the Kaiser stole 4). If Lampard can go to United, have a cracking first season, which I believe he has the talent to do, he's more likely to find himself as one of the main men in a Man Utd side for years to come, instead of being flavour of the month at Chelsea, when you know the team are going to keep signing midfielders until Abrahmovic decides to up and leave one day, leaving the club in financial ruins.


So if I was Chelsea I would try to keep Lampard around for as long as possible. If I was Lampard, I'd be praying for good form at Euro 2004 to win himself a move to a bigger and better side.

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The contractual wrangle is occurring because Frankie wants to be on parity with the highest earners at Chelsea, due to the fact he's been their best player and most consistent.


I'd personally like to see him go to Juventus. Everyone knows that Chelsea are going to implode some time soon.



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