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*** WWE Judgment Day 2004 PPV Discussion Thread ***


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It’s the first Smackdown PPV event after Wrestlemania...


PPV Quiz and Chat


As is our monthly tradition here at Talk Wrestling Online, we will be holding our monthly PPV Quiz and Chat night. Head over to the TWO chatroom at 8.00pm to enter our highly popular quiz, with your host Colin!. Then from 9pm until 1am, why not stay along for a good ol' chat about the PPV with all the TWO regulars? The more, the merrier.


WWE Judgment Day 2004 Quiz and Chat

Sunday, May 16th

(UK Times)


Quiz: 8.00 - 9.00pm

Chat: 9pm - 1am


For more info see:



PPV Prediction League


Post your predictions below – anyone can enter!





* WWE Championship

Eddie Guerrero v John Bradshaw Layfield


* US Championship

John Cena v Rene Dupree


* Cruiserweight Title

Jacqueline v Chavo


* WWE Tag Team Titles

Rico and Haas v Hardcore Holly and Billy Gunn


* The Undertaker v Booker T


* RVD and Rey Mysterio v The Dudleys


* Torrie Wilson v Dawn Marie


* Mordecai in action for the first time


Preview articles @ Wrestling 101


T3C: WWE Judgment Day 2004 - doesn't look good to me! - by Stephen Ashfield


TLW: WWE Judgment Day 2004 Preview - By Tony Cottam


How to order the PPV




Live on Sky Sports 1 at 1am.




See: WWE.com - Judgment Day



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I'm thinking that everyone, me included is going into this PPV thinking its going to be really really crap which on paper it does look it. I mean come on Bradshaw in the mainevent? I'm just thinking though with everyone expecting the worst from this event WWE we might just surprise us and give us a hell of a show. It won't help the buyrate mind which I think is going to be the worse in a long time for WWE.
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Guest Krrakkaz

Stone Cold in the audience?


sorry, just had to mention it, there is a guy that looks alot like stone cold at judgement day ppv. He's on the left side, during the wide view that the wwe usually uses, probably like 3 or 4 rows back. Just looks like him, a pretty good look a like. And it would be kinda awkward for him to be there.

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Well now that Judgement Day is over I have to say it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. The end of the Bradshaw/Eddie match was pretty awesome and helped give us something to remember from the PPV. I think Bradshaw did an good job in his first major main event even if he isn't the best wrestler. Other then that I thought the Cena/Dupree match was alright and I expect more out the the Deadman/Voodoo T match, something to tie all this voodoo stuff into the outcome.
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so, is it worth watching? there was no way I could stay up last night to watch it and come to work today, so I'm thinking about spending the evening with a couple of cold beers and the wrestling on the telly - let me know if it should be Judgement Day or the wrestling channel! :)
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I am ashamed. At one point last night at actually wanted JBL to WIN. I know i know what was i thinking. The answer is simple. I have not lost my mind. I just wanted the match to end and to get someone out there damn fast to help eddie. Draven, Eddie did indeed "gush like a madman". Now i am a big fan of IWA, FMW back in the day and like a bit of gore but that was brutal. I honestly just wanted it to end. Watching another man bleed that much for that long is not the most comfortable experience. STill it certainly woke me up a bit after the rest of the card!!
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Well I've just seen that match from a mate and that was AWFUL. I mean, it was a better than expected main event (JBL didn't do to badly, and they worked around his weaknesses and played to his strengths), but that juice job - did he cut himself with a chainsaw or something? That was horrific. Muta would be proud.
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Nice to see Eddie go back to his roots and bust out the massive CMLL Main Event blade job, sadly Bradshaw isn't Art Barr or El Hijo del Santo so the match was watchable which is a testiment to Eddie's amazing ablilities, sadly it was a DQ finish so we get more JBL in the main event. The rest of the show ranged from poor to abysmal. The show came across like a WCW 2000 PPV, which makes sense seeing as SmackDown! comes across like an episode of WCW Thunder in 2000.
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The whole Taker/Booker voodoo thing was a let down, Cena and Dupree was all right and Rico was funny but the match itself was the like a dogs anus. The fact is apart from the top three on the card the rest of this match was thrown together as filler, thats the problem the creative needs to stop worrying about Raw and help Smackdown.
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I thought Judgment Day was a hoot!! I enjoyed, pretty much every match, no complaints.


The Haas/Rico match was ok, the RVD/Mysterio match was ok, the Torrie Wilson/Dawn Marie match was pretty good.


Mordecai was impressive, if a little odd looking.


The Cena/Dupree match was very enjoyable. I was expecting Dupree to win but fair-play, the WWE outfoxed me, it made the match even better.


Booker T vs Undertaker was a weird one. I was expecting *something* to happen, especially after he threw the dust in his face. Nothing happened, I wasn't too impressed.


JBL/Eddie was a match and a half!! Props to JBL, he proved a lot of people wrong last night. Ok, he'ss not the most gifted of wrestlers, but he has impact moves and plays the character to perfection. His promo "...you know what? This counry is full of Eddie Guererro's" was a blast and his "how's your mama?" taunting at the start of the match was cool.


The match was utter carnage, however, and I wanted JBL to win it once I saw just how badly cut Eddie was. It was good that JBL won on a DQ ("You can't beat ME Eddie, without a chair-shot you stinkin' Mexican" - next Smackdown...) and it keeps JBL in the main-event frame.


For all of the Bradshaw bashing, I have been extremely impresssed with the performances. The JBL character is one of the most over WWE villans in a long time. Top, top stuff.



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JUDGEMENT DAY. What did you think of it????


Well, well, well, I was kinda suprised by judgement day. With such a weak looking card the event sounded kinda lame, but in truth I really enjoyed it. There was the odd match which seemed more like fillers than anything else. (RVD and Mysterio VS Dudleys??? c'mon!!!! why bother.) But the main event of the night kicked some serious butt!!!!! MAN, I thought that vince had a pretty bad cut job in that match VS the undertaker, but OH MY GOD!!! Eddie was unreckognisable!!!! and continued to piss blood for the remainder of the match. I really thought that they'd end the match quickly, but no, WELL done Eddie for putting on a great match and for having the balls to complete what he'd started. By the looks of it, it appears that eddie cut himself and that Bradshaw maybe hit him just that bit too hard with the steel chair, and the steel chair just opened him up like a fountain. Say what you want bout Bradshaw, but he and Eddie put on a cool match. (Yes...maybe Eddie carried him a little..but WHO cares...its all entertainment.)

Other highlights were Mordici, (Or however u spell it) though I do think that they picked the wrong guy to carry the gimmick. And the undertakers bout VS Booker was OK. (Though I can no longer take the dead man seriously. He just looks like the same old biker, just with unmanagable hair and a hat!!!! Every time he hit the mat he was flashing a bit of leg!!!! Was that socks I could see????)

Anyway enough ranting....c'mon then what did you guys think of the event???? :)

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Guest Steve07
JD was alright. The highlight of the night was Marie's ASS just being exposed for that long! DAM!!! Anyways I have a question. I was at my friends house and we were watching the JBL vs Eddie match and he noticed that in the crowd on the left side, during the wide view that the wwe usually uses he is about 3 rows back there is a guy that looks exactly like Stone Cold. I am 99% sure it was him anyone else notice this ???????????????
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I thought it was alright, and well wasn't expecting much, so cudnt knock it. I think people seem to want to slate it, just because thats what supposed to be done, but in all honestly I've seen far far worse. It was an excellent crowd, who were enthusiastic for pretty much everything, admittedly there was no 5 star bouts, but if u were expecting any, then surely thats your fault, not theirs. Eddie v Bradshaw was good for what it was, admittedly Eddie juiced one hell of a gusher, and the non finish took away, but the heat was excellent, and the crowd actually bought Bradshaw.


Basically it did what it said on the tin. If you went in with an open mind, expecting it to be ok, then it was perfectly acceptable. Mordecai needs a bit more time, but a lot of that had to do with structure, and management still unsure as to what they want. I just think people got on the show's back from day 1, and then when Taker v Booker isnt Benoit v Liger, admittedly say how awful it was. All I can say is, really expect the expected, and I did, and have to say thought it was alright.

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It was ok but with a little bit more effort on behalf of the creative staff then it could have been better all the way through the card, I have no problem with the efforts of the wrestlers cos they tryed hard to perform a good match.


Biggest disppointment of the night? That Miss Jackie and Torrie didn't join in with Dawn in the flesh show.... but hell that what dreams are for.

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