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Yes draVen, I know you did a series of threads with that title. :xyx


Firstly, you don't have to answer ever category here (I don't expect it of anyone), just the ones you want and leave out the rest. I just though, since we've had the Rap/Rock debate recently, that some of you might want to give your opinions on different genres, good or bad. With that in mind, just choose what categories you want to describe from the ones given below and say what you think about them. Do what you want, slate them, praise them, query them, it's up to you. Hopefully we can all learn a little bit more about different types of music if anyone cares to join in with this. Excuse my ignorance if a genre/sub-genre isn't there, I don't know everything about music so I'll just offer what I can.


The categories are:


Pop (Britney/boyband type stuff)

'Pop' Rock (U2, Prince, Oasis)

Indie Rock (Joy Division, The Strokes, Radiohead)

Old Rock And Roll (pre-60s like Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Elvis Presley)

'Classic' Rock (The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Rolling Stones, The Kinks)

Progressive Rock (Yes, Deep Purple, Supertramp)

Hard Rock (Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Guns 'N' Roses)

Metal (Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Megadeth)

Nu-Metal/Rap Metal (Korn, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park)

Blues (John Lee Hooker, BB King, Ry Cooder)

Country (Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Tammy Wynette)

Punk (Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones)

'New' Punk (Good Charlotte, Blink 182, The Offspring)

Reggae (Bob Marley, Pete Tosh)

'World' Music (traditional nations' music like Madredeus, The Dubliners, Gypsy Kings)

Easy Listening (Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett)

Jazz (Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Dizzy Gillespie)

Classical (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach)

'New' Classical (Pavarotti, Vanessa Mae, John Williams)

Dance (Sash, Faithless)

Soul/'R&B' (slower stuff like Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Barry White)

Funk (George Clinton, James Brown, Curtis Mayfield)

Rap/Hip Hop (Notorious B.I.G., Grandmaster Flash and the Furios Five, Eminem)

'Instrumental' (any songs from any genre by any artist/group with no vocals and only instruments used)


Apologies for the poor definitions, I don't like genre labels in general (especially R&B, which used to be and should be Rythm and Blues as before but never mind) but look at the bands in brackets to get the idea of what sort of groups I mean. I know 'instrumental' especially is poor, since it could be about any genre, but people often feel differently about songs with no words so just say which genre of instrumentals you prefer or not if that applies and you're describing it. I could have had all sort of sub-definitions like emo, thrash, Motown or whatever, but I didn't so if you want to be more specific then please do.


Hopefully if anyone wants to speak out about anything on here then we could all learn something. Soemtimes there isn't an appropriate thread for what you want to ask or say, so maybe this could help.

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What about Techno?? Techno has it's place somewhere. A nice bit of Latino House, however...mwah!!


Hard Rock - I have all the GNR stuff, have a Led Zep Greatest Hits compilation, have the System of a Down CD, Audioslave, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots and Darkness CD's (to name a few). I love this genre, it doesn't take itself too seriously, the fans don't try to alienate themselves from other fans, either. When I say this I mean you get far less music fans who generally listen to said bands (above) who say "...yeah, I USED to like this band, before they became *pffft* BIG. Before they...sold out". You know the type, they're NOT hard rock fans.


Indie Rock - I have the Radiohead album OK Computer, the Strokes and Doves albums amongst others. I've really got into The Strokes recently, and Franz Ferdinand.


New Punk - wouldn't buy an album of this stuff but wouldn't turn over if it was played on the radio. I'd listen to it for free, but I'm not parting with my money.


Pop - Woe betide me, I quite like some of this garbage! Britney's "Toxic" was just that; an abhorration of music, but her new one (I think it's called "Every Time") is darn good. I liked "Rock Your Body" by Timberlake and "Beautiful" by Christina. However Rachel Stevens' songs are pants.


Progressive Rock - I'm not sure where you'd classify one of my all time fave bands, but this would probably be the genre...Roxy Music!


Rap/Hip Hop - I never really liked Rap or Hip Hop until a few years ago. Like many, it was "California Love" and "I Ain't Mad Atcha" which made me sit up and say "WOW!". I have a lot of time for lyricists with talent. With all due respect to Dre's record sales, I bet it's easier to make a beat hook than 8 bars of verse. Producers like OutKast, Just Blaze, RZA and The Neptunes do it for Boyo. Lyricists like Nas, Eminem, Royce, Slick Rick, Oran 'Juice' Jones and most of all...Method Man, are in the higher stratosphere.


Oh yeah, Biggie and Tupac, too (naturally...).


One more person, who I don't know how/where to categorise: Beck. My favourite artsit, bar none.



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I edited the first post and added 'dance' just for Ultimate Boyo (love the avatar!) along with a few others that I thought to include that perhaps weren't covered by other categories.


Roxy Music are an odd band to categorise. I would say they started out as kind of progressive rock and then moved into easy listening, while all the time having a kind of pop rock vibe about them. I suppose that leads me to...


Progressive Rock - I don't know much about this genre, but I'm not much of a fan of it. I like musicianship, but this genre seems to prioritise giving every band member a solo in nearly every song at the expense of maintaining a structure to the song - Yes exemplify that for me, but it can happen with other stuff like with the Edgar Winter Band as well, and isn't to my liking. I'm all for solos and musicianship, but it should flow into the song rather than a song stopping and starting several times just to accommodate it. The other thing is that the vocals on most progressive rock bands that I've hear follow the Yes/Supertramp pattern of being weak and tinny, which isn't my thing. The exception to the genre for me would be Deep Purple, who are more of a hybrid at various points between progressive rock, hard rock and metal, with stronger vocals, heavier sounding guitars and keyboards and less random effects thrown in for seemingly no reason. I'm more used to having heard older progressive rock though, I don't know much about more recent stuff like Dream Theater for instance, so maybe it could be worth a look even though what I have heard hasn't made me that fussed about it.


I'll post about other stuff when I can be bothered.

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Pop: I hate pop music to listen to, but I can appreciate why people like it


'Pop' Rock: Yeah I like this, stuff like U2 rocks


Indie Rock: I like radiohead, but I don't like much else Indie rock.


Old Rock And Roll: Rock and roll is the best music to dance to ever! I like some of it, all that rock around the clock stuff, probably stems back from when I used to do proper dancing many years ago.


'Classic' Rock: Really not into Classic rock at all


Progressive Rock: Supertramp were cool, rest of it, Nah


Hard Rock: I like listening to this kind of stuff, just for the guitar bits so I get an excuse to play air guitar to annoy people. Gun's and roses are cool, got one of the albums, appetite for destruction.


Metal: I like some Black Sabbath and Iron maiden, but beyond that, don't like it


Nu-Metal/Rap Metal: Got into "different" music by listening to Korn and Limp Bizkit. I don't like Limp Bizkit now, but Korn are ok, and I have all the albums except the new one.


Blues: I like listening to Blues music, couldn't give you one particular artist, but for some reason it chills me out and stuff.


Country: I like country suprisingly enough. All that stand by your man and 9 to 5 stuff is really cool to me, and really good to sing along to with mates. So yeah, thumbs up.


Punk: This is what my parents were brought up on (well me dad was into Ska, but thats something completely different). I like Punk music a hell of a lot, just something in it connects to who I am. Massive thumbs up for Punk.


'New' Punk: A lot of people hate It, but I love it. I saw Good Charlotte last year, and they were amazing. Loads of good "New" punk bands around, and I like the majority.


Reggae: I like reggae for the simple fact that it's closely related to Ska, which I love more than anything.

'World' Music: No comment


Easy Listening: I like the easy listening stuff, just relaxing and stuff.


Jazz: I like Jazz, pretty much for the reason that I have a Jazz/Blues voice and I can sing a few of the songs.


Classical: I've been subjected to this in my Music GCSE, some of it's good, but most of it to me is crap


'New' Classical: I like Vanessa Mae in this category, but nowt else.


Dance: Dance music :D Dance music is wicked to piss about to and dance to. Most of it's just crappy beats and stuff, but some of it is funny. So yeah, me likely.


Soul/'R&B': Yep, once again, good stuff

Funk No comment


Rap/Hip Hop: I hate Rap and Hip Hop. To me, theres absolutely nothing music about it, hell I talk over music everyday. Maybe I should talk about guns over music and get meself a record deal.


'Instrumental' You mean like dance music type stuff? in that case, it's cool.

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Pop: Nothing will ever compare to Michael Jackson. Bad and Thriller are still two of my favourite albums and always will be.

As far as today goes, I've been a Robbie Williams fan since I went to see him last summer. Absolutely fantastic. I do have to say I have a soft spot for Kylie. Her newish stuff is a few cuts above the rest of the garbage that this genre has unleashed on the world. "Musicians", if you can call them that, in this genre are the main reason I can't listen to the radio anymore. Your Britneys and your Westlifes are utter crap, but they keep coming off the conveyor belt. It really is heinous.

But like I say, I do kinda like Kylie. Daniel Bedingfield is good too. And, I never thought I'd say this considering I wanted to horribly butcher N-Stink, but Timberlake ain't bad either. At least he's listenable (and I do have to listen to him cos my girlfriend loves him).


'Pop' Rock: Love Oasis, got all their albums, seen 'em live twice. Love U2, got all their stuff too. Love Prince as well.


Indie Rock: Wasn't sure whether to put the Stone Roses in this category or not, but I love them. One of my favourite bands ever. Saw Ian Brown live a couple of years back, he's brilliant. And since Joy Division were placed in this category, I'll give a shout out to New Order as well, love them.


Old Rock And Roll: Elvis was da man. Thats about it.


Classic' Rock: Have all Jimi Hendrix's albums, there'll never be anyone like him. He's written some of the best songs I've ever heard, he had a really soulful voice, and that's before we even get to his god-like guitar playing.


Progressive Rock: Judging by the three examples, this one ain't for me.


Hard Rock: Red Hot Chili Peppers, Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica; pound-for-pound, my three favourite bands ever.


Metal: Maybe I should've put Metallica in here? I'll always have a soft spot for Def Lepard.


Nu-Metal/Rap Metal: Really like Limp Bizkit, Rage Against The Machine. Linkin Park are ok. Really like Kid Rock.


Blues: Don't really know the genre well enough.


Country: Not my bag.


Punk: Love The Clash.


'New' Punk: I really hate the likes of Good Charlotte, Blink 182, and Sum 41. It makes me agitated when I hear them even.


Reggae: You gotta love Bob Marley. And I do.


'World' Music: The Dubliners, The Pogues, Wolfetones and Luke Kelly


Easy Listening: Some of Sinatra's stuff is alright.


Jazz: Nope.


Classical: Nope.


'New' Classical: Nope.


Dance: Faithless are good. Would you call the Prodigy dance? I really like them too. The Chemical Brothers are brilliant.


Soul/'R&B': I like Aretha Franklin a lot.


Funk: James Brown (would've considered him soul though).


Rap/Hip Hop: Eminem, 2pac, Dre, Snoop, Busta Rhymes, Missy Elliott, B.I.G would be the main ones for me.


'Instrumental': None spring to mind.

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I know some people are going to come on here and say stuff like 'Pop is pathetic and false and rubbish', which will annoy me no end, and so I may well be outnumbered but I love pop music. With it incasing so many different styles I cant see why anyone would say they hate the genre of pop apart from those saying it for image purposes. Some people will see the word 'pop' and think of Gareth Gates, Westlife and Britney Spears and the words 'talentless' and 'manufactured' will spring to mind but there are plenty of talented people in the genre. Elton John, Billy Joel and Michael Jackson are all pop. The Beatles and The Rolling stones were pop in their day, although with all the genres meanings changing who knows what they are classed as now.


'Pop' Rock

I am a massive Oasis fan and a big fan of this genre. U2 are however the most overrated band of all time, bar none.


'Indie' Rock

Most of it is absolute dross in my view. I really like The Strokes but the new Doves album is terrible. If the Manic street preachers are involved in this then I would like to add I like them too. 'Everything must go' = superb. Radiohead are immense too although they have gone off the boil.


Old Rock And Roll

I love Buddy Holly and am also a fan of Chuck Berry. Arguably the most influencial genre of musice ever.


'Classic' Rock

I wouldn't reall include The Kinks in the classic rock section. Most of their songs aren't rocky at all. People seem to just think of 'You really got me' and 'All day and all of the night' and label them based on that. It is a shame that the word 'pop' has become such an insult to bands now that if you play guitar you are instantly labelled rock. Same goes for The Rolling Stones. They are certainly rock by todays standards I suppose. Anyway, I am a big fan of both these bands. While I apprecite Jimi Hendrix as a great guitarist, I am not that familiar with his work so I'm not going to pass judgment. Would The Who be in 'Classic' rock or 'Hard' rock? What about Slade? Speaking of Slade, everyone should download 'How does it feel?' by them. Its pretty excellent.


Progressive Rock

I think Supertramp are easy one of the most underrated bands ever. I'm not sure people (including myself) realise how big they truly were. I recently read in a book that one of their albums sold over 18 million copies. That is incredible. How many bands can say they have done that? Not really a fan of any other bands in this genre. Thats of course unless T Rex can be included in this.


Hard Rock

I like Led Zeppelin a whole lot. Led Zeppelin 3 is my favourite but that changes from day to day. I don't wish to keep disagreeing with your choice of genres or anything but are LZ really Hard Rock? If you listened to number 3 you certainly wouldn't think so. They were more versatile than that blanket 'Hard Rock' title gives them credit for. Of course that probably applies to a lot of bands. Guns 'n Roses are overated to almost U2 proportions. However, their cover of 'Live and let die' is pretty 'rad'. Hard Rock is really a genre you have to be in the mood for.



Not really a fan of Metal music. Some of Black Sabbaths stuff is pretty cool but most of the bands who claim to be this genre are just messy. Todays bands have the same idea as Black Sabbath and Iron maiden with the heavy guitars but do not seem to have anywhere near the same sense of melody.


Nu-Metal/Rap Metal

I'm going to get ripped to shreds for this but I like Limp Bizkit. Ok, they are officailly the least cool band on the planet at the moment and Fred Durst is any kind of expletive you can think of but they aren't that bad. Admittedly I hated their first two albums and hate all their new stuff but 'Rolling' and 'My way' werent all that bad were they? Linkin Park are also average in places, though pretty boring nowadays.



I find alot of blues boring. I like Dire Straits though. They are kind of blues rock I think.



I love Country music. I mostly like Dolly Parton, Shania Twain and Johnny Cash (and not just because he's dead). Long live Nashville.



I like The Jam and The Clash but I find The Sex Pistols a tad overrated. Then there is Elvis Costello who Sum 41 say was a major influence on them. So he is the one to blame. If Punk is done well then it can be really effective. Unfortunately too many peole did it badly.


'New' Punk

It's not punk! It isn't punk in any sense of the word. Saying that, I love Green day. I refer their slower acoustic songs to their heavier songs but most of their songs are worth a listen. I also like Good Charlotte. Like Limp Bizkit they ahve been labelled incredibly uncool so people will criticse without giving them a listen. I really like their second album or whatever number it is. It is superb. It is refreshing to have a new American band saying they were influenced by The Smiths and Oasis.



I can't stand reggae. Bob Marley had a couple of classics but thats it. Also, there is no way on god's green earth that Sean Paul is Reggae, despite what people say.


'World' Music

I have no idea about this genre despite buying a 'Dubliners' CD for my dad every christmas for the past 5 years. I really should give them a listen.


Easy Listening

I love Frank Sinatra, in my view the best vocalist ever. The Rat Pack are also high on my list of best groups ever. I think pretty much anyone can sit and listen to this type of music and is perfect background music for pretty much any occasion.




No thanks


Classical / New classical

I appreciate the talent involved and the achievements by the old composers but I still can't enjoy it. Obviously I look forward to the day when I do enjoy it towards the end of my life.



I'm afraid im in the 'It nearly all sounds the same' brigade that Dance fans hate. I do like Daft Punk. Faithless are ok in small doses and the same goes for Sash but most of the others are just dull. I kind of appreciate the talent involved to make the music and it's good in the right enviroment but I couldn't listen to it alone.



R & B is one of those genres that has been hijacked. New r&b is not at all like the traditional rythem and blues of old. It is a shame that that happens to certain genres. It also happened with Hip Hop and to a lesser extent Punk (with that ''new punk'' crap). Barry White had a couple of good hits, R Kelly is a really good artist, I particularly enjoy his ballads. Marvin Gaye is worth a listen. Is Dusty Springfield soul or just pop? Either way I like her music too.


Rap/Hip Hop

I know there was a big discussion not so long ago about Rap vs Rock that I didn't get too involved in but I have to admit I do enjoy rap when done well. Eminem is one of my favourite artists ever. The Marshall Mathers LP is incredible, without a doubt one of the best albums ever. Lyrically superb, despite being a terrible singer, as well as a good actor (although playing yourself dosnt really count as acting I suppose). There are probably other good rappers out there but Eminem and The streets (if that counts as rap) are the only two I listen to.



I apologise to everyone if there is a ton of mistakes in there but I cant be bothered to read through it again, so I don't know why i expect you to. This could've been a big waste of my time.

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Pop -cant stand the stuff altho dont you want somebody to love by the boogie pimps is catchy if just for the hot chick in the video

'Pop' Rock -again not a fan but i do like u2-the older stuff tho

Indie Rock -enjoy some of the strokes stuff

Old Rock And Roll -elvis is the greatest of all time and he rocks

'Classic' Rock- onl;y really like some hendrix stuff

Progressive Rock -have no idea what this is

Hard Rock -not really a fan

Metal -big sabbath fan

Nu-Metal/Rap Metal -ah my favourite, bands such as saliva, limp bizkit, sevendust, cold etc all my favs

Blues - i heard moby was classed as blues, if so i like moby

Country -workin 9 to 5- nah i dont like any of it

Punk -i dont like punk with the exception of a few songs

'New' Punk - i like some examples being blink and offspring as you said, however blink seem to be a bit more poppy lately

Reggae-how does bob marley like his doughnuts?wir jammin

'World' Music its like the big issue-not today thanks

Easy Listening -scooby dooby dooo-strangers in the night again not a fan

Jazz -isnt that new kid jamie someone jazz? he aint too bad

Classical -no thank you

'New' Classical -again see classical

Dance -used to like it, sandstrom by darude, addagio for strings and better off alone were favs

Soul/'R&B' - a fan of barry white f with a girl

Funk -get funky wid it- i think ill pass

Rap/Hip Hop - i like a bit of dmx and redman but thats about it, and the video for break ya neck by busta is the most hilarious think ive ever seen-hm you want to ram with me? hm

'Instrumental' trailblazing was a song used by wwe and in some movies-emotional song, gets me everytime, constantly on my pc

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Pop (some good stuff i could easily listen to it)

'Pop' Rock (I like this kind of rock especially Oasis)

Indie Rock (dont really know any of this)

Old Rock And Roll (youre probably gonna think im wierd but i like this kind of music)

'Classic' Rock (Jimi Hendrix is ok )

Progressive Rock (never heard of this)

Hard Rock (i suppose if motorhead are this kind then theyre ok)

Metal (dont like this at all)

Nu-Metal/Rap Metal (i can listen to Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park)

Blues (i downloaded Ry Cooder for my dad and well it says it all really :lol)

Country (honestly i like this that cd of TWC adverts looks a good buy)


'New' Punk (there voices annoy me especially blink 182)

Reggae (seems ok really)

'World' Music (never heard of it)

Easy Listening (i like this)

Jazz (i went to a jazz concert and its ok especially live)

Classical (i like the stuff like for the damien soundtrack and if you need to chill out its ok)

'New' Classical (i dont know much of this)

Dance (CRAP i can listen to Wigan Pier though)

Soul/'R&B' (nice kind of music this)

Funk (never heard of it)

Rap/Hip Hop (NOW WERE GETTING SOMEWHERE!! best kind easily)

'Instrumental' (yeh easy to relax to i suppose)

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Pop - I cant stand it personally. Most pop is absolute tosh, and should never be released on our ears. The worst example is most of these Pop Idol "stars", they should never be unleashed.

'Pop' Rock - Some great music has been produced from this genre, and i do enjoy listening to it. However it is not one of my favourites, this is the type of music i listen to to pass some time.

Progressive Rock - Quality music really, I grew up listening to this as it was what my dad listened to mostly. It will forever hold a place in my heart. Especially Deep Purples "Black Night".

Hard Rock - Some of the worlds greatest music comes from this genre without a doubt. Bands such as Zepplin revolutionised music and rock, and IMO they are the best around. As a side note, GNR's cover of Live and Let Die is one of the worst covers i have heard. Dont get me wrong, i love Slash and the boys but that song was a mistake.

Metal - I have only really started to listen to this over the past 4 or 5 years, and i am making up for lost time. Some great bands have originated here and won listeners the world over, including me. Also i must say Maiden havent lost their touch, This years Dance of Death album was excellent.

Nu-Metal/Rap Metal - Not a bad genre IMO, i enjoy listening to people like Korn, Linkin park, and Lost Prophets, it gives me something to let myself go.

Punk - Big fan of the Clash, definitely a top band who had some fantastic material. However that is the only Punk i listen to except for the Jam.

'New' Punk - Some decent stuff, and bands like Blink have helped put the fun back into music. Very popular at the moment and deservedly so.

Rap/Hip Hop - Not too fond of the music side, but the lyrics/vocals are spectacular. Some people like Outkast and R-Kelly can sing superbly, and when combined with a great rapper such as Jay Z then you have instant quality

'Instrumental' - Thanks to my dear old dad i have started to listen to a hell of a lot of instrumental tracks, mainly by Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. A few of their tracks include vocals, but omg can they play a guitar. The guitar was made to be played like that, and just listening to one track will make you fall in love with these guy's music.

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Pop - Not my thing. I'm not a fan of today's culture of boy/girl bands, who may have looks but don't offer anything musical as far as I can see, no matter how slickly produced their material and images are. I used to like some older stuff like 80s new romantic pop and that sort of thing when I was younger.


'Pop' Rock Tough one this. I don't really like U2 or Oasis, or bands of that style. However there are some decent pop rock artists out there worth a listen such as Buckingham/Nicks era Fleetwood Mac or even some Sheryl Crow. I don't really make a habit of listening to this sort of stuff though, it's more when I'm with someone who happens to like it that I'll hear it.


Indie Rock I don't understand this genre. It's supposed to have started with The Smiths and moved on with bands like The Stone Roses, but I don't see how it's different from a lot of other stuff that precedes it other than being a later 'comeback' version of it. Glam rock for instance in the form of early David Bowie or T-Rex sounds much the same as a lot of it for me (except for my tastes it's better). I just don't get what it's about, but since I've heard lots of it and not really taken to any of it, I'm not too fussed about that. The one exception is kind of an Indie/Dance hybrid in Depeche Mode, I quite like their Violator era 'Personal Jesus' and 'Enjoy The Silence', I suppose they're OK. I have a mate who loves the more recent stuff like The Strokes and The White Stripes, but I just find it not to be that special and when it gets so over-hyped then that endears it even less to me (although I wouldn't let that significantly decide whether I liked it or not).


Old Rock And Roll The next time you're having a game of pool in the pub, put on some of this. I dare you not to tap your feet to it. It is fantastic, seldom being the first music to which you'd think to listen, but always pleasing to hear. I'm not that much of a Chuck Berry fan but I love Elvis especially, his rockier fifties songs hit the spot for me.


'Classic' Rock I can see what Mr Mistoffeles is saying about The Kinks, to be honest I just thought you'd want to mention them and didn't know where to put them. A lot of stuff comes under this for me, I mainly think of seventies stuff like Bowie and T-Rex alongside bands like The Who and The Rolling Stones. Some of it is naff but quite a lot of it I like.


Progressive Rock I mentioned this before in my last post. I would add though that I find it quite a hard genre to describe, where if you heard something from the genre you'd instantly know that that was what it was, but you'd have a job telling anyone why that is.


Hard Rock I love stuff like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin, Thin Lizzy, Motörhead, Van Halen (with David Lee Roth only) and other bands of this genre. A lot of it is blues based, in some cases being more specifically hard blues than hard rock. You could say that about Status Quo, one of my favourite bands, although I don't know if they're more just classic rock than hard rock. As those are both unimportant definitions anyway, it should suffice to say that I think they're great and bands of this type, who have great heavy guitar riffs and solos, tend to be to my liking.


Metal A bit more extreme than hard rock, but with much the same criteria. I like classic stuff like Iron Maiden perhaps best, although I don't know because I tend to listen to more bands of the thrash style like Slayer, early Metallica, Megadeth, Machine Head, that sort of thing. The guitar solos in this genre tend to be blistering and the rythm guitars tend to have more of a 'chugging' sound to them than with hard rock, but whether it's hard rock or metal, it's all good.


Nu-Metal/Rap Metal This really isn't for me. I find some Linkin Park stuff to be OK in a 'get to the chorus' way, but the rapping really annoys me. I've never really liked rap, so combining it with heavy riffs usually spoils the guitar for my taste. On the subject of the guitars as well, the lack of solos makes nu-metal appeal less to me than it otherwise might do. Some Korn is OK but not that great, I can't stand Limp Bizkit and couldn't when they were flavour of the month either, while nothing else here really makes me enthusiastic about it.


Blues I love Blues, it's really fun to play and makes for great listening as well. I like the humour in a lot of it as well. It's not trying too hard to be funny above anything else, it's more subtle, but all of that 'I woke up this morning...' stuff really cracks me up sometimes. John Lee Hooker I would say is my favourite blues player and classics like 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer', 'Big Legs, Tight Skirt', 'Whiskey and Wimmen' and the better known 'Boom Boom' have great humour in them to go with some catchy guitars. It's very simplistic structurally in terms of rythm and lead, but it's still very good. One of the best displays of blues playing I remember seeing was actually by Yngwie Malmsteen on his instructional video. It's not usually his thing to play but when he did it he was really, really good at it. What a shame that he doesn't really do stuff like that on record. This is along with Old Rock And Roll possibly the most influential genre of music, again being adopted and sometimes adapted by artists who weren't known mainly as blues guys, people like Elvis, Jimmy Page, Angus Young and The Rolling Stones among others. It's good.


Country I'm not so keen on this genre in its own right, although I like the way it has influenced some great songs by classic rock artists like Neil Young and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I have a fondness for Kenny Rogers though as for some reason I find his smoothness to be quite amusing. I don't know what it is, that just makes me chuckle sometimes. I can't listen to Dolly Parton though, all I can think about is what a glorious death it would be to suffocate in those funbags. :P She's as old as the hills now though, so I suppose it's OK.


Punk Never really liked it, the vocals annoy me as I don't like cockney/mockney shouting on songs which tends to be the preferred style for a lot of it. I like some of it which avoids that though, such as The Ramones and The Undertones. Feargal Sharkey has a really good singing voice, which most punk bands don't have in their ranks, so that helps with The Undertones. I don't know why they tried to make him an 80s heartthrob though, he should have stuck to punk because he was good at that.


'New' Punk The vocals of bands like Green Day, Blink 182 and Good Charlotte annoy me, this isn't my thing at all really. The Offspring make me want to launch my foot through the telly when they come on it. I was vaguely curious about Sum 41 when they had that cool metal bit on the end of their hideous first song, then I thought the 'Still Waiting' video was quite funny, but their actual songs do nothing for me either so I can't really say that I like any music of this style.


Reggae Almost everyone who has ever smoked the green stuff must have been listening to Bob Marley at some point whilst doing it. There's no doubt he was a phenomenal talent, but I'd be willing to bet that he's sold a lot more records due to people wanting a copy of 'Legend' to play before they spark up their first spliff. It definitely has a catchiness about it and an appeal if you're in a good mood, and stuff like Marley's and Pete Tosh's music can hit the spot when you feel like something different. Other than that I don't know too much about Reggae, although I'll agree that horrible dross like Sean Paul isn't proper Reggae and shouldn't be marketed as such.


'World' Music This is an incredibly patronising genre title, as though all music originating from outside of Britain and the United States can just be bundled together as if it were all of the same style. From various countries' traditional music though I like some Irish music by people like The Pogues and The Dubliners, although I can only take so much of it and won't go too far with it as I'm not really a 'Foster And Allen' type of guy! By that I mean that so many bands do the same songs, so after a while the music can lose its spark when someone obscure does it badly. I like The Pogues and The Dubliners because they give the songs personality and identity without being too 'Oirish' and 'where's me lucky charms?' about it. There are enough people with patronising stereotypes of nations without people from those countries patronising themselves and reinforcing stereotypes, which I think a lot of Irish bands do. I also like some Brazilian Bossa Nova stuff by people like António Carlos Jobim and João Gilberto, and more Samba style music by people like Gilberto Gil and Djavan. Sticking with Brazil, a special shout goes out to someone called Daniela Mercury. She's considered a pioneer of 'Axé' (pronounced 'ah-sheh') Samba, even though it just sounds like pop mixed with Samba percussion. Most of her songs are terrible, but because of the persussion and catchiness of them they tend to stick in your head. Anyway, a special mention goes out to her because she looks hot. At least she used to a few years ago, don't really know about now.


Easy Listening Not really my thing. Some of Elvis' more crooner-like material and occasionally Sinatra I can handle, sometimes Dean Martin, but that's about it. I don't really like it either, just that I can accept that. Being more of a hard rock/metal listener, easy listening is about as far away from that as you can get. The genre label also makes me think of 'Airheads', where the radio station manager disgusts the DJ when he is discovered as having allowed a rock station to be sold over to becoming easy listening - cool film!


Jazz Like Jack Bibby said, watching Jazz live is when it's at its best. Were I to learn more about music theory then maybe I would be more appreciative of studio recordings of it, but it only really works well for me when you're watching it in a chilled out small venue, usually with friends/family and a few beers. Rock fans often debate about whether Cliff Burton, Steve Harris or Flea is the world's best bass player, but they'd do well to look beyond rock for musicianship sometimes, I think jazz is a great example of that. I especially remember more than once seeing a guy called Javier Saiz play bass in Café Central in Madrid, he was phenomenal. Freeform jazz is what I find most impressive, I know it's theory and scales based but the idea of making up something on the spot during a live performance and making it work is just breathtaking. Like any other mediocre guitarist I've improvised on basic blues scales on the spot, but it's hardly the same thing. Doing it during a real live performance and bearing in mind the complexity of a lot of jazz in comparison with blues, it's hard to deny how good someone is when they can do that. A lot of people who don't know a great deal about it dismiss it as 'just playing anything' which is why seeing it live makes it more impressive, as faced with something like that going on right in front of them, people like that can't deny that it's fantastic.


Classical I don't know much about this to be honest, I've only heard snippets and stuff from the likes of Bach, Paganini and Beethoven adapted for guitar by people like Yngwie Malmsteen and Ritchie Blackmore. I find a lot of it to sound too lightweight for my liking, but I appreciate the complexity behind the music and would like to look further into it. Listening to one composition (rather than a collection of songs), even if it were a 'suite' with various movements, lasting something like seventy-five minutes would be interesting, so I'd like to check out more about it even though I can't see myself wanting to do it enough to break the hard rock/metal cycle right now to listen to classical music.


'New' Classical I put this as a category because a lot of people who like more traditional classical music don't consider the likes of Pavarotti or Vanessa Mae as being proper classical music, much like the situation in the case of the punk and 'new' punk divide. Nessun Dorma was a classic during Italia '90, but I'm not really a fan of this genre, certainly not of operatic female screechers like Lesley Garrett, however much other people might appreciate them. I loved Brian Blessed as Pavarotti singing 'O Sole Mio', but that's been about the only time I've been genuinely psyched by anything from this genre, that being more to do with it being Brian Blessed than being down to the music being performed.


Dance When I was younger and the 80s/90s crossover happened, this was the main music around with Indie developing as an alternative to it. For that reason some older songs strike a chord with me if they remind me of a certain childhood time or something like that. In itself though I've never really been much of a fan of dance music, I remember when it was all called 'rave'! Not my thing though, musically.


Soul/'R&B' Yes you could have James Brown in here, he is 'The Godfather of Soul' after all, but a lot of his songs are funkier than the slow 'soul' tempo and style, hence why I mentioned him in a different category. Put him where you think he fits best though, as he did do some songs like 'Georgia' and 'It's A Man's Man's World' (I can't remember if there are three 'Man's' in the title!). I get bored listening to these slower songs, I find them to have slushy fluff lyrics and find that not much tends to happen during the songs. This genre tends to be guilty of accommodating 'warbler' singers as well - if someone has to hit a high note or go low I can appreciate that, but stick with the note. Going 'whoaoaoaoaoaoaoaoaooo-oo-oo-oo-oh-oh' doesn't make it better for me, I just find it annoying. They might be doing it higher or lower than most people, but any of us could pick an octave or two and do that with it. It seems to come from this notion that some singers have that they have to be doing something all of the time, when in fact sometimes they should just let the musicians have some time. Not everyone can do what they do, but anyone can warble over the top of it and spoil it. Again, this isn't my thing.


Funk Some James Brown is OK, but I don't really like this sort of thing. Some elements of it I can appreciate, but mainly it makes me think of the whole Disco 70s period which produced what I would consider to be horrible music. No offence to anyone who likes it, but I don't like it and can't find much else to say about it.


Rap/Hip Hop I've never liked it, I don't like it now, I doubt that I ever will like it. De la Soul when I was younger, oh and that Arrested Development tune with the sample stolen from Sly And The Family Stone, they came along when I was younger and like with Dance music struck a chord by being associated with my childhood. I gave it a chance for a while even though I dind't like it, plus my brother listened to it for a while so I had to hear it fairly regularly, there was quite a bit of it around the house. I even wrote and recorded backing music for a rap song once. A mate had written a rap about the enormous size of his girlfiend's knockers which I hadn't heard but had heard was extremely funny. He was teasing me with how good it was until I put something together, not out of love for rap but just because I wanted to hear these lyrics. He was going to come round and record his lyrics onto the backing music so I would hear them. Unfortunately he couldn't remember them offhand (he had them written down somewhere), and we didn't try hard enough to arrange something before school ended. I might still have the tape knocking around somewhere as well, must have a look for it! Anyway, never liked rap at all really, the fact that for the charva brigade it has been their music of choice means that I'm not sorry that I don't really like it. Charvas love Eminem as well, he's their hero, not that everyone who likes him is a charva but they all have that in common it would seem. I did used to find it quite funny when 'The Real Slim Shady' would come on in a club or something, and they would all join in with the chorus of 'I'm Slim Shady, yes I'm the real Shady, all you other Slim Shadies are just imitating', when they in fact were all Slim Shady wannabes trying to emulate their charv icon.


'Instrumental' No matter what the genre of music, I'm always prepared to give instrumental music a chance. This is why jazz played live appeals to me, but mostly when I listen to instrumentals they are done in a rock style. As Alan said, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai are the masters of this. They have songs with vocals as well, but they are both, particularly in the case of Satriani (Vai has used more vocals), perhaps better known for their instrumental music. They do different styles of instrumentals so well - Satriani is most famous for 'hard blues' faster stuff but has also done slower songs besides dabbling with techno music and synth styles. Vai tends to vary stuff more on each album, his seventh songs always being tender instrumentals but he can kick it up a notch as well with hard hitting stuff like 'Bad Horsie' or explore different 'world music' styles with a concept like the Alive In An Ultra World album. Besides those two, Yngwie Malmsteen is another favourite of mine. I find his singers on songs of his with vocals to be terrible, but his instrumentals are almost blindingly good. He's more classically inspired, combining that style with metal to get a very interesting sound on classics like 'Trilogy Suite Op. 5', 'Far Beyond The Sun', 'Black Star' and 'Crying'. Other rock instrumental favourites of mine include Van Halen's 'Eruption' and 'Spanish Fly', performed by Eddie, plus Metallica's 'Orion' as well as Randy Rhoads' classically styled 'Dee' which appears on Ozzy Osbourne's Blizzard Of Ozz even though it's not a rock tune itself. Outside of rock some good instrumentals come form Ennio Morricone's The Good, The Bad And The Ugly soundtrack, the Gypsy Kings' 'Liberte' is also good, while Jamiroquai's 'Music Of The Mind' deserves a mention as well, you can almost hear something new in that song evey time you hear it (admittedly though it's been years since I have heard it), plus their song 'Journey To Arnhemland' is a decent instrumental which makes an even better weed smoking tune.


That just went on and on didn't it?! I don't expect any of you to have read all of that!

Edited by MillionLiraMan
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MLM does it again :worship Just how do you get so many words out?


I have a lot of work to do. I don't want to accept that I have to do this work. When I do accept it I still don't want to do it. I come here. The longer I spend here, the less I have to think about doing my work. I see a topic to which I would like to reply. I begin to type a reply. The longer I type and spend thinking about this reply, the less I have to think about my work and the fact that I have to do it.


You know what Alan? That just about sums up the whole time I've spent at the TWO forums. It has all become clear now.


This means that if I don't do something in future that involves coursework or deadlines you might get MillionLiraMan: Pocket Sized Edition on the forums!

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i suppose i am a Chav, Ned, Towny, Kev, Charver, Steek, Spide, Bazza, Yarco, Ratboy, Skanger, Janner, Stig, Scallie but id rather be one of them thana mosher of goth. god they annoy me walking around with flairs on and more metal like chains,earrings and noserings that a scrapyard. and the worst thing is....BLACK HAIR!!! god they look ridiculus. apparently if i have a girl she will be called morgan crystal and a boy kevin jay. if a goth has a baby i wonder if they will call it death '666'?
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ive just had a proper look through and its offensive! apparently we are "peasent, underclass, scum" which is wrong really. i wish all moshers and goths vs chavs, that would be awesome a proper fight. does anyone know a site about mosher and goths that looks down on htem too?
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I agree with Jack Bibby. None of them are 'peasant, underclass scum'. Thats the worst thing about it. They are all middle class spoiled brats who like to think of themselves as 'underclass' or 'working class'. Say what you like about goths or 'moshers' (and believe me, I could moan about them all day) they don't go round commiting petty crime (Not as much anyway). Before you jump on your high horse, I'm not victimising you, suggesting you are a criminal just because you listen to rap music G. I am just saying that a lot of them go great lengths to proove they are 'Ard by mouthing off to people when in a group of about 50 or 60 people. Impressive I know.
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i suppose i am a Chav, Ned, Towny, Kev, Charver, Steek, Spide, Bazza, Yarco, Ratboy, Skanger, Janner, Stig, Scallie but id rather be one of them thana mosher of goth. god they annoy me walking around with flairs on and more metal like chains,earrings and noserings that a scrapyard. and the worst thing is....BLACK HAIR!!! god they look ridiculus. apparently if i have a girl she will be called morgan crystal and a boy kevin jay. if a goth has a baby i wonder if they will call it death '666'?


Dude, I'd never call you that, cos I don't know you well enough. If I were more wound up today, I'd take great offense to this overgeneralisation. But I'm not going to, cos that's all it is, an overgeneralisation, just like chavscum.co.uk is. Yeah, different people will take the p1ss for different reasons, and what is funny to one man is not to another.


ive just had a proper look through and its offensive! apparently we are "peasent, underclass, scum" which is wrong really. i wish all moshers and goths vs chavs, that would be awesome a proper fight. does anyone know a site about mosher and goths that looks down on htem too?


and besides, it would never work because all the teeny moshers would be too weighed down with their wallet chains and huge jewellry, the goths couldn't be bothered because it's too much effort, and all the chavs would be weighed down with their bling. How's that for a nice big generalisation? ;)

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I saw some rough chavs in worcester on saturday, side pony tails tied up with orrible hair bands, trackies (socks over the top of them) and horrible sports tops, with cheap, fake "gold" hoops (massive things, kinda things you could step through) and caked in makeup. Ruddy disgusting.
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Jack, just because you listen rap/hip hop doesn't make you a charv in itself (there are different spellings Boyo!). To be a charv you have to be the worst kind of scrounging scum looking to start fights with random people when in gangs of at least eight or nine and then trying to cadge cigarrettes from the same people when on your own or only with one or two mates. If that doesn't apply to you then I wouldn't 'suppose' yourself to be that low, don't aspire to identify yourself with these people because regardless of what music you listen to, you can be so much better than that. I made the Eminem comment simply because both charvs who like rap/hip hop and those who like rock all seem to like Eminem. There are plenty of charvs who listen to rock rather than rap, but even the ones who tend more towards rock all seem to like Eminem, he's their idol. I know a lot of people around here like Eminem a lot as well and that fact doesn't make them scallies or ned or charvs or whatever else people call that kind of scum, not a bit of it. All I was saying was that charvs all seem to like and identify with Eminem. More specifically, when I made the club comment about them all singing along to it I was referring to a club in the Bigg Market in Newcastle, which although some people just go there for a good time does attract the worst kind of filth in the area to it. That was all I meant. Just be yourself Jack, don't follow an image or perception of what other people expect from you. That's all anyone can ask of you, is to be yourself.
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Why would you want to see a fight between all "moshers and charvers"? There's no ****ing point' date=' I get on with loads of people who don't like rock music so it wouldn't happen. Sorry but you really ****ing annoy me![/quote']

because theyre is a huge rivalry between the two maybe even hatred.

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i admit about them becuase lots are like that and i was more p***** off at the site more than anything else. i think its wrong the way they say that if you kit your car up your 'scum', its just wrong a lot of 'cha®vs are scum but not all.

on that site they actually insult snoop dogg because he has hundreds of 'hoes' and smokes weed, i think if anyone could have a choice of life it would be this

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Just one one thing that annoys me... I am a mosher, I hold the hand up but that doesn't mean I want to beat on everyone different to me, oh no in fact I'd say that at least 25% of the people who've annoyed me in a massive way were mosh.

JB, if you believe everyone should be allowed to live their lives by their own creed and not force your life upon anyone they you are not truely a scallie, I'm sure I've said this to you before.

Oh as a mosher I have one chain for my wallet so no one pinches it and one wristband, but hey guess that doesn't make me a true mosh then in everyones sterotypical patronising stupid world where how you dress and what you listen to defines you. Its how you act and treat your fellow human that defines you, now the lot of you get over it now.


Rant over, peace returning, just get the f$£k along eh.

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